Review Guidelines

Here, we have jotted down some pointers that are the guidelines behind all reviews for either website or product.

  • We try our best to assist readers in finding trustworthy products & services.
  • We do our best to maintain the whole community.
  • We share many tips and tricks through which our readers can get the desired information that is beneficial for them.
  • On top of it, we give our best opinion on the scam or fraud products and services.  

We want you to get heard.

We want our readers to acquire all info that they need to make the right buying decision, and we would love to help them in doing the same. On Mecedorama, you can submit your opinions about the products and websites in the comment section for all the reviews as published. We always encourage to share all feedbacks, whether favorable or not.

Anyone who wants to purchase or has purchased products can write a review about the same, and we always welcome you.

Note: We are not the manufacturers of these products and have no connection with the website reviews as published on the site. If you find any issues related to either the website or the product, please contact the concerned company and not us. We are not liable in any case.

What we review on

Here, we have enlisted a lot of topics below that we covered through Mecedorama:

  • Health Products
  • Utility Products
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Online Software
  • Beauty Products
  • Home Décor Products Online
  • Finance related Services
  • Electronics Products
  • Real Estate Related Services
  • Other income Opportunities  

Our strategy after a review

Once a review has been posted, then keep a check on the quality of the review through our quality check team. Therefore, we edit the content in some specific instances. As we have mentioned above, our professionals go through the entire review that is received to be published on Mecedorama. In such cases, we come across a few analogies to know its genuineness and what we need to edit. Also, we make some changes in vocabulary as well that fits the best with a particular set of reviews.

Still, we move forward with the proofreading to rectify some spelling and grammatical errors to make the post a bit more reliable. At last, we never try to change the meaning of any sentence and post.  

How to write a review perfectly?

Now, we shed light on some of the aspects that do a perfect review:

  • The end motive of the reviews is assisting people in distinguishing right & wrong products.
  • It is displaying an experience that is true based on usage or compatibility.
  • All info about a product or a service.
  • Support people in helping whether their buying decision is right or not.
  • We are sharing facts through reliable and fair products.
  • Well-formatted and easy to read posts that takes no time.
  • The reviews are free from any errors and mistakes.   

Do we weed out reviews? 

We can remove any reviews from our website if we found that the review is either not fair or violating any guidelines. If, in any case, the readers do not see any reviews as excellent or appropriate, then they can contact us anytime and share their personal concerns. We will try our best to make a broad decision as it deems fit.

However, sometimes we do not remove the review as most of them are based on unbiased opinions and user feedback. Also, we keep all the views of our readers in mind.

About team of professionals 

Our review team makes a lot of changes in different sections, which we have mentioned below.

Identity Check: Each review gets researched by our team of experts to find some key areas such as person name, email ID, or job title to make sure a user left the review. If they are not able to identify the reviews, then the review will not get posted.

Conflict Check: The name & company of a person get checked against the product or website they are reviewing. The review will not get published if it includes any affiliation in favor of the vendor.

Content Check: Each review goes through a proper evaluation procedure to ensure that it is authentic, real, and meets all the quality standards. If the content is not in compliance with the standards, then the review will not get published.

Certain declaration

As a team of Mecedorama, the motive of our company is to proffer unbiased and right info to the readers. However, we’re in this field for the last few years and growing as well as evolving regularly. We know that accuracy might no be full, but we try our best to make it real. In addition to this, we try our best to keep control over fake and unauthorized reviews along with the theories.

Thus, the team of mecedorama is liable to cancel any review and not allow us to publish content that is not in compliance with our guidelines. Therefore, we never favor any content that is fake or meaningless. 

If you have any questions or queries related to the genuineness of the reviews as published on the site or the guidelines as mentioned above, then you can get in touch with us through Email ID is info@mecedorama{dot}com.