Is Legit {Sep} Check Complete Review!

Is Legit {Sep} Check Complete Review!

Is Legit {Sep} Check Complete Review! >> This review will tell you about the legitimacy of an online store that has a wide variety of products to offer at unbelievably low prices. 

Are you looking to buy multiple accessories all in one place? We will introduce you to an online store selling various items at great prices. We will thoroughly review the website, consider all the factors and establish Is Legit? 

The store is available for delivery across the United States. You can explore from their wide range of accessories on their website. You will also be able to avail a number of offers on the website. Reviews, their shipping, return and refund policies will help you decide if you want to buy from this shopping store. Let’s dive right into the review and help you decide if this is a legit website. 

Is Legit? 

While reviewing the website, we found that there is not much information on the Internet about it. The lack of data makes it very difficult to conclude to answer the question – Is Legit? However, we would like you to be aware of the following red flags that you need to know before making a purchase from here.

The website design is sketchy as the products are all randomly posted anywhere on the website. There are no contact details whatsoever. The policies are vague with no timeline for delivery, return or refund. 

We could not find any Reviews. This is strange because that shows that the website has not managed to get any popularity. Glorypros is also not present on any social media platforms. 

What is is an online store that was very recently established in the United States. The website has a wide variety of products to offer. The product range includes pill organisers, high-pressure water gun for cleaning, safety door guard, reusable stainless steel straws, can openers, insect trap, and so much more. 

The design of the website is a little unusual, and it is not well structured. All the items are randomly placed and are not grouped. You are just randomly scrolling at different things. There is no mention of a contact number or address on the website. There is an email address mentioned, and that seems to be the only way to contact them. 

There is no presence on any major social media platforms, and that is not something that speaks very well about shopping websites. So, Is Legit? We cannot answer this question, definitively. Specifications

  • Website:
  • Products: Multiple accessories – Cordless zero gapped trimmer, simulated toys, shoebox, clothes etc. 
  • Processing duration: Not mentioned
  • Delivery: Not mentioned
  • Email:
  • Phone Number: Not mentioned
  • Address: Not mentioned
  • Returns: Within 45 days
  • Exchange: Not mentioned
  • Refund Period: Not mentioned
  • Payment Method: Mastercard/ PayPal/ Visa Pros

  • Glorypros has a wide variety of products to offer. 
  • It is secure as it has the https protocol. 
  • No antivirus has flagged the website of any suspicious activity on the Internet. 
  • The products are available at great offers. Cons

  • There is no feedback from customers and so we know nothing about the product quality and the legitimacy of the website. 
  • The website has been established very recently on the Internet. 
  • Free shipping is available for all orders above $39. 
  • The shipping, return, and exchange policies are written very vaguely. Customer and User Reviews

We could not find any Reviews from customers anywhere on the Internet. We did, however, find many articles on the Internet that have reviewed the website. Most of them are not very sure of the legitimacy of this website and have advised people to stay away from shopping from this website. 

Other than this, the website does not seem very popular, and it has no feedback whatsoever. That still does not say anything about Is Legit. 

Final Verdict has been set up recently with so many products to offer. Most of the products are available at too good to believe prices, making the website somewhat sketchy. 

Dear readers, our suggestion to you is to stay shopping from this website. Not only was it set up very recently, but it also has no social media presence whatsoever. Is Legit? We are not sure as there is not much about the website on the Internet.

If you have any thoughts or experiences you would like to share, please do so in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you. 

0 thoughts on “Is Legit {Sep} Check Complete Review!

  1. Hello, i´m sorry to say that glory its a scam. I orded items in september 15, and the shipment arrives oktober 5. I went to the post office to pick my order. The parcel was not according to order, the content was adressed to a another person. I sent an email to the company, they haven’t answered or confirm my sent mejl. And sorry to say i don’t think they gonna answer it ever. Will try to get my money back from Paypal.

  2. Do not buy from them. I ordered some talking pumpkins in September. I received tracking number that went to another address. When I contacted them via email because there is no customer service number and when they finally wrote back they answered that I received “wrong” tracking number. So I asked for refund and they said they can’t refund because it’s in “transit”. But are unable due to pandemic issue me a tracking number. They are full of it. Pretty safe to say I lost $40.

    1. I had the exact same thing happen to me, that Angie previously wrote, including a wrong tracking number. They still reply when I write to their customer service, assuring me it’s in transit but never give me a tracking number, blaming the delay on COVID-19.

    1. Almost the exact same thing happened to me. I ordered a talking pumpkin in September. I waited as the item was supposedly made in the UK and shipped from California. I got many messages saying my order was on the way!! It was supposed to arrive by October 8, so I checked periodically to see if it was close. The tracking number they gave showed it was delivered on Oct. 5 when I checked on October 9. I called the post office, and they said sorry, they only show the tracking for 3 days and then you have to get hold of the seller now. I couldn’t understand this logic, so I posted a complaint on PayPal whom I paid it through. I had to show the Paypal transaction ID, order number, date, etc. to Paypal. Then you await the sellers response..who said to check my mailbox it was delivered. First of all, it’s too big to put
      in my mailbox, and they usually give a card for pick up of large items. This item never came! We have a camera on the front porch, and no one was seen delivering any
      parcels. Someone is home all the time, and you can see the activity outside from our front window. Hubby is off on disability so he doesn’t move far from his chair. So anyway…I escalated through PayPal as the 2 email addresses they give on their website says they were full and unable to take any messages (probably filled up with other irate customers the truth be known) On the paypal site, it said it was awaiting the sellers response before making a decision. This was Oct. 28. On Oct 30, the whole thread was gone. I checked and found a “closed” case which was supposed to be sorted out by Nov 2 pending Paypal decision. And this message said that they believed the seller sent the item so they closed the file. I insisted (as the post office said to) that the seller is actually responsible to PROVE it was actually physically delivered. I became very angry that there was no appeal about it. I messaged PayPal and said now I get it…of course you would side with a big conglomerate like China over some tax paying peon on a fixed income over $40. There was a lot more to my rant that I won’t bore you with, but I closed my PayPal account. If you go on line you will see hundreds of angry people that did not receive their item, and Paypal just simply sided with this company actually called Yokawa Network Limited, and the payment was made through Zephyr Network Limited. It’s apparent there are issues…or are all these complaints liars? Just beware. As far as I am concerned, this is the first time I’ve ever gotten duped as I am very careful online and thought PAYPAL would back me up (especially since there is NO PROOF I received the item, which I didn’t. Very disappointed…

    2. I’m a VERY UNSATISFIED customer!!!!! I orders begining of September now it’s November and nothing has arrived. I asked to cancel and give me refund and they keep saying the same thing over and over again “your package is in customs we’ve urged the shipping company for tracking thank you for your patience” over 10 emails I’ve sent and same response and before all that the sent me a tracking number that wasn’t mine when it told me it was delivered it was an address in a city 15 miles from me. Still nothing still asking for refund and they ignore me. This is fraud I’m ready to sue them stay away from this site!!

  3. This site is a scam. It no longer is even up if that answers anyone’s question. Here are some details from someone who was routed there from Facebook, which should be held to account for allowing fake companies to advertise on it.

    The company is based in China and does not communicate or send anything out in a timely matter. They took almost a month to ship anything and even the shipping of anything is not guaranteed. Being provided 2 tracking numbers neither of which I have either moved or made it to the purchaser which is a common scam for Chinese companies that don’t actually send you your items but send you a tracking number to placate you. They also use the time-honored we can’t cancel because it’s already shipped line even though the fake shipping information they provided shows it shipped after the date of cancellation request by almost a week. So, in short, avoid this company which should be easy now that there is no website

  4. Scam site! Everything wrong. got a package after a long time of waiting and chasing them, BUT the package did not contain the products we ordered. Just crap…

    1. I also ordered the 3 pumpkins and that was on September 30 th the tracking number shows update on October 20 th and nothing after that , I have tried to send sever emails with no response from them, they say response in 24 hours of emails , which is so not true. This site is just scamming so many people out of their hard earned money with no regard how it may effect them. I don’t know how we can get our refund if PayPal won’t support the clients . The lesson we learn is not to trust these companies and do our reserves on companies before we buy from future sites.

  5. It’s a scam. I ordered a blanket in September and they sent me a tracking number in October. All of a sudden at the end of October, when searching the tracking number, it now says “returned”. I’ve emailed support countless times with no response. I’ve come to the conclusion it’s never coming. I’m going to try to dispute the charge and get my money back. Never again.

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