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Who Owns TC Energy Review

Who Owns TC Energy (Jan) Click Here To Know About It! >> The article is based on the research to give complete details about a reputed company.

Who Owns TC Energy: One of the largest energy-based company based in Canada changed its name to TC Energy. Do you want to know who owns the company and its complete details? Then you have reached the right place. 

The company is founded in Canada but expanded its business to the United States, whose revenue is $13.68 billion as of 2018. Please continue reading the article because we have researched and brought you some crucial information. For more details and updates, go to the official website of the company.

About TC Energy

It is an energy-based company in Canada founded in 1951 by a special act of parliament as Trans-Canada PipeLines Limited. The company’s purpose was to develop its business and supply natural gas produced in the west to eastern Canadian markets.

In 1998 this company combined with NOVA Corporation business and became the fourth largest energy services company in North America. Later extended its business in the US. In May 2019, TransCanada Corporation changed its name to TC Energy Corporation to better reflect its service. Want to Know Who Owns TC Energy? Then please refer to the section below.

Key Features of TC Energy

  • Industry type: Energy
  • Founded in: 1951
  • Headquarters: TransCanada Tower, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
  • President: Russ Girling.
  • CEO: Russ Girling.
  • Services: Pipeline transport, Natural gas storage, Electricity Generation.
  • Number of employees: 7,000

Major Pipe Line System includes

  • Canadian Mainline – Canada – 14,077 km
  • NGTL System – Canada – 24,320 km
  • Columbia Gas – United States – 18,113 km
  • ANR Pipeline System – United States – 15,109 km
  • Columbia Gulf – United States – 5,377 km
  • Mexico Pipeline Network – 1,680 km

Projects include

  • Prince Rupert Gas Transmission Project
  • Coastal Gas Link Pipeline Project

Who Owns TC Energy?

As of February 2020 total of 488 Institutional investors shares the massive capital of TC Energy, which composes 62% of the stock. The prominent shareholder owns a fraction of 8% of the company, the Royal Bank of Canada. The big five banks together own more than 17% of the total company’s share. We hope the details of on this is helpful to you to get complete information.

Some Names of Board of Directors of TC Energy

  • Stephan Cartier, founder, and CEO of BCE Inc.
  • Susan Jones, former Nutrien executive.
  • Randy Limbacher, CEO of Meridian Energy.
  • Una Power, former CFO of Nexen.
  • Steve Williams, former president and CEO of Suncor.
  • Michael Stewart, former Westcoast Transmission Co. executive. 

Bottom Line

Let us wrap up the article by knowing some information. TC Energy is a major North American energy company based in Canada but serves its service in other significant areas. To better reflect its work, the company decided to change its name in 2019. Thus TransCanada became TC Energy. We hope the article was helpful to you. 

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