Write For Us Sports – Check Full Instructions Here!

Write For Us Sports – Check Full Instructions Here!

The post highlights Write for Us Sports and what are the instructions required to be followed mandatorily for guest blogging.

Sports are an exciting field with diverse information to share with readers. There are myriad things to be written on that require writers with expertise in the field and the curiosity to explore further. Suppose you are a sports enthusiast or someone who knows the knack of understanding the audience’s pulse. We welcome all candidates to Write for Us Sports guest blogging. In this opportunity, we are looking for participants who want to build their portfolio and write on sports; this is the time to grab your chance.

Complete information regarding the guidelines and norms is further explained in the upcoming sections.

A Gist of the Website

We are currently looking for guest bloggers for our website, which is an international one. Herein, we have readers who cover a broad spectrum of audiences not limited to any particular geography. Our writers strive to put their foot forward in terms of presenting factual content that does not fall short in engagement. That’s what we expect for Write for Us + Sports guest blogging. We welcome candidates who possess a fondness for sports, believe in research and upskilling, and know how to convert ideas into words.

Our website ranks among the top international websites that have garnered immense content traction. Some of our popular genres that have earned much readership include:

  • News articles deal exclusively with presenting facts to the audience. These include performing extensive research, looking through authentic details, and providing a complete picture of the happenings globally.
  • Technology is another genre which is growing in popularity among the readers. From GenZ to GenY, this category is likened to all readers interested in the technological upgrades in the field.
  • Other prominent genres include product reviews, health, education, gardening, and more.

Eligibility and Qualifications for Sports Write for Us Guest Blogging

Sports is one of the most acclaimed niches. However, it includes many sub-niches that can be a topic in itself. Our website is renowned for its content, so we want our writers to be well acquainted with the genre and writing. Here are a few qualifications required to meet the candidature.

  • Participants must be graduates or hold equivalent qualifications in their respective fields.
  • We also welcome freshers who are passionate about writing
  • Sports vloggers, professionals, coaches, and trainers who have a knack for writing and want to educate the audience about the various unexplored aspects of the genre can also try this opportunity
  • The participants must have good knowledge of writing and research capacities to bring out the best writeup
  • Any sports enthusiast in different activities can take up this opportunity
  • Alert individuals, abide by deadlines, be punctual in submission, and abide by the website standards.

“Write for Us” + Sports – Reference Ideas for Guest Blogging

Various sports sub-niches can be further divided into multiple topics. However, we have listed a few sports ideas as references for our readers and candidates for guest blogging.

  • Stories surrounding Sports and their inspiring tales
  • Viewing the world from an Athlete’s viewpoint
  • The world of competitive sports
  • The way of understanding strategies related to different sports
  • What is the future of sports
  • Innovations and trends in the sport tech field
  • The changing culture associated with sports
  • History and milestones in the field of sports
  • How to balance your health with Athlete wellness
  • Impact of sports on our overall development
  • The diversity of sports and its adaptive quality
  • Leading the grounds to the Olympics and its spirit

Sports + “Write for Us” – Writing Guidelines To Be Followed

Being aware of the writing guidelines is mandatory for all writers. It is necessary to follow all the pointers listed below. All candidates must read the norms that must be incorporated in the sample articles and content shared for publication.

  • The articles must be between the prescribed word count. The minimum word limit is 750, and the maximum is 1000
  • All the information must be based on facts. Include stats wherever it is relevant.
  • Read blogs, listen to podcasts, and watch videos to understand the topic that will help you draft an engaging read.
  • Avoid using AI tools for developing any content. Every Sports “Write for Us” article must be unique and original.
  • Each article must be segregated into proper sections that relate to each other.
  • Add relevant images to the topic, and it must be free of copyright issues.

SEO Considerations

SEO is essential when it comes to digital content. It should include all the nuances to rank them in the SERPs. Herein, we have listed a few necessities for our candidates. Read all the SEO pointers which are listed below:

  • Apply headings for all the articles
  • A title tag is significant
  • Proofreading is an essential aspect before submitting articles
  • Use editing tools like Copyspace, Grammarly, and other plagiarism tools to make it reader-ready
  • Include meta descriptions and titles limited to 160 and 55 characters
  • Add keywords that align with the topic, including primary, secondary keywords
  • Distribute the keywords as per the keyword density relevant to the word count
  • The article must include an introduction, multiple sections, and a conclusion
  • Add infographics and videos where it is necessary

Submitting Write for Us + Sports Guest Blogs

We recommend that candidates read all the guidelines and pointers listed. The instructions must be incorporated into the content. Send the sample articles in Word and Google Docs format through email at braydenwilson763@gmail.com. We do not accept PDF format.

Final Conclusion

Writing plays a vital role in conveying your ideas to the audience. For Write for Us Sports guest blogs, we are eager to enable eligible writers with the knack for drafting content that engages readers. However, we expect candidates to read the entire content. Besides, it is mandatory to follow the instructions when developing an article. If you have any confusion related to the article or sections, we expect writers to email us. Our editors and writers will connect with you to resolve your doubts. Know more about Sports, click.

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