Lowongan Cpns Bumn 2021 (Jan) All The Details Inside!

Lowongan Cpns Bumn 2021 (Jan) All The Details Inside!

Lowongan Cpns Bumn 2021 (Jan) All The Details Inside! >> Do you want to know the latest job vacancies? Then, referring to the article may help you.

Lowongan Cpns Bumn 2021: First of all, let’s know what is Lowongan? It means vacancies, so the guide is all about the Indonesian state-owned company’s latest vacancies. Since the news hit the internet, people of Indonesia are curious to get its details, so we have researched thoroughly and brought you useful information. 

For more details, read this article till the end, get the complete information and apply for job vacancies as soon as possible.

Lowongan Cpns Bumn 2021

It’s been a few days since we entered 2021; many job seekers worldwide are looking for an excellent job. If you are also one among them then, here is a perfect opportunity for you. 

Recently many job openings have been called from a state-owned Indonesian government company. Details of which is mentioned below, please go through.

Various Vacancies for Cpns Bumn

List of some company Lowongan Cpns Bumn 2021 is given below. Please refer:

  1. Bumn PT Virama Karya is a state-owned consulting company specializing in engineering services, road management, transportation, and many civil engineering streams. The company is currently hiring Pencaker for both men and women preferably worked on Toll road projects with a minimum GPA of 3.0. Registration submission the last date is February 22nd. For complete details, please go through the official website.
  2. Bumn Boma Bisma Indra is an Indonesian-owned company that mainly works on casting parts, manufacturing dies, shipbuilding, etc. It is currently filling the vacancies in the legal staff field for both men and women of age 22 years to a maximum of 30 years with a minimum GPA of 3.0. No application is accepted if it is sent later than January 27th. 
  3. Bumn Kimia Farma – This is a reputed Pharmaceutical industry owned by the state government. Here recruitment for the position of Pharmacist in charge of the PBF process is going on. For which its application accepting method ended on January 17th.
  4. Bumn PT. Wijaya Karya – It is a state-owned company mainly engaged in Building construction in Indonesia. Position for Financial staff was vacant for which minimum education is D3/D4/S1. The last date to apply for this job was January 20th. 
  5. Bumn PT Telekomunikasi – Commonly known as Telkom, is a state-owned company that mainly works in the telecommunication field. Also, it is a complete telecommunication provider in the province. There is currently a Lowongan Cpns Bumn 2021 for call center Telekom 147 for both males and females with a minimum education of D3/ S1. The maximum age limit is 35 years. The last date to apply is January 30th. 

Still, there are various vacancies for a different company, so we suggest you search more and apply accordingly.

Final Verdict

As said above, various applications have been called go through it and apply for the suitable job before it’s too late. We hope the write-up written here gives you crucial information regarding the vacancies in Cpns Bumn for the current year 2021.

If you know anything about Lowongan Cpns Bumn 2021, please comment in the section below because your one comment can help many job seekers.

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