Almost five years ago, some passionate experts from different fields of expertise, gathered to form a team and had initiated this website.

Mecedorama.Com team offers an unbiased review of any website or a product and gives full information about the policies and other product information. 

However, there are several websites offers reviews on products and services, but the team clears several consumer doubts and clarifies them that is not done by other similar websites.

We, as a company, can do this by combining true reviews from consumers, insights of the product and website, and some other unbiased review of the website. As a result work and dedication, we can gather and maintain a considerable audience.

Advertisement Opportunity With Mecedorama.Com

Our company’s goal is to help our visitors opt and go forward with the best product and services. Hence, we aim to grant opportunities to advertise for products of quality and valuable services. We would say that has a separate team to edit & review, and they have an independent decision making authority from our business department.

Now, going forward, we can say that regarding advertisements, the business team chooses certain products and makes sure that the products comply with necessary regulations board and also with Google’s guidelines. 

Thus, if an advertiser does well in coordination to our guidelines, we can assure the company that the advertiser will benefit significantly. Our big sized audience visiting helps us maintain the quality of our product and can also help advertisers gain quality audience and visibility.

We offer many advertising options like homepage ads, banner ads, and also, sponsored articles. Also, we state that these ads get exposed to around 2, 50,000 visitors monthly. Most of which is from the United States, Australia, the UK, Canada, and other countries near Asia.