Insnova Website Reviews (Feb 2020) Is this a Legit Store?

Insnova Website Reviews (Feb 2020) Is this a Legit Store?

Insnova Website Reviews (Feb 2020) Is this a Legit Store? >> In the above article, you read about a website that sells women apparel and accessories across various countries.

We all want to keep ourselves up-to-date, especially when it comes to fashion. Females are and have always been very specific about their dressing sense, and they have always preferred to buy the products that are in trend or fashion.

Well, the good news is, is one such web store that comes to the rescue of all women. It sells a huge variety of clothing and fashion accessories across various nations.

To know more about this store and Insnova Website Reviews, read the following article and let us know your feedback in the comments section.   

What is Insnova Website? is an online fashion store that sells fashion clothing and accessories for women. It sells its products in various countries. The products available in this store are as per the latest fashion trends, and various discounts are also available for both old and new buyers.

The products available in the clothing category include dresses, bottoms, tops, jackets, etc. These items are well-categorized under different sections to enhance the shopping experience of the buyers.

The products are shipped from the United States and from China to the customers spread across nations.   

Specifications of Insnova Website:

  • Website: Sells women fashion clothing and accessories
  • Address: Not Available on website 
  • Contact: (865) 450-9635
  • Email Address:
  • Shipping Time: 2 to 7 business days
  • Shipping Cost:  Free shipping over $ 109
  • Delivery Time: Postal Shipping (10 to 20 business days), Express Shipping (7 to 10 business days)
  • Return: Within 30 days from receipt of the product
  • Refund: Processed within 7 to 15 business days
  • Exchange: Within 30 days from receipt of the product
  • Cancellation: Within 24 hours from the order time
  • Mode of Payment: PayPal and credit cards (Visa, American Express, etc.)

Pros of Insnova Website:

  • The website has a huge variety of products available at reasonable prices.
  • This store has a great presence on Pinterest.
  • Well-defined exchange and return policies are available on the website.
  • An additional 10% discount is given to the new buyers.
  • Clothes available on this website are well categorized as seasons, i.e., summer, winter, spring, and autumn.

Cons of Insnova Website:

  • The address of the corporate office is not available.
  • Products have none or very few reviews and ratings.
  • Social media presence is restricted to Pinterest only. No visibility on other sites such as Instagram and Facebook.
  • Free shipping is available only on orders above $109.
  • Standard shipping may take too long to deliver the goods to the customers. 

Is Insnova Website Legit?

The website is a house to a vast collection of fashion clothing and accessories that seems to be of fine quality and as per the latest fashion trends. The website has specified its return, exchange, shipping, and refund policies, which communicates its transparency towards customers. A variety of payment options, including credit cards, further adds to the authenticity of the store.

Insnova Website Reviews also suggests that customers have received their orders as per the specifications provided, and most of them are delighted by the products and services of this website.

Thus, it can be said that the website is a legit one.

Customer Reviews on Insnova Website:

A variety of Insnova Website Reviews from customers have been found online. Most of them are delighted with their orders. The size, fit, and colors of the products ordered are found to be perfect. Customers are also happy with the trendy products available on this store, and that too at discounted prices.

However, some customers have found their products not to be of the desired quality. They said that the products were described as superior quality; however the received products are not of the same quality. Some issues have been found in the fittings of the clothes as well. Delayed deliveries have also been a problem for some customers. 

The negative reviews are outweighed by the positive ones, as many customers have given high ratings and very good reviews to the products available on this store.

Final Verdict:

With its clientele in the United States and other countries, Insnova has flattered its customers with its trendy collection and great deals and discounts. It has been found from Insnova Website Reviews that customers have been appreciating this store and are recommending it to the other buyers as well.  

Do let us know about your shopping experience or your take on Insnova Website Reviews in the comments section below. 

7 thoughts on “Insnova Website Reviews (Feb 2020) Is this a Legit Store?

  1. I ordered a jacket almost 2 months ago and still have not received it. They keep telling me it’s on the way. They have taken my money but no coat. What recourse do I have.

  2. Horrible customer service (in China)!!!
    I was sent a shirt tat had Merry Christmas backwards. Can not wear it!!
    This company is responding via email from China-NOT the USA!
    They want me to pay for the return even though it’s a defective product and they sent it to me that way.
    Unfortunately, I think I’m out my $48 because they will not just send me a corrected shirt (like the picture on web site). Sorry, sorry company. Does not care about the customer.

  3. I also ordered a few Halloween sweaters on September 12th. They arrived on NIVEMVER 10th!!!! 2 months later. AND they only arrived because I was constantly emailing their
    “Amazing customer service”
    And getting them to push the order through over and over again. And then when I got them. They were made out of practically see through fabric AND one came in the wrong size and I can’t even wear it!. NEVER ORDER FROM COMAPANIES IN CHINA.

    Short story. Insnova is a complete rip off.

    And if you want to return your gross rip off items. You have to PAY the return shipping.

    If you decide to still order, have fun paying for return shipping to China. Because you’ll want to return your things. I’m sure it will cost more than whatever fabric they use for their terrible cloths.

  4. I don’t know who makes these clothes but the fabric is awful.. and worse yet everything is too small. I had ordered a Large hooded shirt. It was too small but I loved the design so I tried another design with another shirt. I ordered 2XL That shirt is the same size as the Large. Neither one fits. I will never order another thing from them. I am rreturning their product.
    Delores B
    January 12, 2021

  5. Never again…inferior product…nothing like the advertisement. Trying to get a refund but such a difficult process and they keep stalling.
    I would call this type of industry a scam. They download photos of great looking clothing but what you get is a poor version of it!!!!!

  6. DO NOT GET SCAMMED AS I did!!..sweater I received appeared CLOSE to online picture, but definitely not the same with closer look. The yarn on “purchased”sweater was a cheap, thin synthetic, yarn, and floral arrangement on the front was skimpy in different colored thread unlike in the online photo, which showed the flowers to be in yarn same as the background . THINK TWICE. wish I had.

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