Reviews [August 2020] Is This a Scam Site? Reviews [August 2020] Is This a Scam Site? reviews [August 2020] Is This a Scam Site? -> This article reveals some insights about a website that deals in hand, power, and air tools and its related clothing range for the professionals.

Are you searching for some professional tools for yourself? Still, wondering about Reviews? Stick with our Portal, and we will provide you with all the possible details.

The website provides all sorts of hand, air, power tools, including plumbing, carpentry, lighting, etc. It even provides refurbished tools at economical prices. 

It claims to provide free shipping worldwide over including the United State.

Although many details in the review perspective are not found about the website to date, a deep dig in its features becomes mandatory. 

What is a website?

It is an online portal for selling all sorts of professional hand, air, and power tools to help every professional worker. It even provides the professional clothing attire range as well.

Its price also appears to be good, and offering sale and offers those becomes vine better to look at.

But not much feedbacks about it can be found in any United State based portal.

It does appear an excellent portal to buy some professional tools though it lacks reliable credibility by not sharing any contact details. 

It does claim to provide a 120 days money-back guarantee on its products. Although the website does look well structured and sectioned, but lacks a secure gateway and url too.

Specifications about

  • Type of Website: It deals in hand, power, and air tools and its related clothing range for the professionals.
  • URL:
  • Address and Phone: Not shared
  • Email ID: Not provided, and only a pop-up form appears for help in contacting the Portal.
  • Shipping cost: It provides a complete free shipping with some conditions apply.
  • Payment mode: It accepts payments only via online method.
  • Refund and return: It does provide a full 120-day money-back guarantee if not satisfied with the product or its quality.

Pros of shopping at

  • The website provides several reconditioned tools at a very reasonable price.
  • It also provides a 120 days money-back guarantee.
  • It claims to provide performance-driven quality products with no compromise.
  • It gives worldwide free shipping with some terms and conditions apply.
  • It appears to be a well designed and structured website.
  • It assures to provide several items in its hot sale section at amazing deals.

Cons of shopping at

  • The Portal appears unsecured in terms of the url and also in payment or transaction perspective.
  • The Portal has no reviews with Decfae name, although some negative reviews exist for some specific DeWalt tools and all.
  • The website lacks any solid reliability as no real social media presence for the site was not found.
  • This website appears to be newly framed and has no direct video or tutorial feedbacks etc.

Is Legit or probably another scam? 

The website lacks any firm Reviews instead has a few DeWalt tools reviews and feedbacks. 

It cannot be assured if the site is legit or not because there is no doubt that DeWalt tools do exist irrespective of the fact of how good or bad they are. But there is no direct website reviews found anywhere to date.

Quite possible, the website is created newly for such tools. But it still needs a social media existence to reclaim its assurance of the displayed products.

What do the customers have to say about the 

We were unable to any recent reviews of the website to claim Legit. Besides that, no real website social media was found to look for any feedback. 

So it is hard to claim what people think of these tools or even the website for providing those.

Final verdict

Finally, we can only conclude that braised those tools re helpful and provided at reasonable pricing. But the website still lacks the assurance of delivering those products. So the question still remains if Legit or not. 

Since no latest or previous reviews about the website can get hold of anywhere, so the doubts even increase.

So it is always advisable to refrain from investing in any such sites that appear suspicious in any matter or way. This one even does not hare any contact details or any about us section of its own. 

It does look like either a real new portal or a complete scam to us.

0 thoughts on “ Reviews [August 2020] Is This a Scam Site?

  1. I got scammed but it’s OK.. They sent a fake tracking number – it was for a package to someone else. Never replied to different messages. I did not delay and about 14 days after ordering I reported them to PayPal for non-delivery. PayPal made me wait 10 days for them to attempt to resolve it and then PP issued me a refund. Dirtbag scammers fersher.

    OTOH, THIS site looks pretty skeevy…

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