Kroger Scam (Jan 2021) Teenager Charged Of Scamming!

Kroger Scam (Jan 2021) Teenager Charged Of Scamming!

Kroger Scam (Jan 2021) Teenager Charged Of Scamming! >> All our readers are detailed through the scam of nearly $1 million at Kroger Store by Tre Brown, a teenager in Georgia.

The news of Kroger Scam has been doing rounds on the internet lately. A teenager was arrested for committing fraud amounting to nearly $1 million in the United States. From the instant, this scam was declared it soon caught the attention and curiosity of citizens across the country. It soon become a trend on the internet and social media with people sharing details about the scam.

If you too are curious to know about the scam and how it was planned out, you are certainly at the right place. Please continue to read to know the details.

All About Krogers and Kroger Scam

This scam is a massive fraud of $1 million from the Kroger Grocery Store, in Georgia, United States. The scam was done by a 19 years old Teenager named Tre Brown who worked at the store.

The accused used this money to purchase clothes, guns, shoes, and two vehicles. As per the Gwinnett Police Department, one of the cars was Chevrolet Camaro. However, the teenager soon ended up crashing the muscle car.

Tre Brown, the accused, was arrested on Thursday by the Georgia police taking him under custody. As per detectives and investigators, the Kroger Scam was carried out over a weeklong period by the accused who later fled with the money and brought items from it.

How was the scam carried out?

The scam has become a popular topic among citizens for the modus operandi involved in it. As per the police, the 19-year-old created multiple false returns at the Kroger Grocery Store. There he worked on Steve Reynold Boulevard for two months between December and January.

Default in tally raised suspicions among the employees that alarmed suspicious transactions and highlighted Kroger Scam after thorough investigation.

The detectives further elaborated that, the accused successfully created over 40 returns all on non-existent items. He later added them to multiple credit cards. The total returns calculated on the items ranged from $75 to over $87,000. Herein, he ended up stealing over $980,000 during the two weeks.

After the police arrested theft on Thursday, the accused fled from the store with the latter returning the whole money to the store. The teenager Brown was soon charged with theft.

Conclusion – A Well-planned Theft Gone Wrong

This week-long Kroger Scam that involved a huge amount of money swindled from the Kroger Store soon started rounds on the internet for its gravity. People shared hashtag of the scam across social media and forums, talking about how the teenager carried out the scam involving such a huge amount. It also highlighted how the foul play was soon caught by the police arrested after his car crashing incident.

What do you think about the scam? What are your views on the whole modus operandi and the security of stores? Please leave your opinions in the comments box below.

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