What do you get at mecedorama.com platform?

We are a group of talented people who bind by a single company. We act to offer unbiased reviews about a specific product or a website. We provide every bit of the information regarding the specific product or website but should not be counted for any late delivery issue, fraud, issues regarding extra charges, etc. on the company’s end.

We are an independent review website and are known for the well-researched articles, informative pieces, and e-books. All the information on our website is available free of cost for our customers. Also, we work independently without any association with any other brand. Our website is said to be an excellent platform for businesses gather and know their consumers.

However, we do have some affiliate relationships, and we disclose such links on our website.

We Publish The Ads Without Any Trouble:

Mecedorama.Com is providing unbiased product & website reviews and much other information about the services and functioning. Plus, all this is coming to our readers after full research, hard work and editing. So, indeed, this involves a cost, and the ads you see are on the website are our primary income source.

However, we always try to present an informative and interactive experience over our mecedorama.com website. Thus, we try to adopt the best option to place these ads without people facing any problem. 

Why do we see ads of products criticized by you?

Though we provide unbiased review even if the information we collect is negative, our readers may notice some ads of the product which have been rated poor our team.

Yes, this is possible and has a good reason behind it. We use Google AdSense and other networks. Thus, it forefeet’s our control over the placement of advertisements in some places.

So, you might get ads from the stock while browsing. Also, if the company uses Google ads, the reader might come across their content as well.

Do You Get Any Benefit For Publish A Positive Rating Of The Site?

Our company, i.e., mecedorama.com, works honestly and offers only honest and reliable information. Also, we do not support any kind of artificial boost in the rating of a product or service over our website, as this is purely against our honest practices.

So, concluding it, we would like to quote that we do not get any money for giving any positive review. We work purely for our motive and to serve our readers with accurate information.

We Never Harsh The Purity Of Product or Its Rating As Well:

Basically, average rating from all the submitted reviews creates the final rating. In mecedorama’s procedure, we ensure that we never impact the rating of any product. Only the review post of the product will similarly affect its star rating, and the result will be based entirely upon a given score in this review.

Can One Faith Mecedorama.Com’s Testimonials?

Mecedorama.Com is in this process for quite a reasonable time now. We have our procedures of product review and editorial process, which are laid and are the same for every individual. 

Every piece of article which is published is manually reviewed several times, and only after passing the stages, it is finally released. So, one can trust the mecedorama.com’s customer reviews for sure.

Do we get to pay for adding products to this website?

Mecedorama.Com is an independently working company and is not associated with any other brand or company. Neither are we open to collaborations or promotions. So, the answer is ‘No.’

We have our separate editorial team that, after research, brings on board some eligible products that are to be reviewed. Else in case if any company requests to review and add their product or service, we could consider it in our future reviews, but only in case the product or service comes up to our guidelines. Thus, the report will be costless and is not chargeable in the future as well.

What Are The Rule For Explain Consumer Words About Reviews?

As we deal with posting reviews for a website or product, we pay extra attention to posting reviews and ensure that they are as helpful as possible. Also, every study we collect have to go through several screening tests that are quite rigid as we want to our consumers get trusted and valuable products from their desires.

Thus, we assure that consumer reviews should contain important information and should not indicate any hint of fraud or cheating.

We only accept submissions from registered accounts, which mean that only the verified users will be considered further for the screening process. This includes that the review should be unbiased and free from any grammatical error. 

If in case, any review is found to be copied or plagiarized, we do not accept it. Moreover, the use of hate speech or self-promotion in the articles is also not allowed.

For assurance and truthfulness, we request customers to submit proof of their purchase with the review they are posting. We do not publish reviews if a person does not attach the picture, as it does not justify it as if the person has tried the product. In case of more details, do check our page under the name of Guidelines for the Review.

What crafts a good quality review?

A useful review includes a rich insight into the product or service or maybe the website. We also request the reviewer to share information based on their own experience and other relevant details. 

As mecedorama.com is not a website that shares their mind set on social issues or any other topic, we except a reviewer to exhibit their passion in writing reviews. This also shows the real emotion of the writer that is coming in front of our readers. 

Thus, to make the content clear and honest, we recommend the reviewers that while writing, one should not write in biasness as well as hate speech. The review should be properly formatted and free from any grammatical errors. Lastly, we would also like to clarify that third party reviews are not allowed.

Why doesn’t your posted review get right away published?

A review can be a point of decision or can turn a decision reverse for a reader. Thus, it becomes our responsibility to provide an unbiased and accurate analysis for a particular product or website and, in turn, drops a lot of responsibility.

So, we have a process to review for the consumer reviews that we receive. Our team goes through each inspection strictly and looks for any error or violation of any guideline.

Resulting in time for the posted review to be published. Therefore, your posted review usually takes 5-7 business days to be published over mecedorama.com.

Do we have authority to edit your reviews?

Yes, we edit the received reviews as and when needed. As we need to censor for the quality, truthfulness, spelling errors, grammatical mistakes and format on our website.

Indeed, we never attempt to change the meaning of any review or to alter the star rating by any reviewer. We just take it through the quality check.

Can the user update the given ranking and the content of the review?

Yes, we have given the option for the same. There is a straightforward process that requires you to log in to your mecedorama.com account, go to reviews, and select the report to update. We also allow you to update the title of the post, its star rating, and content of the post as well. Consequently, before publishing, every update of any reader will also be screened.

Can the user delete the review?

After posting a review, the website does not allow the user to delete the report. But, in case any reader needs to remove one under any circumstances, you can simply inform us the issue. The same thing can be done using a Form on the website under the name of “contact us”.

Some necessary details, such as user’s email id should be mentioned for your identification. This will enable us to correctly contacting you. Also, you should specify the reasons for deleting the existing review.

Does a mecedorama account for user come free?

Yes, user accounts for all mecedorama users are free. 

What does mecedorama do with the personal information of users?

We collect personal information to identify our customer uniquely. Though the company is collecting some personal data, we ensure that our customer information is safe. Also, we would suggest you visit our page and go through the privacy policy for more information.

Can users decide to delete their accounts?

Yes, Mecedorama.Com users can delete their accounts quickly. The user needs to email us and can fill the contact form, and we will do the deletion for the readers.

I have messaged you via the available contact form, and nothing received as a reply?

We receive many messages daily and try our best to reply to each word. However, it may not be possible to revert to all messages that we receive. So, it may be delayed, but we assure you of the assistance.

In case a reader raises any issues related to any of the products or services posted on the mecedorama website, we will not be able to assist them. They have to visit the official website.

We suggest you read the pages on our website like FAQ, Privacy Policy, and Guidelines for review pages, About Us. We have already published much relevant information on the website.