Zeno Gym Reviews [Feb 2021] Is It A Scam Or Legit?

Zeno Gym Reviews [Feb 2021] Is It A Scam Or Legit?

Zeno Gym Reviews [Feb 2021] Is It A Scam Or Legit? >> Fitness freak person & want home gym equipment, then read this review.

If you rarely find the time to hit the gym and want to buy at-home gym style equipment? So, save the effort on searching and check out Zeno Gym

Workouts not just help you maintain your fitness but also ensure excellent overall health. Now, it isn’t easy to rush off to a gym, so many try to build their mini gyms at home. 

The Zeno Gym Reviewsis an analysis of a website that offers select gym equipment. Their equipment is a sure shot way to stay fit right at home!

All the products on the website are being produced in the United States and sold out of there too! 

If you continue to read this review, you will find out if it is safe to make purchases from, so keep reading. 

What is Zeno Gym?

The Zeno Gym, as the name, mentions an online manufacturer and retailer of exercise equipment. It’s about us section talks about being created by Will Torrez and Louis Rodriguez in 2020. 

The brand is ideal for all those that like to maintain a healthy and fit outlook towards their bodies. Its layout is sleek and minimal, which will help a new user make easy navigations. 

Zeno Gym Reviews tells you that their workout benches have been most talked about. The bench equipment allows a user to perform almost 50 exercises as it provides a durable surface to exercise on. 

These exercises can be easily checked out on their YouTube channel or Google Play and App Store apps. It must be noted that the website was created just three months ago.

 There is also a website that possesses a similar name, which makes it confusing. 

Specifications of the Zeno Gym:

  • Products- home and gym exercise equipment 
  • Website- https://zenogym.com/
  • Email- support@zenogym.com 
  • Phone number- not mentioned 
  • Shipping/processing time- notified once payment is complete 
  • Delivery time- depends on the country you reside in 
  • Shipping fee- not mentioned 
  • Returns- ought to be made by 15 days of receiving
  • Exchange- only replacements are provided 
  • Refunds- a 100% money-back guarantee is provided 
  • Online Payment- Amex, Google Pay, Visa Card, Master Card, PayPal, and various other modes 

Pros of the Zeno Gym:

  • It offers delivery in the United States and worldwide 
  • The website provides its users with a 100% money-back guarantee 
  • There are multiple modes of online payment’s 
  • They provide a tracking link once the purchase is made 
  • There are wholesale options available 
  • There is a company email address present 

Cons of the Zeno Gym:

  • There is an absence of shipping details 
  • The website was created in May 2020 
  • The site with a similar name exists 
  • No customer care phone number is provided 
  • Some pages show no products 
  • They do not provide extension provided on the return date 

Is Zeno Gym legit or a scam? 

As per the analysis in this Zeno Gym Reviewsit was discovered that the manufacturer created the site only three months prior.

But it’s about section boasts of gaining popularity rather quickly. There is also a quote by a Doctor Van Ert, but there are no details about the said doctor on the site. 

There are customer reviews available on the site’s Facebook page, as well as on YouTube available. Zeno Gym website has a valid HTTPS connection to make sure the protection of its customer. 

Along with this, the site’s makers are responsive and make sure their customers have their queries answered quickly. 

But the domain age being so young makes it difficult to decipher if the site is legit or not! 

What are the customers saying about the Zeno Gym?

This United States based manufacturer shows no customer reviews on the site, but there are a couple available on its social media page. There are also some YouTube review videos available. 

The YouTube review mention of the website selling custom made benches that could withstand up to 1000 pounds of weight.

Customer comments on its Facebook page show images of the equipment as well as speak modestly of the material by this website. However, the site is new and challenging to put trust in. 

Final Verdict- 

The analysis in this Zeno Gym Reviews has brought us to the conclusion that while the website may be legit. It is hard to ignore the fact that it was recently created. 

While their intent may not be malicious, it is always best to safeguard your interests! Hence, we suggest waiting for more reviews before purchasing from them. 

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  1. I ordered these products as a Christmas gift and they promised it would be delivered before Christmas. After a week of nothing I messaged them and they sent out a notice that shipping labels had been created through UPS. They didn’t ship it until yesterday and sent it at a speed that won’t have it delivered until 1/4. This company apparently cannot be trusted.

  2. I ordered a product on December 6th, 2020. I received an order confirmation, After 10 days of nothing else I called and they said that the product would be shipped the next day. I received a tracking number for USPS. I clicked on the tracking number for 4 days straight and it always said a shipping label had been made and USPS was waiting for the box. After a week I called Zeno Gym again and was told that USPS probably could not verify my address (strange because I get USPS shipments all the time) and that they would recorded it lost and send me another one. At that point I said I wanted to cancel. The gentleman said OK and that I would receive an email to that effect. Wind forward to after Christmas…still no email. I call and was told I needed to email customer support about the issue – that, that was the only way for resolution. I emailed support@zenogym.com as requested. Still no answer. I have now sent a second email threatening them with action. We will see!!! Do NOT trust this company.

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