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Kore Track Smart Watch Reviews [Sep] Legit or Fake Scam

Kore Track Smart Watch Review.

Kore Track Smart Watch Reviews [Sep] Legit or Fake Scam -> Find out the latest fitness smartwatch under $100 and track your daily fitness routine.

Having a good fitness has become a need for the hour. People across the world do several things to remain fit and healthy. Now check out Kore Track Smart Watch Review

As it is a new product, many of our readers requested us to review it. There are several products available in the market offering similar features; however, people have a tendency to look for more options. Various companies are trying to lure customers and gain their attention by offers deals, discounts, and rewards programs. 

United-States is one of those who are up on fitness terms, and people take several actions to remain fit like going to Gym, Jogging in the morning, etc. But the questions is what do they use to track their fitness, and how do they find out the difference in their activities. 

If you are looking for fitness products, do make sure to read the complete article. 

What is Kore Track Smart Watch?

It is the latest addition to the smartwatch series in United-States. The in-built tracker provides a clear insight about your fitness goals, keep you on track, and works to improve your overall wellbeing. Its intuitive tracking makes it easy to track your health. It allows monitoring your essential vitals such as steps, calories burned, and heart rate. 

Moreover, you can also use its multi-sport tracking and exercise metrics via your smartphone. It further leads to improving your overall health. However, the question, is Kore Track Smart Watch legit? Such items should definitely come to the mind before buying anything new. Therefore, to help you understand, will discuss its specifications, pros, and cons in the Kore Track Smart Watch Review.

Specifications of Kore Track Smart Watch:

  • Product Name: Kore Track Smart Watch
  • Product Type: Fitness tracker and a watch
  • Display: LCD display with touch 
  • Sensor: G-sensor to monitor heart rate, oxygen level, and blood pressure
  • Memory: Saves data for 7 days
  • Working: Works with the smart phone
  • Compatible device: Android & iOS
  • Charging: Direct USB charging
  • Water Resistance: IP67 water resistance
  • Price: One unit of Kore Track Smart Watch cost $49.95

Pros of Kore Track Smart Watch:

  • Real-Time exercise stats
  • Monitors heart rate and blood pressure
  • Smartphone notifications
  • Sleep tracking
  • Affordable

Cons of Kore Track Smart Watch

  • Relatively new product
  • Fewer customer reviews on third party websites

Is Kore Track Smart Watch Legit?

The product is very new to the market and has gained the right amount of attention from people across the United-States. It is believed that work less than six months of age turns out to be a scam. Moreover, you find several complaints against the quality of the item. However, the company claims it to be the best smart fitness activity tracker under $100. But when check with customers, it was found out that the product looks cheap. Hence, we do not recommend the smart watch to our readers. 

The product does not seem like a good in terms of quality, and people should maintain a distance from it, as there are several other products in the market having positive reviews. 

What are customers saying about it?

When it comes to Kore Track Smart Watch Reviews, it has received mixed reviews from customers. There is a customer review section available on the website, which could be false. You can also find various reviews on third party websites. Some of the people have stated it as the best smart fitness tracker under $100, while others have mentioned it as cheap in terms of quality. One of the customers has indicated that it satisfies the need to keep track of bunt calories and step counting every day. In contrast, others have said that it does not provide accurate results, big no for any fitness trackers. 


Once you read the complete Kore Track Smart Watch Review, you will know that it allows users to see the heart rate, step count, blood pressure, etc. It comes with an adjustable band and can fit anyone regardless of size. Using the Bluetooth connection, it can be connected to any iOS or Android device. Further to this, individuals can also monitor its exercise, calories burnt while tracking sleep, running, and swimming. However, the primary concern is regarding its accuracy and the cheap quality of plastic used to build it. In fact, it is less than 6-months; therefore, people should look for other options available in the market. 


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