Oceanproject.co Review [Jan 2021] Is It Legit Or Scam?

Oceanproject.co Review [Jan 2021] Is It Legit Or Scam?

Oceanproject.co Review [Jan 2021] Is It Legit Or Scam? >> If you are willing to track a shark or a sea turtle’s lifestyle by buying a necklace, read review.

Water plays an important role in the existence of the eco-system, and so does the water creatures. The food chain is not possible even if a single creature goes out of the cycle, affecting the whole eco-system.

The wildfires in the United States are causing so much harm to natural resources, and the effect is visible on the water life. The water is depleting, and the marine creatures are bearing the ill-effects. 

The marine creatures are dying on a large scale, and we need to focus on the issue. We all want a cat or a dog as your pet animal, but have you ever thought of adopting a shark or a sea turtle. If not, then let me inform you that now it is possible.

This article is on the Oceanproject.co Reviews, a website that talks of saving marines creatures, adopting them, and tracking them for a lifetime by buying a single product from the website. To know in detail, read the entire article.

What is Oceanproject.co?

The Oceanproject.co is an e-commerce website in the United States dealing with necklaces and pendants in the shape of sharks and turtles. The product is of silver and gemstones in it. The polish of the product is so gorgeous and beautiful.

The website is offering Buy 2 Get 1 Free offer right now. The price of each necklace is different, starting from 14$, and along with the necklace, you also get rings, t-shirts, and other accessories.

On every necklace or ring you buy, you will get a tracker for a real shark or turtle, and you can track them for a life virtually. The company also gives 25% of the revenue to the mission of saving oceans and marine life.

The project’s cause is good, but we also need to think about the project’s legitimacy. Many ‘Oceanproject.co Reviews’ said that the website was earlier known as ‘Wildlife Mission’ and was a scam as people did not receive any orders. 

Lets us read the further article to know if this website is also fraud or is it legal.

Specifications of the website:

  • The website time: Accessories and jewelry store
  • Website link: http://oceanproject.co/
  • Shipping: The shipping of the products takes place within a few hours.
  • Returns: You will have a chance to ask for a return within 30 days.
  • Refunds: You will get the money in your account or wallet within 4-5 days.
  • Company address: Not there
  • Contact number: 18004269015
  • E-mail address: support@oceanproject.co
  • Mode of payment: You can pay via digital wallets or cards.
  • Social Media Presence: There are some Oceanproject.co Reviews on some platform 

Pros of the  website:

  • The website is mentioning the contact details and the e-mail address.
  • The website is giving 24/7 customer service.
  • The website is giving 25% of the earnings to the save ocean mission.
  • You can track a live shark or turtle for a lifetime when you scan the product’s code.
  • The website is offering 30 days of returns.

Cons of the website:

  • The website is not giving the company’s address.
  • Oceanproject.co Reviews’ are negative.
  • The website is too good to be true but it is suspicious.
  • The website is only two months old.

Is Oceanproject.co Legit?

The website is a scam as there was another similar website that was a scam and did not provide any products. The website is now close, and there are no contacts left. Thus it is necessary to find out in detail about the website. 

The website is only two months old, that is a suspicious sign. The e-mail address has its server, which means this is a full-proof plan to scam people. The Oceanproject.co Reviews’ are very negative, and thus we cannot trust this website.

We conclude that the website is a scam and is ill-legit. Do not buy anything from the website, or else you might lose your money.

What does the customer want to say about Oceanproject.co?

The customers are reviewing the website all over the internet, and the answer you get is that the website is a scam. One buyer said that she ordered a product 5 months back and the website was not working, and suddenly, two days back, she recieved her order and is completely disappointed.

Other Oceanproject.co Reviews’ are also similar, and the people are not satisfied with the website’s customer service. 


The final verdict is that the website is a scam as all the factors point towards the website’s ill legitimacy. It is only two months old, traffic is less, and the most important customer are not satisfied and says it is a fraud and scam. All the Oceanproject.co Reviews’ are negative.

Readers do share your thoughts below if you are also cheated.

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  1. This is a BIG BIG scam. The ‘WildlifeMission.Co’ store was pulled after hundreds of BBB complaints. Now they opened this one. I got scammed by these guys & never received a product after 6+ months. Google this site or theWildlifeMission site before buying. In addition, getting a refund through Shopify (where they host their site) is impossible. Shopify defers you to your bank saying the bank can get you your money back but it’s been 3 months and I’m STILL fighting with my bank To get my money. Horrible. Literally robbing people

  2. First of all, I will say I did receive the necklaces I ordered which was from the “buy 2/get 1 free” offer. It did not take an exceptionally long period of time for me to receive them and I was very happy with the quality and look of them. My disappointment was in the fact that all three necklaces were of the same shark, “Fletcher” and only one QR code was enclosed for all three necklaces. I ordered 2 of these necklaces for my granddaughters who are sisters and I was assuming (mistakenly so on my part) that each of the necklaces would be a different named shark. My thinking was that it would be fun for the girls to be able to compare with each other the tracking of their sharks.
    When I realized the necklaces were all the same I e-mailed the company and explained the situation asking if I could exchange just one of the necklaces so my granddaughters would have different sharks to track. This was done before my 30 days had expired from the purchase date of September 17, 2020. I heard absolutely nothing back from them. I decided to send them a private message on their Face Book page on Saturday October 17, 2020….again no response. The phone number listed for them – 800-426-9015 only has a very brief recorded message in a foreign language. I have no idea what is being said and am unable to leave a message. Very disappointed in the customer service….in fact there is no customer service!

  3. This site is still up and running even today. Actions should be taken quickly, scamming people for fake environment cause is the lowest there is.

  4. Wtf seriously love the necklace but why are you scamming people into thinking they have something so awesome when it’s just a necklace, great idea shitty to scam people . I had full intentions of ordering for my entire family after receiving mine as a gift . You all are a p.o.s.

  5. I ordered two turtles back in March 2020, Jhb-ZA, I even took postal insurance… in June/July I was told there’s a Covid backlog… November 2020 they had ‘lost’ my order and traced it to somewhere in Canada, meantime they had also changed their company name. Suddenly, end December 2020 they email me and say: They found my package in their warehouse, if I could pay an extra 3 or 4 dollars, they’ll send it off to me right away!

  6. Do your research. I’m disappointed. But mostly in myself… I ordered from a FB ad, and read the reviews on the page only… 1st mistake. I never recivied any of the products I ordered. I have been reading where multiple other people have the same issue as me, or got a product with an inactive shark. I will be honest, this was my fault for not checking farther into the company. The more I read, the posts are all very similar. “Love this gift” and “ordered for my granddaughter” and “beautiful “ all the positive reviews are similar, but all too good to be true. I’m sure the people who made the fake page created fake posts. Anyway, I Sent an email, got an automated response. Don’t bother calling the fake number on the page, no one is answering due to Covid blah. I posted a negative review on Trust Pilot (along with other people) and got an email from Lisa… saying the items had been on back order and she would expedite the shipping. Then she asked if I would please update my review. I then got an email that one of the items shipped. I clicked on the tracking number and it’s been waiting since 12/15 at the DHL e-commerce site. (Pretty sure that’s fake too.) We shall see what happens next.

  7. I ordered a turtle and shark, I recieved them and they are gorgeous. I recieved 2 QR squares on for a turtle and one for the shark. It took 3 weeks or so too get them but I emailed the company with a ptint screen if my order and asked how much longer. I got a reply within 12 hours giving me the number to call DHL which was the delivering company and DHL gave me a tracking number which they apologized for not sending me and letting me know because of covid packages have to be quarentined 2 days with each had off. I am very satisfied and my QR codes work and my grand kids are watching the shark and turtle move paths. Its not in live GPS time because the transmissions are not 24/7 but they do update. We love our purchase and I just ordered another shark for my husband.

  8. I guess I fell for your bs to bought it for my wife but very nice necklace and it had a QR code of rocky the logger head but to my surprise rocky is at marine land not in the damn ocean

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