x1 Credit Card Review [Sep 2020] The Complete Details!

x1 Credit Card Review [Sep 2020] The Complete Details!

x1 Credit Card Review [Sep 2020] The Complete Details! >> The article is about an x1 credit card that provides unique and innovative features, read here.

For years credit card technology has been untouched, and there has been no advancement for ages. But with the advancement of technology and unique ideas, everything is changing.

Earlier, people used to worry about their credit scores because of the obvious reasons, played an important role in deciding your spending limit. But with x1 credit card, you don’t have to worry about credit scores. It provides limits based on your salary, whether present or future.

The x1 credit card was built by Thrive, which is a United States-based brand so that you can read our full x1 Credit Card Review in the article further.

What is x1 Credit Card?

x1 credit card increases your credit score limit build on your income rather than on credit scores. It is made of 17 gm stainless steel material, which is hard and durable; this also ensures its longevity.

There is no annual fee or late fees in this credit card, so gone are the days when you have to pay the late fine and worry about the credit score limit. You can sit down and relax without worrying about your late fine.

It is a Visa Signature credit card that will be working with Apple Pay and GPay. Presently the company is planning to launch in the United States, but in the future, for x1 Credit Card Review they mention to look forward to launching in other countries as well.

What is so distinctive about x1 Credit Card?

In traditional credit cards, we had to worry about the automatic renewal of the subscription. If we forget that we had subscribed to some streaming services, then money would get deducted from our account without our acknowledgment. With x1 credit card, you can create a virtual credit card number that has an expiry date.

You can spend your reward points with more than 100 global brands like Nike, Apple, Airbnb, Bose, etc. the features which x1 credit card offers I must say the x1 Credit Card Review must be positive and satisfactory.

You get 5x more rewards than the traditional credit cards. 2x credit point by default, 3x points if the spending limit is $15,000, and 4x reward points for anything you purchase in a month for referring a friend.

You can always attach a receipt to purchases and get instant notification on refunds. The coolest feature is that you also shop on incognito mode without saving your details.

Customer reviews

We did not find any x1 Credit Card Review since the brand has started its waitlist on 17th September in the states; it will be available to people in winter 2020.

I believe that the brand targets Generation who have just started their carrier and feel limited due to credit score; need not worry. The brand won’t disappoint because of its innovative and unique offerings.


The x1 credit card has not been launched, but the features they provide are way beyond what other brands have to offer. 

I think everyone should certainly join the waitlist and have a hands-on with the futuristic x1 credit card. Yes, they target generation Z, but what they are providing i.e., low fees, a virtual credit card with an expiry date, reward points, etc. these all features look promising and sustainable.

It would be out in winter 2020, but the features it provides, I don’t think that anyone would be disappointed with the x1 Credit Card Review.

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