Who Owns Signal Messenger (Jan) About Latest Innovation

Who Owns Signal Messenger (Jan) About Latest Innovation

Who Owns Signal Messenger (Jan) About Latest Innovation -> The above article has showcased the worth about one of the latest messenger app.

Do you know from the past few days WhatsApp’s news is hitting the online world? You might have heard about the Signal Messenger So, in our blog, we will acknowledge our audience with updated information about “Who owns Signal Messenger?

As you know, people are doing chit-chat about the alternative to whatsApp. So, in that case, one of the secured options to trust upon is Signal.

Well, guys! Presently! WhatsApp is the famous instant messaging app that comes out with innovative features like voice and video call. File transfer in one click, end-to-end encryption and much more. So, beyond WhatsApp life, there is much more, you need to check it out in the online world. Line of messenger’s app is present in the online kingdom like Line, telegram, iMessage and much more. Apart from that, Signal is one of the secure options. So let’s know Who Owns Signal Messenger?

What is Signal?

The Signal is the latest messaging app that is known for its privacy policy. You might have heard its famous tagline “Say Hello to Privacy”. It is similar to WhatsApp and provides end-to-end encrypted service

If we talk about its availability, it is there on Ios, Android, and Chrome platforms. It comes with varied features just like other messenger apps, plus it is free of cost.

As per the news, Signal is gathering people’s attention after WhatsApp has announced its updated privacy policy. Worldwide, Signal is gaining new registrations. So, we can say Signal is back and accepting new registrations.

Who Owns Signal Messenger?

It is a non-profit company, founded and developed by Signal Messenger LLC and Signal Foundation. It was crafted by American cryptographer, Moxie Marlinspike and Brian Acton, the WhatsApp co-founder and CEO of Signal messenger. So, after gaining more knowledge about Signal, you will love to download it.

If you want to grab more information, check out Google as Signal is trending these days.

Is Signal Messenger app is safe to use?

If you compare the Signal app with other apps like Whatsapp, you will find Signal more secure. As, Whatsapp and most of the instant messaging apps collects user data like device ID, product interaction, location data, advertising data, search history and much more. To your knowledge, Signal doesn’t take any customer data. It just asks for your mobile no, which is required at the time of registration.

So after knowing the security details about Signal and Who Owns Signal Messenger? You will love to download it on your mobile phones. So, when you are downloading it?

Final Words

The above words will help you out with the minute detail about the trending Signal messenger app and give you the reality check that you can socialize by entering into the Signal app.

The signal app is getting love from Worldwide customer’s. So, if you are one of them, who are thrashed by WhatsApp new policies, hold on to Signal.

For information, have words with our expert in the comments section. And if you have already using Signal app, then give your views and help our audience. We hope our blog Who Owns Signal Messenger will help you acquire information about the signal app.

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