Lilicloth Reviews {Oct 2020} Read The Guided Reviews!

Lilicloth Reviews {Oct 2020} Read The Guided Reviews!

Lilicloth Reviews {Oct 2020} Read The Guided Reviews! >> If you are looking for Halloween outfits and fashion products at free shipping, read the review.

Are you an online shopping lover? Do you attract to fancy looking websites? Are you price conscious? Would you buy quality goods at cheap prices? Do you easily trust the sites selling goods on discounts?

Well, suppose the answer to all the above questions or atleast some of them is yes. In that case, you are on the right page, reading this article on ‘Lilicloth Reviews,’ an e-commerce website dealing with clothing, jewelry, and accessories.

The website sells all the essential fashion products at reasonable prices attracting many buyers worldwide. The top customers are from the United States, and there are much feedback available from them over the web.

We cannot deceive by some of the offers and discounts that websites are offering these days. Thus, in this website review, we will also tell you that ‘Is Lilicloth Legit’ or a scam. Read the entire review to get the minute details on the website. 

What is Lilicloth?

Lilicloth is an e-commerce website that is selling fashion products that includes clothing and accessories. The website claims that it provides customers with superior quality products best in the United States market. 

The website is selling products for all men and women. It deals with hoodies, sweatshirts, pants, men’s garments, women’s dresses, and Halloween themed products. Also, the website has an autumn sale going and offers you great deals and discounts.

You also get 10% off on your first order and gives you free shipping over orders of 99$. Along with this, you also get the 6th product accessible when you purchase five products. The website also offers a chance to independent designers like other websites. 

Apart from this, you will find that the website is quite old and has many reviews available over many customer platforms that we will see further in the article. Also, read specifications, pros, and cons of lilicloth further and know ‘Is Lilicloth Legit’ or not.

Specifications of the website:

  • Website type: Fashion store
  • Website link:
  • Shipping Policy: The shipping process takes place around 10-15 days.
  • Return policy: The time limit for returning the product is 15 days.
  • Company address: Not there.
  • e-mail address:
  • Contact information: No details.
  • Mode of Payment: You can pay using many digital media platforms.
  • Social Media Presence: There are Lilicloth Reviews’ on many platforms.

Pros of the website:

  • Website designing is pretty and attractive. The colors are vibrant and eye-catching.
  • The website is providing many deals and discount offers for first-time users and regular customers.
  • The website has a Facebook page where you can see the reviews and upcoming news.
  • All the policies like shipping, return, and refund are available on the website in detail.
  • The products are available in a wide variety.

Cons of the website:

  • You will see that most of the ‘Lilicloth Reviews’ are negative.
  • The website does not give information on the address and contact details.
  • The website is quite old still does not have much popularity.

Is Lilicloth Legit?

When the research took place on the website, some astonishing facts came out like the age of the website is a year old, and it also has SSL certification that is a good sign but does not guarantee any frauds taking place.

When further research was taking place, the outcome was that the website reviews are not very good and that some of the content and images on the website are from the internet and not original product images.

Thus, after reviewing the website, we can answer the question ‘Is Lilicloth Legit’ or not as the website is a year old but still doesn’t seem legit. The website is a suspicious, and buyers shall stay away from it.

What does the customer want to say?

The website’s customer reviews are present on many websites, including Facebook and other customer review platforms. The thoughts are 90% negative, and only 10% positive. Also, there might be a chance that these 10% positive reviews are also fake. 

The customers are not receiving products, and some of them are receiving shoddy quality goods. Also, there are cases where people are not getting products for months. Thus, ‘Lilicloth Reviews’ are low.


The final verdict on the website is that it is a year old, but it is still not legit as all the reviews and information point out towards the website is a scam. Thus, we can now answer the question ‘Is Lilicloth Legit’? No, the website is not legit, and it is a suspicious.

Do researches before you buy and if you have any experience with the web store, kindly mention here.

0 thoughts on “Lilicloth Reviews {Oct 2020} Read The Guided Reviews!

  1. I placed an order with Lilicloth. It was a rather large order. I have received most but still not all my items. I get one or five pieces at a time. Ordered 12/1/20 and am still missing maybe 3 items as of 1/28/21.

    To say they are not legit probably is not fair. I do get regular updates on shipments and orders and have received items as pictured other than some loose strings on a couple of things. One item seems to be especially small. Maybe a child’s XL not an adults. Descriptions could be better with more pictures, and website is not user friendly… in my option anyway.

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