Wuolam .com (Jan 2021) Check All The Details Inside!

Wuolam .com (Jan 2021) Check All The Details Inside!

Wuolam .com (Jan 2021) Check All The Details Inside! >> The write-up is helpful to all students and colleagues who are looking for standard notes to refer from home, and we will let you know about the website authenticity.

Hey! Readers, are you looking for a simple app which provides you notes for free? Then Wuolam .com is the app that ends your search. The app is quite famous in Spain, but many want to know its details, so we brought you complete information. So please keep on reading.

You can download notes for free also one can earn many rewards by participating in the competition and uploading the notes. 

Note: Actual name is Wuolah.com, but people also search with the name Wuolam.com.

What is Wuolam .com?

It is the education app where you can get notes for free and also you can upload notes for free to shine in your group. The app is recently updated to improve the overall performance. 

Download it for free online to create an account to get the top notes sorted by university, grade, faculty, and subject. The people of Spain want to know how to use the app the section below will help you understand.

How to use the app?

  • Connect, share, and help your colleagues from your home.
  • Share links, and notes to earn money weekly whenever your notes is downloaded.
  • Earn reward by participating in the competition.
  • Ask your doubts or clear doubts of someone else.
  • Collect the tickets you get for uploading your notes every week and see what you win.

Is Wuolam .com a Legit Site?

To know its legitimacy, we searched, and so many facts regarding the app is revealed. The domain age of the Wuolam.com is 2021-01-13, which is only a few days old, whereas the original site Wuolah.com is almost six years old whose domain age obtained as 2014-02-21.

Also, user’s feedback for the site is mixed one where few appreciating the purpose of the app, and few are not happy with the app. So considering these factors, we suggest you research on yourself and get to know more about it and then try the app. 

Customer Reviews 

Some say it provides a wide range of data, and it is worth to use the app. One of the user tells the app works like wonders even though it won’t cover up everything, but by participating in the competition, you download notes for free.

Whereas few users did not like the app and say that the app’s idea is good, but few things need to be fixed. So this about the overall reviews recorded from the customer for Wuolam .com.

Bottom Line

Even though the actual site is many years old and serving a good idea to the students, which is appreciable, whereas there are some red flags raised like mixed reviews, the wrong site Wuolam.com is only a few days old so based on these facts we suggest our readers carry out research and then try to use the app.

If you know anything about the Wuolam .com, then share it with us in the comments section below. 

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