Affiliate Disclosure

The readers and writers are recommended to see the privacy policy and terms of use that govern the Mecedorama website. This disclosure illustrates our affiliate relationships with the companies and their products. We adhere to the FTC guidelines that state when you click on any or all affiliate links, we get some compensation in different forms. However, the product or service price remains stagnant for you. 

We associate with the Amazon Services LLC program designed for websites like Mecedorama to earn compensation or money by linking and advertising You can find different affiliate links through which we can make a referral commission. The affiliate disclosure is created to reveal the relationship between service or product recommendations and Mecedorama. 

What is affiliate revenue?

Generally, it is a small share of commission shared between affiliate networks, publishers, and retailers that connect them. When a service, website, or product is featured on Mecedorama to affiliate revenue, we always clarify it to the readers. 

What are mecedorama’s programs for affiliate revenue?

Mecedorama uses two kinds of affiliate links that will be elaborated below:

  1. Amazon Affiliate Links:

We are associated with the Amazon Serviced LLC program that helps us earn some advertising fees by linking and advertising Amazon products. When you click on our website’s links, we are liable to receive some commission on your purchased products. You are not charged extra on the affiliate links of our website. You can find the Amazon links by observing the Amazon logo and its trademarks. 

When a code is applied on embedded affiliate links, you can directly add the products to your Amazon Cart as the link will expire within 24 hours. Again, Mecedorama will get a percentage commission on your Amazon purchase. 

  1. Product Affiliate Links:

Our website may advertise products that are not available on Amazon, yet you can buy them. Similar to the amazon affiliate links process and commission, we will get some reward for your purchases. However, you can stay stress-free as the affiliate links will never change the product pricing on any grounds. 

What is sponsored content, and how it is related to Mecedorama?

Sponsored content is a write-up for which a particular client or company pays us. However, we never entertain sponsored content since our website is trusted for honest and unbiased reviews, articles, news, etc. Therefore, you cannot ever find a sponsored content on our site. 

Sponsored content is nowhere related to Mecedorama as we always disclose our terms and conditions to everybody. Hence, when any company or product provider contacts us to write and publish a sponsored content, we never entertain such requests. 

Brief Overview:

We indeed use affiliate links to generate revenue on our website. However, we adhere to ethical business practices to serve you with the best, unbiased, and honest reviews on products, websites, or services. Nonetheless, we always suggest you buy the products that are used and tested by other customers. You can also support our reviews written by the writers after doing research, analysis, etc., to bring reality in front of your eyes. We appreciate you for taking an interest in our website and published posts.