1. What is the Mecedorama Platform?

A: It posts unbiased reviews of websites and products. The articles are drafted after thorough analysis and research on different grounds to give reliable information. Mecedorama is not associated with any website or brand; therefore, it is best for consumers and businesses gatherers. 

  1. Why are advertisements seen on the posts?

A: Regardless of the post depicting legit or scam claims, you may see advertisements of similar websites or products. Mecedorama use Google Adsense and other tools that control the advertisements’ placement. Therefore, you may visit the advertisements from the tool’s stock while reading the posts or browsing the website.

  1. Will you get any pay?

A: We are blessed with well-versed and talented writers around the world who analyze products or websites. They bring the reality on legitimacy or scam grounds. Therefore, we genuinely pay them for their hard work and talent after submitting a post to us. You will also get paid once your write-up is analyzed, approved, and published by our experts.

  1. Do we apply for paid promotions?

A: Our website is known for giving honest reviews on products or websites. In short, we never entertain paid promotions to deliver biased and manipulated reviews. We also think highly of our readers; therefore, we will never select any mediums to post biased reviews.

  1. Are the site’s testimonials legit?

A: You may think that we highlight testimonials on the website that are manipulated by us. However, it is not the case. We never publish unreliable testimonials, and what you see on the site are ranked after receiving countless positive reviews from our readers.

  1. Do you adhere to a set of rules?

A: Yes, we adhere to a set of review rules. We ask the writers to add an introduction, definition, benefits, drawbacks, customer feedback, and a conclusion for any website or product review. Therefore, a writer must follow the same article layout or format to submit their content to us.

  1. Why your post did not get immediately published?

A: Our diligent team manages our website. They check your article or post on quality and plagiarism grounds. Once they find zero loopholes, they forward it for publishing. Later, our publisher uploads the article. In this manner, it will surely take time for us to post your content on the website.

  1. Can we edit your content?

A: As mentioned earlier, we follow a particular set of rules or guidelines. We hold the authority to edit your content as often as needed to give our readers perfect, easy-to-understand, and unbiased reviews.

  1. Can the writer delete a post?

A: If you have submitted a post with us and wish to delete it, you have to connect with our experts via the CONTACT US form. You do not have the authority to add or delete any post or write-up as per your wish. 

  1. Can you make an account on Mecedorama?

A: We accept user accounts with a legit email address, contact number, and other details. You can easily create an account on our website at no cost.

  1. Can you delete your account on mecedorama?

A: You can freely create an account on mecedorama and delete it whenever you want. We never meddled with the users on any grounds.

  1. I have not received any reply after contacting the experts via Contact Form?

A: As many users share their messages or queries daily, the executives cannot reach each one of them on the same day. Therefore, we ask you to hold some patience for our experts to connect with you concerning your query or message. You can also read FAQs to get immediate answers to your posed questions.

  1. Who can submit articles?

A: We have not set any age limit for the articles. Anybody who has an excellent vocabulary and writing skills is welcome on our website. We value talent regardless of age.

  1. Why do we ask for personal information?

A: When you submit an article or post to us, we may ask for your email ID or contact number, or both. We ask for these details so that our analysts or experts can reach you in case of any modification or queries.


  1. Is there any word limit for my write-up?

A: Yes, we have set a minimum 500 word limit for news articles, review, etc. posts. The writers have to include a title and meta-description as well.


  1. Can you modify any details on the mecedorama account?

A: Yes, when you create an account on mecedorama, you submit personal details and create a password. You can change them whenever you want. We do not have any security loophole to breach your trust in us.