Write For Us Education – Explore Full Guidelines Here

Write For Us Education – Explore Full Guidelines Here

This post discusses Write for Us Education guest blogging and the norms for drafting good content.

Education plays an integral part in everyone’s life. It is the nectar that runs our economy and keeps track of our personal lives, too. Thus, writing on education requires much understanding of the genre without letting our agendas interpolate it. Writers proficient in this particular genre tend to possess extensive research skills and clarity in their craft. With our Write for Us Education, we expect candidates to have explorative characteristics and the hunger to present only facts to the readers.

Do not forget the upcoming paragraphs as we explain the requirements and guidelines for drafting an engaging guest blog.

What is the Website About?

We are an international website looking to add more writers to our team of guest bloggers. Our team puts extensive research into bringing the best content, which is not only informative but provides the capacity to view the different aspects of education as a genre. We expect this for our Write for Us + Education guest blogs. Every article must be well-researched and deal with the various aspects of the category.

All our categories have innumerable readership and traffic from viewers. Our top categories popular among writers are:

  • One of our popular genres is technology, which is gaining prominence among readers. The readership is not only the younger generation but all the tech enthusiasts who like to stay updated about the latest upgrades in the field.
  • Health is another genre that aims to educate readers about the latest medical events.
  • Other prominent genres include cryptocurrency, fashion, lifestyle, science, etc.

Education Write for Us – Read More to Know About Eligibility

Education as a genre is very vast; there are multiple topics that can be a topic in itself. The genre requires writers who not only possess in-depth knowledge skills, research, and a basic understanding of what is essential from the reader’s point of view. Some of the basic skills we expect from our guest bloggers are:

  • Having a graduate or equivalent degree in the respective field is a plus
  • Any professional in education or a subject matter expert who has worked in the capacity of a subject matter expert, professor, vlogger, or content creator can also try this opportunity
  • We also welcome freshers for the position
  • Writers must have basic knowledge of the content structure; SEO guidelines are an added advantage.

“Write for Us” + Education – Recommended Topic Styles for Guest Blogging

Herein, we have provided a list of content titles and examples for writers to draft their articles. In addition, you can also pick a topic that aligns with the genre. These include:

  • How has the COVID era impacted education and teaching
  • The future of digital classrooms and education
  • Is STEM the future of education in terms of creativity and innovation?
  • Impactful strategies to diversify learning
  • How can love for reading and writing foster literacy?
  • Ways to navigate the e-learning platform
  • Is it essential to remap the digital and education policy
  • Creative ways of exploring classroom learning with innovative methods
  • Parent-teacher partnership in building a student mindset
  • Education and learning beyond borders provide global insights
  • Challenges in assessing student understanding of subjects

Education + “Write for Us” – Basic Writing Guidelines

Writing is a science and art that combines information tools and modifies it into engaging write-ups. With educative articles, being aware of the writing style is extremely important, which will make the content a great read. Below are mandatory rules for content creation that align with the standards set by our website.

  • The articles must be written in an informative tone. We completely refrain from promotional content or trying to advertise any particular brand or product related to the genre.
  • Use different sources to get an insight into the topic. Read research articles, listen to podcasts, watch videos and competitor articles to learn about the tone.
  • Education “Write for Us” content must be error-free both grammatically and in terms of plagiarism.
  • Divide the content into proper paragraphs and sections, with each connecting well with each other.
  • Add sources for any facts or stats included in the article
  • We do not accept content that is generated using AI. Every article must be unique and original without copy-pasting anything from competitor websites or other articles.

SEO Guidelines

SEO is pivotal to ranking an article on search engines. Writers have a basic understanding of how to incorporate SEO practices in their content to earn brownie points. However, remember to read the pointers below for all those trying guest blogging for the first time or who need more insight into SEO essentials.

  • Keywords are essential for all articles. Search for keywords that align with the topic by including high-traffic views, keyword density, and CPC.
  • Use the keywords wisely by distributing them properly per the overall keyword density required.
  • Use heading tags wherever necessary.
  • A meta title of 55 characters, which is short and summarizes the topic, is necessary.
  • A meta description of 160 characters that highlights what to expect in the topic is equally necessary.
  • Add images and infographics to add to the uniqueness element.
  • Avoid repetitions.
  • Maintain a single font that is readable for the audience.

Method for Submitting Write for Us + Education Articles for Guest Blogging

Sharing your content with us as sample testing for guest blogging is comparatively easier. However, we recommend that all candidates thoroughly go through every pointer listed above before sharing the draft for the test. All the sample articles must be either in Word or Google Doc format. Please do not share PDF formats. These should be shared through email at braydenwilson763@gmail.com.

Final Conclusion

Write for Us Education is a one-of-its-kind opportunity for guest bloggers to create a strong portfolio and add strength to their resume. We are eager to welcome guest bloggers with extensive writing knowledge and are ready to share their expertise with the audience. Following the content standard for the website is a must. Thus, reading every section in detail is very necessary. If you stumble on any confusion related to any section, please write an email. We will always be available to clear all your doubts and queries. To know more about education, click.

How informative and precise was this article? If you have any feedback regarding the presentation or content structuring, share it with us in the box below.

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