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Susiecloths Review [Sep] Will It Legit For Shop?

Susiecloths Review.

Susiecloths Review [Sep] Will It Legit For Shop? -> As you scroll through this shopping website, this article intends you to explain one such website and make you understand whether or not you should buy from one.

So online buying can be tricky because many such suspicious websites have malicious activities online. People who love shopping should be alert while purchasing goods from a website that is not known much. So are you one of those non-conscious shoppers? If yes, then you are on the right page.

The Susiecloths Review present online are not in favor of buying from this websiteThe buyers are complaining about the deliverance of the product. Also, there is a questionable trace regarding the brand’s authenticity, as they do not provide the tracking details. The social media links are present, discounts mentioned are pretty decent, whereas the website content has checked as plagiarized and copied.

This company has no return address mentioned in the return policy, which makes it even more suspicious. It offers its products across Australia, United States parts of the world.

Is Susie Cloths a legit brand?

Considering the facts, customer reviews & their suspicious experience with Susie Cloth purchases, it is not reliable. Further analyzing the website online happens to be a newly registered website that dips down the trust factor for this company. It does have a secured connection as the url is protected by SSL, which keeps all the customer information encrypted.    

What is Susie Cloths?

So Susie Cloths is an online fashion store concentrated on a wide range of fashion footwear and a massive capacity for both men and women. Apart from footwear, it also has products like rugs, fitness equipment like resistance extension strap, push up board, mountain bikes & clothes for women. It claims to provide high-quality products to its customers at reasonable rates.

It comes with considerable discounts and accessible online mode of payment options to buy the products online.

The Specifications of the website: 

  • Product Type: Fashion Store
  • Url of the website:
  • Email id:
  • Phone Number: not mentioned
  • Shipping cost: The cost are variable 
  • Payment mode: Paypal or Card payment
  • Return Policy: Available 
  • Refund policy: option available

Pros of buying from Susiecloths Review

  • The only advantage of buying from this website would be considered for its quality. 
  • Wide range of products that the website offers
  • The secured link that enables secured browsing through the website
  • Discounts on each product of the website
  • The recently viewed option of the products available on the website
  • As the customers who successfully received the package seem to be satisfied with the work that they have received.

Cons of buying from Susiecloths Review

  • There are many credibility issues attached to this brand as per the Susiecloths Review. There is a considerable risk of not getting any product back if a customer wants to return a product as there is no return address mentioned on the return policy. 
  • The return policy comes with the necessary conditions to be kept in mind. Like only partial payment would be made in case of any unwanted item received by customers, double shipping charges to be born by the customer in case of any size discrepancy.
  • It takes as long as three months to deliver a product, which can be very disheartening for a customer. 

What are people saying about this website?

Very few customers have stated the right words about the brand, and there are a lot of Susiecloths Review whining about the non-deliverance of the product and how they have been receiving emails in return that the product is tied up with customs causing the delay. So, this raises concerns about the reliability of shopping from this website.

Final Verdict:

While going through the various sources online, I came across specific Susiecloths Review. I would highly recommend not buying products from this brand. If you plan to buy from this brand, there are high chances that you would not receive the work on time. The company claims to provide high-end products at affordable rates, but the question is the use of such schemes when the products are not even delivered.

Also, there are links to the social media page, which states the degree of bad reviews. Another concern would be if the products are not up to the mark, you may have to go through many hassles.


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