Callatelier Reviews [August] – Another Scam or Not?

Callatelier Reviews [August] – Another Scam or Not?

Callatelier Reviews [August] – Another Scam or Not? -> This article gives a careful analysis done on a website selling a wide range of products.

Are you planning to buy miscellaneous products for your home online? Several web stores are present online today for shopping. A recently launched one is, which sells all sorts of items at a highly discounted price. We will give you Callatelier Reviews to judge the new webstore, whether it is worth shopping or not.

You might get impressed by the discounted products that are displayed on the website. But it is crucial to analyze the site first and then proceed for buying. That is essential because of the scams online that are going on in today’s internet world. This website is from the United State of America and sells all kind of products. You can analyze the pros and cons related to the site after carefully reading this review. That will save your time and effort and protect your money that may otherwise be at risk.

What is

This new webstore sells several products belonging to various categories. They have personal items like hair removal spray, nail kits, hats, etc. and other household related products as well. The prices are highly discounted, and shipping charges are $4.99 in the United State of America. The costs are free above the order total of $39.98, and the delivery is expected to take place in 3 to 7 days. No information is available for the return policy on the website.

There is no availability of a contact address and any email or phone number on the webstore site. The payment mode is one only, which is PayPal.

Specifications of

  • Website – Online shopping webstore
  • Country – United States
  • Shipping charge – $4.99 (cost-free above $39.98)
  • Returns – Not available
  • Contact Address – Not available
  • Phone number – Not available
  • Email Id – Not available
  • Payment mode – PayPal
  • Social media – Nil availability

Positive aspects of

  • The website has a wide range of items available.
  • The products are available at high discounts.

Negative aspects of

  • The products are not categorized for proper online shopping.
  • The discounted rates are too reasonable to be true.
  • The Callatelier Reviews available online are only negative.
  • There is no information available regarding returns.
  • No details are available for contacting the customer care.
  • The mode of payment is only one.

Is Legit?

The website selling discounted products is only 70 days old. It has a hidden identity of its owner and has no other details like contact address or telephone number available for the customers. To give Callatelier Reviews in this article, we researched online and found some feedback for the customers to judge. There are only negative reviews available on the web and sites like Trust Pilot. People are very disappointed by the services and products of this website, and warn others to be careful.

The presence of negative feedback makes the new site highly threatening for new buyers, and they can doubt its legitimacy. To clarify their doubts about the genuineness of this new webstore, we searched more and found no association with leading social media platforms. That indicates the untrustworthiness of this new store that sells products at high discounts.

What do People talk About

For a website to be successful in building customer strength, it is essential to have positive feedback from previous customers. Thus, we checked for Callatelier Reviews that may be available online and found only the negative ones. Many customers have shown their frustration on a website like Trust Pilot, which is famous as a reviewing site. People warn others to be cautious about this new e-store and not spend a penny on this site.

Some people are even planning to sue the company and take the matter to higher authorities. Their experience with this website is too disappointing and warns our readers to be careful while shopping online. The site is a possible scam, as can be seen by various reviews available on the internet.

The Conclusion

The presence of many negative aspects of this new store selling miscellaneous products helps us conclude that it is an illegitimate website. There is no transparency available with the customers, and a lot of information is hidden. That makes it an untrustworthy website. There is no association detected with social media, too, and only negative feedback is present online.

The availability of negative reviews and warning statements by many people makes it a highly unreliable webstore. We recommend the buyers to be cautious and avoid shopping on this new website.

0 thoughts on “Callatelier Reviews [August] – Another Scam or Not?

  1. This company is nothing but a scam artist taking advantage of Americans. They sell nothing but garbage made in China (CCP).
    They are a bait and switch company, where they show pictures of one item and ship another cheaper item. I ordered a Solar Pool Ionizer and was shipped an overpriced chlorine dispenser. There are many complaints against this company on TRUSTPILOT.COM.

  2. I purchased a hammock on sale, when I received the hammock it was the wrong size, wrong color and missing the metal stand. I reached out to the company multiple times via email and received bounce back notifications. I decided to have PayPal step in and the seller finally responded via Paypal. The seller NEVER ONCE acknowledged the missing stand and instead offered me a discount on the junk hammock. I rejected the discount as the product is unusable and opted to send the junk back to the seller. Unfortunately, it costs more to ship back the junk hammock internationally and the seller has rejected the idea of providing an international label (it’s the only way I will get a full refund). I’m currently appealing the case with Paypal; they initially closed my case in favor of the seller because I wasn’t able to provide a tracking number for the return (I tried but shipping internationally starts at $60 USD – the junk hammock costs $48.40 USD)

    This practice is a complete scam; the seller makes money by offering a discount after purchasing a misleading product. They know the buyer will most likely accept the partial refund because the charges for international shipping cost more than the junk hammock itself. This is criminal and I really hope this helps other people avoid the same situation.

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