Speley com Reviews {Sept 2020} Is It Scam Or Legit?

Speley com Reviews {Sept 2020} Is It Scam Or Legit?

Speley com Reviews {Sept 2020} Is It Scam Or Legit? >> Crazy about fashionable and stylish clothing, bags and accessories, then read reviews here.

Fashion is accessible; it is an aesthetic expression done at a particular time or place in a specific context. I think style is an expression, don’t you agree?

Cloths, footwear, bags, hairstyle, and accessories often stand to be used together to give you that aesthetic look—this culture changes from seasons and time. With an increasing mass population of online buyers, all these products are available online at combative prices, saving time.

These national style products are being shipped and liked by the people in the United States. With fancy clothes and accessories stuffing themselves on online platforms like Speley, it is hard to separate the legitimate and fake ones.

Reviews to assist buyers are something that always watches their back as a stellar. One such accusation has laid on Speley, and to understand the trust, Speley com Reviews may be of grave help.

Before knowing that Is Speley com Legit? Let’s know as to what Spaley com is all about.

What is Speley com?

Speley com being a flag bearer of online shopping store showcases female clothing and accessories. Speley, as claimed, is one of the leading online shopping stores that offer its products worldwide.

With a vast collection of products and satisfactory services, Speley gives buyers a great reason to purchase their showcased products. Being a fast-growing and recognized company Speley ensures customer satisfaction by putting their priority first. 

Speley offers products- 

  • Dresses- formal and casual 
  • Skirts- short and long 
  • Swimsuits- floral and in solids
  • Tops- printed and embroidered 
  • Shoes- sandals and sneakers
  • Bags

(Available in all colors and sizes)

Speley, being a customer-centered web store, ensures happy shopping experiences. With extensive paid shopping experience, Speley enhances its comprehensive policies and delivers products worldwide.

Hence such flashy promises are good enough to attract the public, but it is essential for us as buyers to know that these are real or just a hoax. We have unfolded the trust that Is Speley com Legit or not through detailed research for our readers.

Is Speley com legit or a scam?

As comfortable online shopping is, more are the chances for us falling prey to fake or spam web stores. So to ensure that the site and the product we purchase are genuine, there are specific parameters that we need to double-check while making any transactions. 

The existence of a company, name of the recipient, contact details, and available customer reviews give buyers a proof of it being genuine. Thus these are specific details that Speley com lacks raising eyebrows on it being legit. 

With discounts too fancy to believe in and with very new existence of this site online shopping, we cannot comment whether Speley com is a hoax or a legit one. 

Specifications of Speley com:

  • Website genre: Online store for clothes and accessories
  • Website address: https://www.speley.com/?variant=35331820355742
  • Shipping: Worldwide Delivery 
  • Refund time: 14 days
  • Address to locate: Not mentioned 
  • Customer support Email: service@speley.com
  • Contact No. : Not mentioned 
  • Mode of Payment- Credit/ Debit Card/PayPal 

Let’s look at the skills of Speley com. 

  • Clear and attractive layout
  • Offers a wide variety of fashion clothing and accessories 
  • Heavy discounts
  • Quick or fast delivery as a partner with National Fulfillment Centers
  • Safe ordering 
  • Products available at low price 
  • Professional support staff with proper knowledge 
  • The Satisfaction of availability of all products 
  • Quick refund policy
  • Easy navigation

Swindles of Speley com 

    • Very new 
    • Low traffic 
    • Not popular 
    • No recipient of the site mentioned 

What customers have to say about Speley com?  

Customer reviews play an essential role in making a web page or shop popular amongst buyers. They help spread the message to others about their pros and cons.

To ensure that the United States buyers end up with a “Happy shopping experience,” we take our searches to every possible parameter, but unfortunately, they could not find any customer reviews for Speley com, probably because this web store is very new.

Final Verdict:

A clear layout but with missing details like address and name of the recipient makes us doubt its existence. With lost or no Speley com reviews, we do not get a clear picture of whether the site is legit. Moreover, it would be too early to predict about the site as it is very young. Based on the following details, we request all buyers to choose wisely.

Your comments have always helped us improve, so keep supporting us the way you have been and share those valuable comments. 

0 thoughts on “Speley com Reviews {Sept 2020} Is It Scam Or Legit?

  1. Ordered flip flops, received them but they came in China sizes (TOO SMALL). Can’t reach anyone to exchange since they came from China.

  2. I have tried numerous times by email to reach out on a pair of sandals I bought from them wanting a return exchange for a different
    size. when they say they will contact you within 24 hours is misleading. they say return policy is 14 days well I’ve have nearly reached
    this dead line which makes me believe they are not a trust worthy company, therefor I would not encourage anyone to order from them!
    needless to say I am a VERY dissatisfied customer and will NOT be purchasing anything from this company!

  3. I just received my order and was quite pleased with the product. I ordered a size too small and was about to order the next size in sandals when I say this review, now I am afraid to order again.

  4. Speley, unfortunately is a scam. I ordered shoes and they are definitely cheap and counterfeit. They are based in China, which as soon as I ordered I found out!

  5. I ordered a supposed orthopedic flip flop from speley. The product was not true to size and looked like a cheaply made rubber item that could have been purchased at the dollar store. I saw a foreign transaction fee on my credit card indicating it was being shipped from China. The product was not true to size and I wanted to return it. I have been emailing customer service for days and they cannot even give me a an address or return label to return the item. I cannot believe a company like this exists. Very unprofessional. They have major facebook advertisement but nowhere to call …. horrible experience.

  6. I bought sandals from Speley. The total was $29.95. They were very uncomfortable and I wanted to return them. I wrote to the email provided, and the answer I received was an offer to refund me three dollars! No address is provided to return merchandise.

  7. I bought over $90 worth of dresses from Vivisboho.com. They did not fit me, and there is no address to send them back. When I tried to contact them by email, the email was kicked back.

  8. Ordered 2 pair of the “vionic” sandals. So disappointed. They are too small, poorly made cheap knock offs. Emailed for a refund and they offered me $3. Still emailing trying to get my refund and to send this these back.

  9. Agree 100% that this company is a scam! Sandals were dollar store quality and totally misrepresented as far as comfort and quality. I’m guessing from reading above comments that I will not be able to return them or get any type of refund. Just wasted $54 on junk!

  10. Don’t purchase anything from this store. I purchased 2 pair of sandals, and I am extremely disappointed in the quality . No way to return them. Do not buy anything from this site.

    1. I ordered the same shoes and same happened to me.
      If you paid by Paypal they will get you refund. It was a process and I had to keep on it but I finally got it.

  11. yeah they’re a scam. I paid $38 for 2 pairs of sandals. they are too small even though i ordered a larger size than normal. When I asked they offered me $3 refund per pair. WTF.

  12. Their products are a joke. Vionic sandal sizing is about 3 sizes too small. Cheap plastic with a very narrow strip of “leather?” They offered me a $2.00 refund because postage would be too expensive to send back. Don’t waste your hard earned money

  13. Do not order from this company. Cheap Chinese knockoffs. Offered me 10% back for return offer and when I refused kept raising it in .50 increments. Terrible.

  14. Website is fraudulently selling inferior sandals using Vionic product image – these are not Vionics. AVOID. This is a fraudulent website in HKONG

  15. TOTAL SCAM. 3 months later I get cheap no-name flip-flops and two maxi dresses when I ordered the Red cut out midi dress and a mini dress. They wait so long to ship so that your time has elapsed to file claim with credit card.

  16. I have been waiting on my order for over a month now.. when I email them they always ask for my order number even though it is on the original email! I can not find out if they have even shipped! After reading all of this I am guess the flip flops are going to be junk and I just wasted $60.00

  17. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED- I would say that If you were going to buy from this company do so with the intentions that you will not be returning items because you will not be able to return items once you receive them. I have tried emailing them for return address as have other commenters in this thread with no success and from what others have said; return postage cost will in most cases be about equal to what you paid for this cheap knockoff product.

  18. STAY AWAY, SCAM. Products are Chinese knockoffs. I can return for refund but the shipping back is over $36.00 to return a 24.00 purchase. Then I would have to rely on the honesty of the company. Can see it now , a excuse like sorry we did not receive the returned product. JUST STAY AWAY. I learned my lesson the hard way.

  19. I ordered 3 pair if flip flops supposedly orthopedic..back in August. I still have not received anything !! They will not contact me back after my 1st email to them! They ripped me off $58. and change! So mad!!

  20. I did not get what was advertised as Vionic leather sandals. They were cheap plastic fake replicas with no label that says Vionic on the shoe. I ordered 2 pairs of size 8 Vionic leather sandals & did not get what I paid for. When I discovered they were not what was advertised , did not fit at all, & they weren’t even the same size or color that I ordered, I was upset. I reached out to the seller several times & was told they would cost to much to send back & wasn’t worth it. They never offered to make it right because they don’t actually have what they claimed to be selling ( real Vionic leather sandals ). I was further insulted by their offer of $3- $6 for my compensation for something I spent almost $40 on. Please help me. This is not a company you want to be doing business with. There are so many online complaints from people like myself that got ripped off by Speley ( their fake shoes )too.

    1. Same thing happened to me. They are total scammers. They finally agreed to refund my $40 if I send back fake “VIONIC” sandals. The shipping back is more money than I spent, it’s a no win situation with scammers. I was working with PAYPAL but so far they are not helpful. The purchase price should be totally refunded and the seller should pay for return of fake product, they are the one in the wrong!

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