Is Stand With Sophie Legit {Sep} Read and Decide Now!

Is Stand With Sophie Legit {Sep} Read and Decide Now!

Is Stand With Sophie Legit {Sep} Read and Decide Now! -> Here we have written a post about a girl that has gone through sexual exploitation by her mother’s fiancé.

Here, we will talk about a nine-year-old girl who has faced sexual molestation and domestic violence at such a tender age. Moreover, she has recently been raped by her mother’s fiance at her premises. Due to its increasing popularity, people are curious to know Is Stand with Sophie Legit.

People from all major countries like the United States have come forward to help her out.

To know Is Stand with Sophie Legit, we request you to read the whole post.

Her Father Striving Hard to Get Her Justice

She was being supported by her father, whereas her molesters are trying every possible thing to get a hold on her. Recently, a video has come up where it was shown that her mother and grandmother were trying hard to take her out from the vehicle, but she was not coming out of it. She was crying a lot and had stated what happened to her. 

Several Medical Agencies Has Come up to Save Her 

The CPS, Lawyers, Law Enforcement and doctors have come forward to deal with Sophie’s medical issues in her genital regions. She needs help and striving hard to come out of that situation. As per her words, her life is under threat due to these people. However, she has a brave heart and doesn’t want her brother to face the same abuse. 

The Video Has Gained Million of Views Now

The story of Sophie has gained massive popularity among people, and there are a lot of people who have come forward to help her. Lots of funds have been raised to support her and people are posting their reviews and ideas on several social media platforms. There is one Facebook group named Stand With Sophie has successfully grabbed the attention of a major audience. Even other people are also coming in connection with it to see Is Stand With Sophie Legit.

Mother’s Attorney Claimed That Sophie Is Mentally Ill

A criminal police department got registered with the Frisco Police Department where it is going through the investigation process. On the 25th August, there was a hearing regarding the case in the court where the Judge Lori Hockett was present. The mother attorney claimed that Sophie is mentally ill. After hearing the pleas, the court has decided to send the girl to her mother’s home.

Final Verdict

This is news about a nine-year-old girl who was sexually assaulted by her mother’s fiancé. In a video, it was shown that she is reluctant to come out of the car. But her grandmother and mother are forcing her to come out of her father’s vehicle. The video got massive popularity in the United States and other countries. 

There is a Facebook page named Stand with Sophie, where lots of people are posting their views on it and are offering their helping hand. Many people are curious to know Is Stand with Sophie Legit and they are collecting the information regarding the same from other pages.

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  1. It sounds like total bs and a scam. Why are they asking for money? Why are you reporting this girl was “sexually assaulted” as fact? No one has been charged much less convicted of a crime. What a crock this story is.
    “A fool and his money are soon parted”.

  2. Sophie is my Niece, How dare you publish an article questioning the legitimacy of a 9 year old who has proof from a proffessional that she has been sexually assualted. Try not to be just another person who isnt sure if they believe her.

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