Write For Us Travel Paid – Explore Full Guideline Here

Write For Us Travel Paid – Explore Full Guideline Here

This post explains the Write for Us Travel Paid opportunity and the elements that must be added to the guest blog.

Are you a travel vlogger? Do you have the curious drive to explore the various aspects of traveling, exploring different elements that make travel reading an excellent feat? For our latest guest blogging opportunity, we are looking for writers with proficiency in travel articles. Someone with practical experience or the potential to transform ideas into words is welcome. Our Write for Us Travel Paid guest blogging opportunity is open for all explorers, wanderlusts, and freshers who can create magic with words.

Read the entire article till the end to get a snapshot of requirements and eligibility and run through the writing guidelines.

All About the Website

We are a growing international website with a vast global audience. Our writers are not limited to one nationality but are spread across the continents. Each is a subject matter expert in their respective field with the caliber required for creating an enchanting article. With Write for Us + Travel Paid articles, we expect writers to be excellent with research and craft content that can keep the readers engaged. Besides, having a general idea of SEO and its use for ranking content on SERP will be an added advantage.

Apart from Travel-related blogs, our website also caters to other genres. These have gained immense traction and tend to rank among the top 5 categories in popularity.

  • Technology-based blogs provide an in-depth insight into the recent changes and upgrades happening in the field, the latest discoveries, and general blogs on how technology impacts lifestyles and businesses.
  • Health-related articles, which deal exclusively with exploring the intricacies of health and ways of leading a good lifestyle, are next on the list.
  • Other popular genres include news articles, product review sections, and education and lifestyle articles, among the rest.

Travel Paid Write for Us – Overall Eligibility for Participation

We expect candidates to take complete advantage of this opportunity. However, we have also set some eligibility criteria for participants to ensure that the best are given the chance to showcase their guest blogging skills. So do not forget to read the points below for a better understanding.

  • Individuals with experience writing travel blogs or creating travel-related content are most suitable for this opportunity.
  • Graduates in arts or any equivalent field who have previously published articles in this specific genre can also take this chance.
  • Freshers who have recently qualified from their colleges or are on lookout for a guest blogging opportunity
  • More importantly, we expect candidates to have sufficient knowledge and interest in content writing, research, and travel.

“Write for Us” + Travel Paid – Reference Ideas for Topics

We have a range of topics when it comes to travel-related content. However, we have provided a few that can be helpful for writers to understand what type of article we are looking for.

  • Exciting Tales from Around the World
  • Budget-Friendly Backpacking Opportunities and Experiences
  • How Fun and Adventurous are Road Trips
  • Exploring the Tropical Paradise of Islands
  • Reliving the Sanctity of Ancient Cities and Heritages
  • Pampering Tastebuds with World’s Flavours and Local Cuisines
  • An In-Depth Insight on Travel Photography
  • Best Ways to Capture Auroras and Enchanting Winters of Artics
  • The Art of Combining Work and Travel Based Life as a Digital Nomad
  • Experiences of a Solo Traveler – Guides and Insights
  • Exploring the Chronicles of City Space
  • How to Uncover the Hidden Gems of the World

Travel Paid + “Write for Us” – Guidelines and Guest Blogging Regulations

Travel is a broad field that includes multiple topics that can be written as niche and sub-niche. However, with writing being an art, it is essential to know about the general guidelines regarding the standards set by our website. Check out the rules and norms listed below to get an in-depth understanding.

  • The content must be within the set word limit, ranging between 750 as the minimum and 1000 as the maximum limit.
  • Research is extremely important. Read as many articles as possible, listen to podcasts, watch videos, and read competitor content to understand the tone used.
  • Repetitions must be avoided.
  • All paragraphs should be appropriately linked with each other and provide sufficient information.
  • Keep the sentences short and paragraphs shorter.
  • No content generated using AI tools will be accepted. We expect our writers to maintain originality in terms of writing and ideas.
  • All Travel Paid “Write for Us” articles should be mandatorily proofread and edited using tools like Grammarly and plagiarism.
  • The Word document must look clean with proper margins.

SEO Guidelines

Along with abiding by general writing norms, following SEO essentials that will make a content search engine worthy is even more necessary. Here are a few criteria which we have listed for users to follow:

  • Keywords must be added which are as per the topic requirement
  • It is mandatory to use heading tags
  • Include keywords in introductions, section heads, paragraphs, and conclusion.
  • Add images and stats with proper mention of sources
  • Maintain the density of keywords as per the total word count
  • Meta description and title, which are 160 characters and 55 characters in range, are equally important.

How do you submit Write for Us + Travel Paid Sample Articles for Guest Blogging?

We request that all our writers follow the guidelines provided. For this, read the entire article without skipping any section. From topic selection to SEO guidelines, everything must be followed appropriately. Once the samples are ready, you may share them with us via email at braydenwilson763@gmail.com. We accept only Word and Google Doc files and no PDF documents.

Final Conclusion

Write for Us Travel Paid is an excellent opportunity for individuals who want to try their skills in guest blogging. We eagerly await you to showcase your expertise through the sample articles. Once the editorial team reviews and approves the sample articles, we will email the confirmation to the selected writers. Hence, follow all the instructions before sharing the sample content. It should be SEO-friendly, clean, readable, and engaging for the readers.

If you have any questions about any aspect of the article, we request please email us. Our team will reach out and ensure all doubts are cleared quickly. Know more about Travel, click here,

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