Woodwelt Watch Reviews [August 2020] Is It Legit?

Woodwelt Watch Reviews [August 2020] Is It Legit?

Woodwelt Watch Reviews [August 2020] Is It Legit? >> Looking for designer wooden hand watches that go with every outfit & enhance you then read this article.

Are you a person who doesn’t move out of your house without wearing a watch? Do you also sleep while wearing a watch? Do you love to explore different watches? If the answer is yes, then we are here with a United States company. 

The company is all about watches. In this pandemic, it is advisable not to wear extra accessories while you move out of your house, including watches. So, we need a watch that we can wear outside and can clean it with sanitizer easily.

In this article, you will read about Woodwelt Watch and will come across different facts about the watch that makes it unique.

I am sure you might be thinking that is it also a platform that traps people. So, do not worry as we will give you enough information in this article so that you can take your decision.

We will answer the question about the legitimacy of the company and what customers think about watches. So, keep reading Woodwelt Watch Reviews.

What is Woodwelt Watch?

The website is similar to other shopping sites that sell watches, and it established in 2017. The unique thing about the Woodbelt watches is that the company manufactures only wooden based watch belts.

There are many different colours and textures of wood used in the making of the watch. The watches are entirely handmade and organic.

The watches add a different look and class to your personality. It enhances your overall look. The watches are water-proof, but still, it is advisable by the company to keep the watch away from water as more as possible as the water may fade the look of the pine belt.

The unique thing about Woodwelt watches are that they are entirely natural and nothing apart from the wood. The watches are water splash-proof, and the designer of the watches are professionals.

Also, the environment well-being is kept in mind while making watches. The website is useful in charity as it donates one dollar for each observation it sells has shown by Woodwelt Watch Reviews.

Specifications of the website:

  • Website type: Watch store
  • Website link: https://www.woodwelt.com/
  • Shipping: The shipping charge is 4.99$ below 50$ purchase and free above 50$.
  • Delivery: You will get your product within 7-28 business days.
  • Returns: You can return the watch within 30 days
  • Refunds: You will get the money back in 5-6 business days.
  • Contact number: +1-720-572-8211
  • Contact Address: Not there
  • Mode of Payment: You can pay through digital payments.

Pros of the website:

  • The watches are unique and incredibly gorgeous.
  • You can wear the wooden watches on any outfit.
  • The watches are 100% made of pure wood.
  • The designers are professional.
  • The environmental benefit is kept in mind while manufacturing the watches.
  • It is accessible 30 days return policy with easy refunds guarantee.

Cons of the website:

  • Natural resources are used in the manufacturing of the watches, thus exploiting them.
  • The watches may lose its wooden texture when it comes in contact with water.
  • The essential detail, like the address of the company, is missing.
  • There are no sizes available in the watches, and you cannot make any changes in them.

Is Woodwelt Watches Legit?

The company is based in the United States, and we all are aware of digital crimes taking place in the country. Thus, we need to assure that the site we are purchasing from is an official website.

The website is quick in solving customer queries and says that there are no size options available and you can get it to mould from local stores. 

Woodwelt Watch Reviews researched and came to know that the website domain is two years old. The website has its mail server, and the customer service is also active.

So, we can conclude that the website is legit and authentic.

What do customers want to say about the watches?

The customer reviews say that the people are happy with the quality and design of the watches. There are many Woodwelt Watch Reviews on the Facebook page of the website where users appreciate the product. Also, people like the customer service response and the wooden color texture of the watch.

Final verdict:

The bottom line about the Woodwelt Watch Reviews is that the watches are of premium quality and design is also good. The website is legit, and the customer reviews are also satisfactory. 

People are happy with the product, and the website is quick in providing its customer care services. Thus, the site is an authentic source to buy.

Readers can share their experience with the company below.

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  1. WTF, this is a garbage article that makes me think the whole woodwelt website is a scam. Who would ever believe the garbagy way this article is written? This is a scam for sure.

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