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Are you a content creator? Do you want your articles to be published on a reputed platform? And want to Submit guest post? If so, you can email your best written content to us. We publish daily articles regarding evaluating online shopping sites, different products, news articles, travel, technological news posts, and many such write-ups.

Moreover, we like to publish articles filled with well-researched opinions, strategies and mainly originality. We don’t like to judge our writers based on their geographical location. We hire expert and well-qualified writers worldwide and they are paid for their every word.

What are we looking for?

Before starting to write for us, it would be best to visit our official site, read our Guest Contributor Guidelines and finally, our previously published contents. This study will help you understand what kind of write-ups we post.

Our website covers all kinds of products, including:

  • Marketing
  • Software
  • Clothing Brands
  • Beauty & Care
  • Technology
  • Games
  • Money
  • Travel
  • Electronics and gadgets
  • Garden

And many others. Furthermore, we have a well-trained team of professional editors who will analyze your content. This analysis is done for every Guest post for general topics like technological news or maybe some gadget.

The success credit of our website is not reliant on us. It is also given to the writers, who provide us with quality and informative content. The efforts have allowed us to rank on the top. However, we always look for bloggers and writers who passionately draft a post after thorough research and creative mind-set.

Besides this, our team may contact you if some discrepancy is found in your guest post regarding technology or any other topic.

What topic categories do we support?

Website reviews: These contents include a comprehensive analysis of the website, its owners, operational policies, and popularity. Besides this, you must include legitimacy details like domain age, previous customers’ feedback, trust score and social media presence.

Product reviews: This Guest post for product review primarily focuses on the product’s detailed specifications. These specifications will include its manufacturing company, ingredients (if any), and most importantly, its availability on other web stores.

News articles: News blog roams around current affairs, whether it is some political issue related to a well-known personality or something else. Additionally, these news contents can also be about the latest update in technological apps or online games.

Guest blog posts: You can write for us guest posts or some informative blog to earn extra money. You can choose any topic for framing your blog post strictly according to SEO rules.

Promotional write-ups: These contents are meant to promote a particular product or shopping portal. Moreover, these posts must include truthful information after researching well.

Other contents: This category includes all the other categories like SEO, education, android or iPhone apps, or software and marketing.

Moreover, if you are still doubtful about our General write for us guest post category, including all the allied topics, you can open our ‘Contact-Us’ page and ask about your queries.

Primary guidelines you will need to follow strictly:

You must be aware of the basic guidelines that help your content to rank on the top.

  • Firstly, all the content in your guest post must be original because our editors’ team will check for content scraping.
  • Your entire article must be free from grammatical errors.
  • While writing headings or subheadings, try to make them a little impressive.
  • Include only real reviews, especially when writing about some health-related product.
  • Always prefer to use bullet points to incorporate the information in headings like features, advantages and disadvantages.
  • You will have to avoid the usage of passive voice in your content.
  • While you write for us general articles, be careful while adding the link. It should not have a spam score above 2%. In fact, you can check this spam score through
  • Try not to cross the word range of 1200 to 1500 words if you Write for us.
  • Avoid repetition of information and make your content informative and understandable.
  • Do not create backlinks after a live post.
  • Last but not least, creat an engaging content.

We would not like you to:

  • Repeat the previous topics.
  • Add adult content.
  • Repeat facts about your chosen subject, especially

How to Submit Your Guest Post?

Have you emailed us regarding your guest post queries? If no, then first, you need to send an email regarding your topics.

Our official email is- info@mecedorama(dot)com.

If we find your guest post’s topics relevant and engaging, we will revert you on the same email and final topic approval.

After that, send your general guest post article for review, and after reviewing the article, we will post it on our website.

We will share the live post link on the same email.

So, what are you waiting for? Write for us guest post now and gain massive business exposure and more knowledge. You can check the latest statistics of our website here.

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Final Verdict

At, you will find the authentic website and product reviews. Our purpose is to educate our valuable users regarding scams and legit websites.

Also, with the help of our Review posts and articles, we are helping users identify online scams. You can also read some informative posts on our website regarding avoiding online scams, checking the legitimacy of a product or website, how to get a refund from paypal or credit card if scammed, and many more.

Write for us blog and receive payment for every thought you include. Either you are new to this content-creating world or a pro, we would love to welcome you to our writers’ team. You can send your writing proposals on info@mecedorama(dot)com.