Do You Want to Install Vinyl Flooring? Let’s Figure Out the Cost

Do You Want to Install Vinyl Flooring? Let’s Figure Out the Cost

Improving your home’s appearance can be your favorite distraction. Minor modifications are affordable and easy to implement across the house. You can deck up the living area with tiny plants and feel fresh about the energy. In the kitchen, you can replace old utensils with a new set to make your dinner time an instant mood uplifter. If the hallway has lost its charm because of a dated console table, you can upscale it to save money. Plenty of options you can try for an entirely hassle-free home upgrade experience. Suppose you don’t get a good sleep in the bedroom. Bedding may be the issue. You can replace it to make your bedtime comfortable.

Or, you can look at your bathroom vanity and wonder how to add some zing. If other things look too much for your pocket, you can switch to a new faucet – a humble hardware piece that never fails to elevate the charm of the other things without taking any credit. For options, you can explore Kraus sink faucets for your bathroom design. However, the old flooring can grab your attention if you want to do something extensive. You may be willing to go for it because this element can completely renew your space’s spirit. Since vinyl is trendy and much more pocket-friendly than natural stone or hardwood, it can also be an easy decision. But let’s consider the cost first.

Estimation of the vinyl plank installation cost 

This synthetic flooring material contains sheets of foam or cork and waterproof elements. Many homes rely on this for its quick installation process and ability to mimic hardwood’s organic feel. Maintenance and affordability add more to its favor. Still, it’s an expense; you must know if you are ready to spend. You can calculate your budget based on room size, total square footage for flooring, material price per sq ft, local contractor fees, total material price, old flooring dismantling cost, and additional factors.

Installation style

Room size

The main thing to influence your budget is the room size, which can cost you anywhere from USD $250 to USD $4600. Smaller square footage will be on the lower end, and the expense will zoom up as you add more area. Going by this, you can assume the flooring cost of 100 or 150 sq ft to be USD $250-1300 or USD $375 – 2,000, respectively. You will likely spend USD $500 – 2,600 on 200 sq ft., USD $625 – 3,300 on 250 sq ft, USD $750 – 3,900 on 300 sq ft, and USD $850 – 4,600 on 350 sq ft.

Type of vinyl flooring

You can pay from USD $0.50 to USD $4.50, depending on the type of vinyl material you select. Of different varieties, sheets cost the lowest, and luxury planks the highest. If you plan to give your home or a specific room a quick makeover, an economical choice like sheet vinyl can be the thing. Such flooring can be accessible for around USD $0.50 to USD $1.50 per sq ft. Installation costs about USD $2 – USD $7 by the exact measurement. If you can lavish, go for the luxurious end with planks that cost around USD $2 to USD $5 per sq ft in terms of material, and labor charges can be USD $2 – USD $7 by the same order. You shell out more on this for its thickness and softness. 

However, two more choices exist between these ends – rigid planks and luxury tiles. Some households install planks to create a wood-like effect without compromising traits like waterproofing. Rigid varieties and their installation cost can be USD $1-4 and USD $2-7. Tiles look real while being easy on your wallet and underfoot. Material charges can vary from USD $1-5, and installation costs can be USD $2-7 per sq ft.

Installation style

Three techniques are available: glue-down, peel-and-stick, and interlocking. Drop and lock or interlocking flooring is the easiest installation system, where you don’t need glue to fix the planks. It can cost USD $3-13 per sq ft. You generally follow this method with high-quality materials, such as planks. The glue-down way by itself is cost-efficient, but the glue will be an additional expense.

Plus, this almost permanent thing attracts higher labor fees because of being time-intensive. You will follow this installation technique if you use sheet vinyl or tiles. You can expect it to cost USD $2.50-13 per sq ft. Not your type? Then, you can browse peel-and-stick varieties that charge about USD $3-13 for installation. Planks come with adhesive back, which you put meticulously down.

Other factors

Labor charges for all types of flooring work usually cost an average of USD $2-7 per sq ft of area. The labor fee can be lower or higher depending on where you live, the project scope, the installation technique, etc. You can talk to local contractors for quotes. As mentioned, material quality will also have an effect. The planks’ or sheets’ thickness and composition can add to your overall expense. If you buy printed flooring, you will pay less.

But inlaid designs will massively affect your budget. Luxury vinyl materials belong to the second category and look more realistic. Then, the site’s location can also increase or decrease your expenses. Tricky areas like stairs, small nooks, and anything with too many cuts and corners can make you pay a higher labor cost. 

If you have to remove existing flooring to add the new, you can expect average removal charges to be around USD $1-4 per sq ft. Consider the flooring material also to contribute significantly to your expenses. For instance, removing tile flooring can be expensive as you may have to pay up to USD $6 per sq ft. Finally, there will be an underlayment cost that helps your flooring stay quiet, even, and smooth. Underlayment rolls for a 100 sq ft area can be accessible for USD $40-80.

You can choose vinyl flooring as your next home improvement project for its versatility, durability, affordability, low maintenance, and ability to resist stains, moisture, and scratches. If you are a DIYer, there is good news. Vinyl is the most straightforward installation work, and DIYers can expect to save as much as USD $1100 a room. You can choose between interlocking and peel-and-stick for convenience.

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