What Is Executive Order 13959 Mean (Jan) Details Inside!

What Is Executive Order 13959 Mean (Jan) Details Inside!

What Is Executive Order 13959 Mean (Jan) Details Inside! >> This article talks about Executive Order in detail, enlisting it prohibits, and its reasons. It also throws light on the reasons and its effect on the country.

What Is Executive Order 13959 Mean? Are you continually coming across this term in the past few days? Thinking, what exactly does it mean, and why is it trending in the news? Besides, how will it affect the condition in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom? These laws cater to the investment norms and bring in a considerable change in its working.

So, if you are still unaware of this executive order, this article will throw light on all the aspects and their effect. So please do not forget to read the full article.

What Is Executive Order 13959 Mean (E.O. 13959)?

It is a Presidential Executive Order signed by former U.S. President Donald Trump on 12 November, 2020. The law revolves around addressing the threat happening through Security investments that Finance the Communist Chinese Military Companies.

In literal terms, the executive order 13959 prohibits citizens from buying publicly-traded securities from the 35 Chinese companies identified as the Communist Chinese Military Companies (CCMCs). Besides, it also restricts engaging in transactions in securities or derivatives that offer investors exposure to the prohibited CCMCs.

Furthermore, to know What Is Executive Order 13959 Mean, we need to look into the other aspects. So, let’s continue to read.

What are the Prohibitions under Executive Order 13959 (E.O. 13959)?

The executive order 13959, signed by the former U.S. President Donald Trump, declared it a national emergency. It primarily deals with the threat posed by the People’s Republic of China’s (PRC) raising exploitation of U.S. capital, wherein they were used to resource and catered to the works on the development and modernization of the intelligence, security, and military. 

Besides, these also pose a direct threat to the U.S. homeland and overseas by developing advanced conventional weapons, mass destruction, and cyber actions.

So, What Is Executive Order 13959 Mean with its prohibitions are listed below:

  • The law prohibits possession of securities purchased in investments or derivatives from Communist Chinese Military Companies.
  • People are prohibited from buying securities one year after the company is declared to be a CCMC.
  • It allows the Secretary of Defense to list whether a company is CCMC publicly or not under section 1237(b)(4)(B) of Public Law 105-261 and section 1222 of Public Law 108-375.

Final Verdict

Investing and possession of securities purchased from the 35 companies listed under CCMC further strengthened it through an amendment passed on 13 January 2021. Now that you know What Is Executive Order 13959 Mean, it will help you better understand the laws and amendments applied recently. Besides, it will help you be updated with the current happenings and be aware of the necessary laws surrounding the law.

So, what are your views about Executive Order 13959? Want to share it with us? Please do write to us and share it in the comment box below.

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