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Lifetimeism Clothing Reviews [August] Is It A Scam?

Lifetimeism Clothing Reviews 2020

Lifetimeism Clothing Reviews [August] Is It A Scam? >> Excited to have some cozy yet trendy outfits, have a look at this review then.

Are you willing to roll everyone’s eye while walking down to that event? Well, then you surely should read these Lifetimeism Clothing Reviews before taking any further move ladies.

It feels good when we look good!! It is vital to fill up this monotonous life schedule with some incredible collection of outfits and accessories that might brighten up everything around us. Now, let’s talk about the basics; wearing a loose t-shirt and shorts and chilling with Netflix is all you could wish for, but what about having a great boo vibe at a party and a lot all eyes on you? Wooh, you have started wondering, and we bet on that.

Now, to rock that costume, we first need to look at its quality and type. To ensure that you look your best, we need to purchase from the best!! As you seem quite interested in the United States’ Lifetimeism collection, let’s check it out.

In this review, you will get to know each aspect of the website, including Is Lifetimeism Clothing Legit or Scam?

What is Lifetimeism?

Lifetimeism is a new website which is selling women’s wear and accessories. It is having its office in the United States and claims to provide the best quality product worldwide.

The website is entirely professional and has a massive collection of fashion wears like t-shirts, blouses, sweaters, bottoms, dresses, etc. Apart from that, you will get exciting offers on the website, and you can also select languages like English and German as per your choice. There are many alluring offers and a crazy collection of outfits that might catch your attention, but we must first check the answer to ‘Is Lifetimeism Clothing Legit or Scam?’

Specifications of Lifetimeism

  • The URL of this website is
  • The company is giving for customer support.
  • It provides a wide variety of payment methods like PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, JCB, etc.
  • The company would take up to two weeks for delivery in the United States and nearly 2-6 weeks for International shipping.
  • It provides a 30-day return and refund facility.
  • The shipping charges will be free on orders above $49.
  • You can also exchange, cancel, or track the order.

Let us now further have a look at the pros and cons of this website in our unbiased Lifetimeism Clothing Reviews.

Pros of Lifetimeism

  • The website is looking professional with a secure https connection.
  • It seems to provide a vast collection of women wears at a reasonable price.
  • The company is selling products at a considerable discount.
  • The company is offering a valid email service.
  • It is providing a good return, refund, and exchange policy.

Cons of Lifetimeism

  • There are no social media accounts or promotional campaigns of Lifetimeism.
  • It has a deficient rank in terms of website popularity.
  • The website is running with a new domain that is just three months old. (Creation date of the domain- 19.05.20)
  • There is a lack of office address and contact number.
  • The website is harmful to personal or bank details as McAfee is not securing Lifetimeism.

Is Lifetimeism Clothing Legit or Scam?

Talking about the legitimacy of this website is quite confusing, as certain things are positive and negative. But while writing this Lifetimeism Clothing Reviews, we stumble across many suspicious things, questioning its authenticity.

The answer to this question is NO because certain loopholes might hamper your shopping experience. Lifetimeism is a potential SCAM site, and we will never recommend you to risk your hard-earned money in such suspicious sites.

What do people say about Lifetimeism?

While checking the website, you must have come across the customer review that would have continuously pop onto your screen. But according to the research, the site has low traffic, and it is operating for the last three months, so it is quite weird to have so many customer reviews.

Apart from this, the website is also not having any social media presence over Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, making it quite challenging to decide what people are saying about it.

Final Verdict

It will be a dump; this is to purchase anything from an online store that is not old and popular as these brand-new website never have credibility.

There are many loopholes such as lack of genuine customer Lifetimeism Clothing Reviews, social media handle, new domain registration, lack of promotional campaigns, low traffic, etc. Thus, we will not recommend this site to you as it is a potential scam website.

But if you have already purchased something from here, please feel free to talk to us about your shopping experience.


  1. Hello, I been trying to get a refund from this site for days and they keep saying to give them another try, when I say I want a refund. I haven’t gotten a response but I told them, I do not want the product I want a refund. I said please don’t ask if I want to give them another try because I do not. It’s been two days and no response. I wouldn’t trust this site.

  2. I almost bought a few Halloween clothing items from this site, as I got an advertisement on Instagram for them. I liked much of what I saw, but it seemed fishy. If you reverse image search some of the clothing items, the shirt/sweaters etc. will appear without the decorations or graphics they have on their site for that clothing item (e.g. it’d be a regular orange sweater without the words “AMOK AMOK AMOK” across the chest). There is also artwork linked to Etsy sites that was taken and overlaid on clothes. I wouldn’t trust this site, although I haven’t ordered anything from it.

  3. Yep, I’m going to report them to the BBB and try to review them everywhere I can. My order hasn’t shipped in almost 3 weeks. They have basically stolen my money and I spent 100 dollars. Such a mistake.

  4. I found an email to contact because some fishy things for me were, no confirmation of purchase, just took my money, no updates on product or status of my order, when I tried to log back in, they told me I never had an account, so far I haven’t received any product or information and I e emailed mult times. Been 2 weeks since they took my money, found out the address they use is in Hong Kong? I used PayPal, so hoping they will help me get a refund if I don’t hear anything by the end of this week…the clothing they advertise is super cute, I’m def bummed 🙁

  5. I ordered mine in August and it is getting delivered today. I didn’t have a problem reaching out a few times and I did get responses after Giving them the tracking and order info. It ships from China and I expected it to take a while to get here. They were responsive to my questions and gave me updates. It is out for delivery now. I will update the quality when the box is opened.

  6. Hi, I ordered two fall shirts from lifetimeism and I received them and they were exactly what I ordered, the only con was that it took over a month to receive my items. So, if you’re not in a hurry, you will receive your products. So as far as my experience goes, they are legit. Hope that helps.

  7. Fraud company. They have gotten better with their scam. They provided me with tracking number when I went back my order and tracking was invalid. So sent an email they gave me all new order and tracking. Tracking said went to DHL then Post Office only on the Link they provide. If you go to Global, DHL or USPS the tracking is invalid. Now Customer service claims it’s delivered so there’s nothing they will do. Only place it shows delivered it in their screen shot in their email. My tracking and order show invalid again on the link they send in email.
    I have reported them to Federal Trade Commission. I asked for an address it was shipped from they keep giving me my address because Post Office could look it up if I had that info. .. but like I said they’re fake, FRAUD. And I’m a fool for not doing more research before ordering from them.

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