Crotchdart Com Reviews [April] Is It a Legit Online Store?

Crotchdart Com Reviews [April] Is It a Legit Online Store?

Crotchdart Com Reviews [April] Is It a Legit Online Store? >> Read this post to get a clearer idea regarding an online shopping site that sells women’s jewellery and clothing.

This Crotchdart Com Reviews will tell you all about an online store and all that it has to offer. Online shopping has seen a boom ever since the introduction of smartphones. It provides users/customers with the convenience of getting products delivered at home. 

The crotch dart com is an online store that is currently selling in the United States. Progressing into this review of the site, you will find out what it is all about. Also, answer questions such as should you buy from it? Is it legit? Does it ship worldwide? 

What is Crotchdart com? 

It is an online store that majorly sells jewellery, dinnerware, women’s clothing and reading glasses & sunglasses. It’s about us section talks about giving the best deals to its customers along with some high-quality service.

While the layout remains minimal and has a relaxed approach, this ensures you users do not have to put in too much effort to navigate and locate products. Crotchdart’s home page displays a merry Christmas sale banner along with blurred images of other products, which is odd as Christmas has long gone. 

What kind of products does it sell? 

Crotchdart by the looks of it only caters to women. Its product categories are defined as follows- 

  • Jewellery- this section contains a mix of earrings, bangles, necklaces, rings and some string bracelets. All these ranges from $50 to $70. They look trendy, and the pearl sets look intriguing. 
  • Petites- this section consists of women’s clothing. There is a mix of dresses, tops, bottoms, jackets. These too range from $50 to $70 on Crotchdart com. The price seems to be a tad bit high for garments made up of rayon/viscose or polyester fabrics. 
  • Sunglasses & Reading Glasses- contains multiple fashionable frames that are sure to suit your face structure. If you love colour, then you will like the Orange Mona reading glasses in this section. 

The home page shows a couple of other products that are not otherwise available. Also clicking on its Dinnerware category will take you to a page that is not currently available. 

Is Crotchdart Com legit? 

A question most people ask a lot regarding this site “is Crotchdart Com legit?” the pointers below shall give you some clarity regarding this. 

  • The top advantage is that the site has an SSL certificate. It means that all your communication on the website are encrypted and cannot be used anybody else. 
  • Each product is provided with ample images as well as information for a customer to understand the product. 
  • The contact us section mentions an email id- crotchdart@outlook.comn as well as a phone number- +1 8456360200. 
  • They have also provided with an address- 1527fruitland dr,BELLINGHAM,WA,98226
  • Crotchdart Com mentions that they accept all visa cards, master cards, PayPal, American Express and even discover to accept online payments. 
  • They deliver worldwide. their usual processing time is about 1 to 5 days and the time taken to ship your purchase is 1 to 2 weeks. 
  • Their refund policies mention that if a refund is applicable, then your money will be credited to the mode used to pay. 

The mention of proper contact information puts the customer at ease. This comes in handy when making returns. These 

Cons of purchasing from Crotchdart Com

While the brand may not sound like a scam, it is essential to give these cons a notice before making a purchase. 

  • Even though the company was established in 2019, there are no customer reviews of the site available. 
  • The jewellery, as well as the clothing categories, are long and could be further subdivided. 
  • The shipping section of Crotchdart does not specify they deliver worldwide and are unclear. 
  • it has no mail server, which is usually a bad sign claims Cyber bunkers. 
  • There are a lot of products that aren’t added to the categories but only visible on its home page.

Since it is always advised to be a smart shopper, you must ensure you are fluent with the ins and outs of the online stores.  

Final Description- 

Each online shopping site has its pros and cons. You, as a customer/consumer, must be wise and put your money where you can see it. 

It is a humble request from brands to provide as much transparency as possible; this ensures a satisfactory buying experience! 

Share your experience regarding the Crotchdart Com in the comments section below if you have purchased from the site. 

0 thoughts on “Crotchdart Com Reviews [April] Is It a Legit Online Store?

  1. I just ordered a sewing machine yesterday from them for $56 and change. It was immediately on my credit card as pending–BUT–it was pending to a different name. I called my credit card company and they informed me that the name listed was an Attorney in Minnesota. When I checked my card billing again, there was also and address, in MN, and a phone number. I called the phone number and a woman answered. I told her who I was and asked if this was an attorney’s office. She told me NO. I asked if she knew anything about sewing machine sales and breifly explained the situation. She informed me that the number listed with the Minnesota address is not her and that the number is her private number and she lives in MD! So now I am waiting to see what happens. I called my credit card company and reported it as fraud and tils them of what I stated above. I also emailed the ‘complaint’ email that Crotch dart listed on the statement they sent me and have heard nothing!

    1. I bought a sewing machine it came a different company on my credit card, I have received an email with nothing on it. I called their number is disconnected. Big fraud Crotchdart it was charged as EPL * Nimofang CNY big problem will have to order new card and spend another 2 hours on the phone and have all the payments replaced in the new card … you know amazon is the best you will never have a headache.

  2. We purchased a sewing machine. We went to Target and below the Target it said Sponsered. Making it sound they were with Target. I bought the sewing machine using PayPal. After when I didn’t hear anything from the company I looked up the e mail and sent them an e mail. The e mail was bogus. It was sent back as undeliverable. So this company is a scam 100%. Needles to say we are out $70

  3. My Master Card payment didn’t go through. My bank was checking for fraud. I tried again and nothing (not insufficient funds). I phoned the number and it’s not a working number. I googled the address and no sign of the business. That’s when I was looking for reviews and came across this page!

  4. I saw that this Crotch Dart was selling sewing machines for $50+ dollars. I couldn’t believe it. I knew it had to be a scam. I have a 25yr old Brother sewing machine and my parents paid over $300 for it back then. Unless it’s used/2nd hand, you can’t buy a sewing machine for less than $200.

  5. Y’all please be careful!! I too got scammed by them!! No response!! I go to read details and it has a warning for chemicals including the chemicals that give you cancer!!! There’s no other machines made with chemicals like that!!!! I even went thru other manufacturers manuals to check.. absolutely no chemical!!! This had me so scared and I regretted the purchase and still no refund!!

  6. I came across this website and bought a sewing machine for my daughter they did not give me a delivery date so I emailed them several times when I tried to look up the address or website is not coming up now and the emails are not being answered I paid with my cash app card so now I’m out of $53.63 this is a total fraud and I wish I would be able to get my back somehow I wish I would have did my research on this company like I do and every other company it’s a shame how they take advantage of people

  7. Mary T
    I purchased a sewing machine and I have not received it yet. I keep emailing them and they keep telling shipping delay April 10, 2020. my order has not come

  8. I ordered s sewing machine and still have got it. They told me it was in Shanghai and I’m hoping that they’re not ripping people off but it doesn’t sound right I was told 10 to 15 days to receive it but I hadn’t got it yet

    1. I order a sewing machine April 20th , got confromatiom my shipment was coming and 18 day later a receive a small black envelope from China and it was two N95 face macks that I didn’t order. Now where is my sewing machine that I’ve already paid for.

  9. I bought a sewing machine from them and after research I immediately called AMEX and disputed the charge. this was Mar. 27. April 4 I begin to get notifications that my package is moving thru Wenzhou City, “Cangnan County on its way to Shanghai International mail exchange. It finally got there 5/4. I already have my refund so I’m just gonna play it out. I will gladly post if It ever gets out of China.

  10. I replied may 4th. well my delivery is in the USA supposedly and should be delivered May 13. I will let you know if i get my sewing machine.

  11. I too ordered a sewing machine from them and was excited to receive the email that my order was on its way. I received two masks.

  12. I bought 2 sewing machines on April 15th and on March 15th it said my package had arrived at my mailbox, I went to my mailbox which is directly in front of my house and there was nothing big enough to be two sewing machines at my mailbox. I opened the mailbox and had received two surgical masks from China. I emailed the company and got a reply that there were sorry and could I take a picture of it. I have filed a dispute with AMEX for a refund.

  13. Estoy esperando una masquina de coser por el valor de 105.18 y supuestamente lleqaba en seis días todavía no ha llegado que pasa .

  14. Like everyone else that ordered a sewing machine, seems I got scammed as well, after 2 months since I placed my order, “it” finally delivered, and to my surprise I get a small pouch with a 5 pack of face masks ( and cheap ones at that), so I sent a complaint email, which I most likely wont get a response to, so yeah, I feel like an idiot for getting scammed.

  15. That website is a scam! I ordered a sewing machine for $62 April 11th and kept checking for tracking everyday and I emailed them. They actually got back to me have me the same tracking number so I would track and it was moving a few days ago in California. I kept tracking and said it would be delivered today. Well it says it was left in my mailbox! I was like “mailbox”? No! It wouldn’t fit there! So my husband went to check and he came with a small plastic package and said “ you ordered 4 face masks”? I said no. I look at the package and it’s the same order number I had been tracking the one they gave me. It’s a SCAM!!! I really hope it’s not too late to dispute this purchase. I’m so mad for believing I would get a sewing machine!!!!

  16. He comprado una masquina de coser por la cantidad de 5239 y todavía no lleqa desde2meses qué pasa quiero mi dinero para atrás en la tarjeta que supuestamente el tracking LS308400722CN y no lleqa ya no la quiero que es lo que pasa.

  17. I, in good faith, ordered a sewing machine. I waited and waited …received a tracking number and after more than one month it said “delivered”. Nope no such delivery happened. Contacted, only via email, the company the company individual said they would resend, I stated no I wanted a refund. The individual said he would refund my $$. That was late April 2020. I have sent them many emails and responses are the same that they will refund. The last response said there were others ahead of me for refund so it will take time. I have been scammed!!!! Bogus company Bogus products BAD idea to buy from them! I am out $68.00…I am going to try to file with my bank a fraud claim and hope to stop this painful experience for others!

  18. If you tried to buy a sewing machine you got ripped off like me, guess I can be glad it was only $62 that I was out. Straight up scam!!

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