Zcsers Reviews [April 2020] Is This Site Genuine?

Zcsers Reviews [April 2020] Is This Site Genuine?

Zcsers Reviews [April 2020] Is This Site Genuine? -> This article is written for those who wish to learn more about zcsers.com.

Online scams are increasing day by day. The primary reason behind this is the easy access in the internet to set up a business.

Owing to the upsurge in shopping through online portals, numerous e-commerce companies are evolving with short sighted businesses, only to make huge money in little time by duping customers.

When and how you meet an online scammer is difficult to decipher. There are several people who fall trap into such devious, scandalous commercial businesses and lose loads of their hard earned finances.

So, it becomes our ardent duty to spread awareness about spurious online businesses and save people from losing faith completely on the virtual world.

Let’s review zcsers.com. It is registered in the United State.

What is Zcsers?

Zcsers.com is a secured website that sells different types of products starting from sofas, recliners, tricycle, camera and ‘what not’. Such kinds of stores are multi product and multi brand outlet.

Think of anything, it’s there! That’s the kind of image, the store is trying to establish. However, there’s one thing missing here. The products are not segregated properly under broad categories.

It’s difficult to search a particular item and it’s varieties in this one large book. People will simply get lost and will give up buying the item even.

How does it work?

The only contact information that Zcers.com shows are YTZYTUKUIKjYTj4563@gmail.com and phone number (718)458-5305.

There’s no information about the owner(s) or the address of the company. How and when the orders will be shipped to you is even unknown.

Strangely, a return clause has been mentioned, which states that for any kind of returns, the customers should contact support@zcsers.com.

Who should buy from here?

According to me though the images look promising and the prices are lucrative, let’s not lose our mind over this. There are people who are careful observant and they are sure to avoid dealing in such a dubious site, which simply looks enticing but is false.

The content in the website is copied and the website itself needs a better construction model.

There are no external links or extensive social media presence for this company, which is not a good sign.

Why is it famous?

The content that it carries is completely duplicated from other scam sites and even the e-mail ids don’t look viable. Exploiting the advantage of internet marketing, such sites copy images from ‘Google’ and sell them for fake, unrealistic costs.

Customers often fall prey to this and lose money. They order through prior payment and either doesn’t receive the goods or get counterfeit items, which they can’t retain.

In the latter case, when the buyer wishes to complain or return the product(s), they just have to rely on an e-mail id, which may or may not work. Even if your e-mails are responded, these companies normally give an address that belongs to China.

Most fake companies belong to some particular address in China, where shipping goods is very costly and has to be borne by the customer.

What are the negative remarks about it?

Zcsers.com is a completely fake e-commerce business, which can’t be trusted. At any point, if you have already paid money here and have not received your goods, then please contact your bank for a reversal of payment as there’s no way, you would get a refund.

Do spread a word about zcsers.com in your social media groups, friends and family. Let people know about such fraud companies and be aware of them.

Cyber crime has increased a lot because of this short hand money making tactics. Retrieving crucial credit card information, selling that or misusing the same without owner’s discretion are all criminal activities, which are punishable.


Since, the punishment is not that strict, these companies aren’t scared. They clearly get away with what they are doing. The law needs to look into this and suitable amendments should be made.

Online shopping has advantages of it’s own. That’s the reason people are increasingly hooked on to the internet whenever they feel like purchasing anything. The virtual world is their first choice than the real brick and mortar stores.

Comparing the prices, checking the quality or rejecting the product then and there even after purchase doesn’t happen on the internet. The ‘touch and feel’ concept isn’t there. We can only depend upon our eyes and mind.

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  1. Ordered a folding bed for $109 -regular price $499 on 4/13/20. It hasn’t come yet either. Hopefully all mail is really late now but there has been no response to emails and calls so I pray the site is legit but it looks otherwise

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