Honsrd Website Reviews [April] Should Anyone Buy From It?

Honsrd Website Reviews [April] Should Anyone Buy From It?

Honsrd Website Reviews [April] Should Anyone Buy From It? -> If you want to purchase indoor gym equipment, furniture, or other electronics, then you must read this post.

If you are reading this post, then you are searching for Honsrd Website ReviewsThis review will dwell on the details of the products available on this site. 

The site is currently selling in the United States, and as you progress further into this post, you will find out multiple things. These will range from; the products offered to information such as the shipping and others. 

What is the Honsrd Website? 

It is an online retailer that sells furniture, electronics, animal/pet houses/coups, power, and regular tools, etc. Well, in short, the website sells a variety of products, making it open to people of all ages. The layout of the site is somewhat like numerous sites and sells the same variety too. 

Clicking on the All Products section of the Honsrd Website will show you all that the site to offer. It is confusing as there is no clear distinction between the product categories. The only two you will spot are swimming pool and cage! 

The about section, too, seems rather vague and talks about providing the customers with something for every passion and interest. They use professional suppliers that fulfill their intense selection process. Like I said above, there is something for everybody to choose from.

What kind of products are available on the Honsrd website? 

It is difficult to give an estimate of the genres this Honsrd site deals in. I am mentioning some products and categories below. 

  • Kiddie/adult pools- there are inflatable pools that are great for a summer back yard chilling to ward off the heat. The price of these ranges from $72.65 to $130 
  • Backyard accessories- this includes kiddie swing sets, gazebos, etc. You can easily purchase these from $69.90 to $99.77. These are great for families with big garden spaces. 
  • Furniture- this ranges from sofas, chairs, cabinets, hanging chairs, beds, sun loungers, dining sets, work/study tables, studio suite, etc. these seem to be decently priced. 
  • Gym Equipment- these range from indoor rowing, 150-pound stack, linear bearings, adjustable dumbbells, workbench, etc. on Honsrd online store. These, too, are available at affordable prices. 
  • Electronics and power tools- you will find television sets, cameras, air purifiers, coffee makers, drill combos, electronic guitar, vacuum cleaners, home toolset, etc. all of these are available in varieties. 
  • Pets/poultry houses/beds- spot the occasional cat beds and houses that double as scratch posts, kennels, and coups for dogs and poultry and last the dog houses and carriers.  
  • are also numerous other products available on this site that have not been appropriately categorized. 

Pros and cons of purchasing from Honsrd Website 

Before you jump down to making a purchase from Honsrd Websiteyou must read the pros and cons regarding it below-


  • Every product comes packed with all the necessary information. As well as images to look at it closely. These will make it easier for you to do an analysis before purchasing. 
  • The site has an SSL certificate. This ensures that the site is locked, and no third party can access your information. 
  • Email-id is provided in its contact section- emilythompson1120@gmail.com
  • The layout is minimal.


  • The shipping section, when clicked on, is redirected to an article that displays vacuum cleaners. 
  • The layout of the Honsrd online store is haphazard. There is no home page. 
  • No precise categorization of the products happens. Instead, they are placed in all products section. 
  • No reviews regarding its products is available. 
  • The contact us section lacks a phone number. 
  • There is no address of the company provided. This will make returns rather tricky.

How to purchase from this site?

The products can be purchased from this site online. They provide free delivery on purchases above $39. The Honsrd Website takes anywhere between 7 to 20 days to deliver your purchase, you can pay $ 23.99 if you want them shipped within 3-7 days. 

All major visa cards, master cards, and other online modes of online payment are accepted. It is not clear if they deliver worldwide.

Final Verdict- 

While purchasing online sounds best because you can find out the best prices and discounts seems best. Do you do a background check before buying from a site, though? 

We hope the pointers above give you clarity regarding the Honsrd Website and what kind of products it sells.

If you have purchased products from this site, then you must share your experience with other readers and us below in the comments.

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  1. We found an advertisement on Facebook from Rooftop1 for a bunk bed by America’s Best Home Furniture when we clicked on the site to review the item the link re-directed to the page for Honsrd. The “ABOUT US,” and “CONTACT US,” links were vague and repetitive. We decided to go ahead with the purchase anyway. Promising our purchase in 5-10 Business days for regular shipping of items over $39. A COVID-19 deal!!! Never asked for an email or sent and email receipt of purchase! 1st red flag. Googled the companies listed in the links, only to find out that ROOFTOP 1 is a club in Florida, the other listed names are blanket companies linked to HONSRD all of which have a contact of emilythompson1120@gmail.com. We went to our bank for a refund. Emily must’ve had too many emails from all the companies associated with HONSRD to reach out!

  2. Yeah I was stupid ordered a couch that goes into a bed back April 6th they took more money out then price said figured maybe American they don’t answer email and have not got couch

  3. I ordered an office chair April 10th. I did not heard from them. I sent them an email the next day with screen shots of the order screen and my address to ensure they got the order. I asked for a receipt and a tracking number. They did not respond. I emailed again asking for an update and no response. I am contacting my bank to see if I can get my money back.

    1. Hiii I ordered the hardtop gazebo 10=12 is not receiving yet what the hell going now and they took the money but no stuff coming p

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