We work to thrive in need of real and honest reviews to help people identify what is right for them.

The main logic behind mecedorama.com is straightforward; though, the main aspect behind it is much complex. We have devoted good time in research and hard work, and after that we offer our readers the outcomes that are our articles. Result of which, you i.e., our readers, gain trust over our website and company about the companies whose product you like and will go forward with.

For the smooth working, we have a pre-laid set of guidelines; also, there are pointers to describe someone how a writer should lay the editorial content. Mentioned below is some of the important points describing these editorial-guidelines – 

  1. Being Fair In Our Approach

By fair, we meant that the reviews are unbiased and free from any sort of biasness. Our content never highlights any such product or glorifies it; neither do we work to take down any company. Our main focus is to bring out the fair information which may help us to realize both the good and bad right as well. 

Hence, writing a review with an extra ordinary mind set, which is unbiased, gives out good result, and increases the trust of readers.

  1. Editorial Autonomy

The content of our company is not dependent on any factor and does not collaborate with any brand at any time. The readers on our website will notice that the content is made from the reader’s perspective and does not have any role of the brand here. It is for the readers to help and not for any brand promotion or marketing.

But, we still receive some company’s request that asks us to share reviews about their company or products. In such cases, we request the brand to go through our process. Hence, the brand will understand that our main approach of providing a review which is totally unbiased.

We would prefer the editorial autonomy we own instead of publishing huge number of positive reviews.

  1. Affiliate Based Revenue System

The income source of mecedorama.com is not completely dependent on our affiliate income. You may notice that most of our content pieces do not have any sort of affiliate links.

Only 30% out of the 100 reviews contain the affiliate link, and rest does not have any connections. We don’t work to take our readers attention to any products which pay us for our necessities. Instead, we offer instances based on facts that we collect and some expert opinions.

  1. Accurate Information

Our company collect precise information through dedicated research by our experts. The data is collected only through prestigious websites and by our experts, which makes it reliable. Our editors keep in mind every small bit while doing research on a specific service or product.

We have experts from different fields and acquire their assistance from time to time. For example, if any content is concerned to health or finance, we always consider an opinion from experts in the medical and financial sectors. We know the possibility that even the smallest of fake theory or any act of irresponsibility can stand to be a big loss to a person.

  1. Writing Is A Craft

Everyone is not blessed with the Craft of writing. However, we have experts of our mecedorama team who are blessed with the fantastic quality of writing. Their creativeness and skill are valued by our company that, in turn, help them to share and present relevant points in the content, which leads to a better experience for the customers.

  1. Quality Analysis & Control

Each post goes through several quality checks that create a whole editorial process free from any biasness. Hence, we make sure that the information is cross-checked for accuracy regarding all facts that are discussed in our posts. Each post is first tested for quality assurance, and then viewed by an editorial staff of mecedorama team, and later it will be published on our website. 

If in any case any brand finds the information misleading or wrong i.e., any outdate content or any updating regarding the product, about the content and reach us regarding the same, we will respond immediately and will also try to update the information in that particular post.

Guidelines For Review

Mentioned below are our points behind mecedorama.com reviews

  • We try to help the readers to find trustworthy products and services.
  • We try to maintain one huge community.
  • We also to share some tips and tricks with our readers that will be beneficial to them.
  • Most importantly, we try to talk about scams and fraud  about any product or website.

What all we Review on Mecedorama.Com?

  • Beauty Products
  • Health Products
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Utility Products
  • Finance related Services
  • Electronics Products
  • Online Software
  • Home Decor Products Online 
  • Real Estate related Services
  • Other Income Opportunities

What Qualities sum up to One Great Review Post?

  • Presenting a personal experience that is true
  • The end goal of any review is to help others to distinguish amongst the products
  • Passionate about researching on the shared topic
  • Full detail about a service or a product
  • Helps a person make a decision to buy the product or not 
  • Facts sharing by truthful and trustworthy accounts 
  • A post which is Well-formatted  and has multiple paragraphs 
  • The posts should be free from any spelling errors or grammatical mistakes

What Factors Result in The Poor Review Post?

  • There is no standing on for hate speech, un-biasness, etc.
  • Inclusion of plagiarism and its promotion
  • Reviews that are promotional and helps in commercial benefit
  • Publishing the reviews that promote your own business i.e., Self-promotion
  • Hiring third parties for giving a non-organic boost to the rating.

Our Approach About Unenthusiastic Occurrence:

  • Based on real facts, Mecedorama accepts negative experience reviews also.
  • We recommend our readers try to resolve the matter with the mentioned company by contacting them. After doing so, if the customer uploads their report, the post will contain more facts about the company. However, we appreciate your interest should first be in making things right.  
  • Remember, the false information you provide can result in facing legal repercussions. (For more details: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Libel).

Does MECEDORAMA.COM Remove Reviews?

We would like to say that Yes, Mecedorama can remove reviews if any of them is found to be violating our guidelines. Also, if in any case any reviewer does not want any comment or request us to take down any review, he/ she can contact us and get it done.

We sometimes do not delete reviews that were already posted, because many of the company’s’ does love the published opinion from a consumer. Also, we value the opinion of our readers.

Does Our Team Review Each Submitted Review to the Website?

Our team at mecedorama.com is dedicated and devotes a good time in reading and viewing each review that we receive from any verified user. All these efforts, in turn, result in the publishing of relevant as well as reliable posts and the ones that are under our guidelines.

To be a verified member, every user has to register & then check the email. We only assist the reviews that are submitted from the authenticated users. All other submissions will not be considered and assessed by our team. 

Therefore, one a review is submitted, it may take some time i.e. around seven business days to get published on the website.

Does Mecedorama.Com Edit Submit User Reviews Before Publishing?

Yes, in every case, we need to take the submission through a quality check. Thus, we have to edit the content in a few instances. As we mentioned earlier, our team goes through any review that is received before posting it over mecedorama.com. In those cases, we might come around a few examples of disguise and may need to edit it. Some words could be changed with other familiar words to maintain quality.

Still, few mistakes of grammar or spelling could be noticed. Hence, we need to proofread and fix errors, as an outcome, the review post can be more reliable.

Moreover, we never try to change the meaning of a post or the sentence. This means we never strive to improve anyone’s point of view.

We Post All The Reviews For Registered User:

There might be few cases in which the answer is yes. The company do not support and publishing the reviews that are violating our guidelines and are complying with the review guidelines. Hence, we hope our readers understand the bigger picture behind this, which is our goal of providing relevant and true information to our readers.

We do not distinguish any review based on the negativity of positivity as far as they comply with our guidelines. We always hope to post all the reviews. But, the only thing is that they should be factually correct.

The users need to have an account that is registered and verify their email id. The person will receive an activation link automatically. When any user submits a review and we do not have his email registered, we will not publish it.

Moving ahead, mentioned below are the majorly reasons which can be possible for the review to remain unpublished.

Users have no right to give reviews on websites or item if they are not using it:

Reason 1: Users Have No Right To Give Reviews On Websites Or Item If They Are Not Using It:

Our guidelines clearly state that a person should be a user of the product or services even before he submits a review on that. Which means that the person should have used that product? A user will not be considered eligible without the process.

In many reviews, we come around the hints that suggest that the reviewer has not used the product and are fake reviewing. In these cases, we do not publish the reviews.

But we thank to those users for devoting their time and coming over the website. 

There is another type of review, as well. That is the case when the user might have purchased the product but couldn’t have got a chance to use that. Or in those cases, the users have ordered a product but they never received them due to many issues such as billing, service issues, and shipping problems.

We suggest that in these cases, the user must share their reviews.

Reason 2: Reviews Must Be Appropriate To The Product or Website Services:

We have already discussed above, every review is accessed before posting that we receive from the users. Sometimes, we may receive content that is not up to the mark or are irrelevant. 

In some cases, the message that the writer tries to convey is easily identified. But, there could be some room for errors, and those parts are edited.

 But, in some cases, the reviews beyond understanding, and they are counted as irrelevant by our team. If such a case arises, we just avoid posting the review.

At any cost, we value your time and try to understand the best on our part. We appreciate your time, dedication, and thank you for following the importance of posted a true review. However, sometimes some things do not work out.

Reason 3: We Posted Genuine Reviews:

We do not publish the reviews that are posted by third party i.e. people who are hired. We mark it as a violating practice that people in the market follow just to eliminate the competition. 

Many businesses try to pay people for writing a negative review on other websites just to create a declining image. We value the consumers who may be unhappy by the brand, but do not promote people who are hired, which indicates that the third parties which acts as a consumer.

The same is in the case of positive reviews by some these fake customers to beat competitors.

If these practices increase, it directly affects our efforts at mecedorama.com to maintain the worth. We are working towards offering unbiased and correct information and will not publish a review that either exaggerate or destroys apart a good business. 

Reason 4: We Are A Trustworthy Group And Take Care Of Truthfulness Of Consumers:  

We have zero-tolerance for fake reviews, and for it, we tend to work and do some extra efforts to eliminate the reviews which are not genuine. Our team devotes good amount of time to every report posted by the users. 

To be a verified user, we have already mentioned above. We mail all our registered users a link of their account activation and confirm the email.

Our company has a policy to take care of the truthfulness of all consumer reviews that are posted. Further, we perform an overview of all published studies. 

However, we can come up with news regarding any post about fraudulent, which lead to taking down of that post.

We really work towards any fraud or cheating practices and are updating our methods and technology to take in control such a method over mecedorama.com.

Reason 5: Same Topic And Same User Will Not Allowed:

As stated in our guidelines, accepting the review submission on the same topic again by a same user is not allowed. He/ she can only update the already existing review. The reviews that are being submitted already can be viewed by logging into the account. A person can update any report. Reaching at this point, the person can also update the title, star rating, or the entire content of the review.

Specific Declaration

As mecedorama team, our goal is to provide accurate and unbiased information to our readers. Though we are in business from the past years, yet we are growing and evolving regularly. Though we understand, accuracy may not be 100%, but we try to be truthful. Moreover, we try to control fake reviews, theories and commercial reviews.

Henceforth, the Mecedorama.Com team has the full authority of abolishing and not publishing the content that seems to violate our guidelines, is fake, and is of no use to our customers.

We request the reviewers to rereading this page before forwarding their review over mecedorama.com. If in case there is still any issue, please write to us; admin@mecedorama{dot}com.