Roback Mask Reviews (Sep 2020) Is this a Reliable Site?

Roback Mask Reviews (Sep 2020) Is this a Reliable Site?

Roback Mask Reviews (Sep 2020) Is this a Reliable Site? >> In this article, you’ll get reviews about reusable cloth masks that provide full protection against pollutants and pathogens.

Are you tired of those black and grey masks? Do you want to add some zing to your attire (read masks)? Try Roback masks. 

Of late, masks have become an integral accessory both for men and women. People are seeking protective masks that will help filter pollutants and pathogens. 

Roback masks seem to provide a great shield with some additional layers for extra protection.

The masks are sold by a United Statesbased clothing brand Rhoback on their website 

Read our following comprehensive Roback Mask Reviewto find out if these masks are worth buying or not.

What is Roback Mask?

Roback masks are protective face coverings for adults and kids available in solid colors as well as print fabrics. The masks have peculiar names and come in the following 14 designs for adults-

  • The Old Glory Mask
  • The Admiral Mask
  • The Raven Mask
  • The Dino Mask
  • The Win-Win-Win Mask
  • The Beluga Mask
  • The Nomad Mask
  • The Garden Mask
  • The Don’t Mess Mask
  • The C’Ville Mask
  • The Palmetto Mask
  • The Buck Mask
  • The Paisley Mask
  • The Mallard Mask

All masks are available for $14 except The Don’t Mess Mask which costs $15.

The best part about these masks is that they’re neither too bland nor too loud. They complement well with office wear as well as casual dressing.

Their kid’s collection has the following seven designs-

  • The Dino Kid’s Mask
  • The Blossom Kid’s Mask
  • The Shark Bait Kid’s Mask
  • The Old Glory Kid’s Mask
  • The Admiral Kid’s Mask
  • The Navy Kid’s Mask
  • The Polka Dot Kid’s Mask

The kids’ masks come in attractive designs and colours of pink, purple, green, and blue.

All kids’ masks are available for $14 except The Old Glory Kid’s Mask, which costs $15.

Adult and Kids masks are very comfortable to wear. They have additional layers that provide wholesome protection. The inside layer is made of 100% organic cotton so that it feels smooth on your skin.

Specifications of Roback Mask:

  • Products- Adult and Kid’s face masks
  • Company name- Rhoback
  • Website- 
  • Email-
  • Price- $14-$15
  • Exchanges/returns- Not applicable
  • Mode of payment- PayPal, shop Pay, Amazon Pay, G Pay

Pros of Roback Mask:

  • 10% off on your first purchase if you sign up for their newsletter 
  • No exchange/returns 
  • A flexible wire insert and adjustable stopper makes the masks comfortable to wear
  • The outside layer of the Mask has an antibacterial polyester layer for UV protection
  • An inside pouch that acts as an insert for additional filter
  • The innermost layer of the Mask is skin-friendly organic cotton
  • Washable and reusable masks
  • One size of the Mask fits all

Cons of Roback Mask:

  • These masks are not a substitute for PPE, N95, or surgical masks
  • The masks are not FDA approved
  • Masks do not include filters; you have to buy it
  • Shipping cost is rather high internationally, in the United States it is $5

Is Roback Mask legit?

These days many companies are selling masks that claim to protect against allergens and pathogens. But, are these companies the genuine players in the market? Is the quality of masks really up to the mark?

Many other companies that we have reviewed in the past allow returns or exchanges of masks and items of personal use.What we liked about Roback masks is that their company does not encourage any returns/exchange of masks. This is a very promising sign.

There is more to follow on our Roback Mask Reviews. Stay tuned till the end.

Customer Reviews on Roback Mask:

Their website boasts of excellent Roback Mask Reviews by customers. Some of these masks enjoy a rating of 5/5 on their website.

Customers are very happy with the quality of the Mask and the fact that the masks come with adjustable ear loops.

Roback Mask Reviews on Facebook are also encouraging.

Final verdict:

We are happy to conclude our Roback Mask Reviews on a bright note.

At last, we have a mask that is protective and sold by a reputable clothing brand. You are safe with this face covering, go ahead and buy it! 

Here is a word of caution, though. You still have to practice social distancing while wearing these masks. You have to wear a medical-grade mask for medical procedures. Remember, this Mask is not a replacement for PPE or N95. 

Please share your experience of using Roback Masks by posting valuable comments.

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