Scam (Jan) Receive Gift Voucher From Walmart Scam (Jan) Receive Gift Voucher From Walmart Scam (Jan) Receive Gift Voucher From Walmart -> If you receive messages from Walmart, you have won the gift card and then read out this post that revealed the real truth behind these offers.

Are you receiving text messages from wincard through Walmart? If yes, so don’t get too excited. Currently, hundreds of United States people have received gift cards for shopping and wincard messages over their phones.Hence, people are eager to know whether these messages are likely scam or legit. So, to find out the real truth, we researched on the web and found accurate details.Let’s find out!

What is Walmart?

Walmart is the biggest multi-national company in the United States that was formerly known as Wal-Mart. This corporation deals with a large number of supermarkets and retail shops across the globe. The headquarter of this company is situated in Bentonville, Arkansas. Sam Walton founded this in 1962, and now it has numerous shops all over the world.Here, we have shared more facts about the scam, so keep reading.

Walmart deals with several products such as electronics, home improvement, home furniture, sports goods, auto, photo finishing, grocery, music, and many more. Further, it has millions of regular users worldwide, and to engage them in their shopping complex, they giveaway their customer’s discounts. Also, Walmart offers numerous services, such as Walmart money card, Walmart pay, etc.

But in current times, scam is trending. To uncover this news, we researched the web and found countless people have received such messages. And to solve this solution, we directly contact Walmart and found these messages are bogus. If you have received this message, then you should ignore it completely.Below we have shared the shocking truth and scam run by some fraudsters with the name Walmart. What does it mean?

Lots of people are receiving text messages like Dear customer, you have won a Walmart gift card. If you want to claim it, you can claim your card at While clicking on the scam link, you will find it redirect to the site name flixsport. Co and show some security errors. If you’re trying to reload it repeatedly, it will turn you into another site download gurus. At this site, you will ask to fill in the details.

Redirecting sites with different names or domains is the most significant alarm you are moving to scam sites with a plan. Just think, if you’ve received the gift card from Walmart should land you on the Walmart site, not on these bogus sites.The other fact we found we cross-checked the details of the wincard scheme personally from Walmart and found these messages are fake. Although Walmart’s team said they hadn’t shared any gift cards and other schemes with their customers. The messages users are receiving is meaningless.

Final Verdict scam is cleared. This site is 100% scam because it is redirecting the user from one place to another. Also, Walmart said they hadn’t shared anything with their users like this. So, we request our readers don’t trust this message and stay safe.If you find this post helpful, share your thoughts with us.

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