Patorjk .com {Jan} Know everything about programming

Patorjk .com {Jan} Know everything about programming

Patorjk .com {Jan} Know everything about programming -> Please go through the above article to check the news upon the site and see if the site and the services it offers is legit or not.

The programming lovers love to work on some sites related to the same. Some people can follow their passion for programming by developing into a great profession. is one such site that was being developed by one of the programming lovers.

In this news article, we will discuss more the site which is popularly used worldwide and will see how the site works.

Keep on reading the article to get the answers to all the questions.

What is the site all about?

The site was opened in 1998 and it was named as “The PAT or JK Webpage!”. The site contained programs and programming examples. The site gained the popularity but the owner was not able to work on the site regularly during 2001. But before this, in 1999, the site name got changed and it was later known as

Why is the site important?

Various apps are available on this site. You can download it and use it the way you want. Name of various apps is –  Gradient image generator which helps in generating gradient image, keyboard layout analyzer, old school gaming filters, text colour fader and many more apps. It also provides gaming apps like scrolling text time waster, snake, slider puzzles, etc. 

All the apps that the site provides come with a manual on how to use and download the apps. Today the site is mostly a creative outlet and the majority of the content is web apps or experiments that are being written by the owner.

Views on

The site is highly loved by the people. It has a great online presence also. It is available on Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and many more social networking sites. There are various customer reviews on the site as well. The programs, the functions and everything were loved by the traffic and people so much. 

At the height of its popularity, the site was getting between 1000-2000 visitors per day, which is good enough for a newly formed site. Now the traffic has been more than the traffic the site was getting earlier.

The site getting famous worldwide.

In March 2007, the site was relaunched from scratch with as the host. The idea of starting from scratch made the audience more interested in a web page and led to a new direction for the site.

Final Verdict

After having in-depth research on the topic, we have seen that the site is legit to be trusted. The apps and programs provided by the site are amazing and are very useful for people across the globe. These days, it is very important to have great knowledge about all the online ways through which the people can access various online programs. The site is highly loved and appreciated by the people. is a site that is going to get more traffic in future due to its in-demand apps and programs.

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