Typingebooks Com Review {Jan 2021} Work From Home, Is Scam?

Typingebooks Com Review {Jan 2021} Work From Home, Is Scam?

Typingebooks Com Review {Jan 2021} Work From Home, Is Scam? >> A website brings online job opportunities from home, read the details here for information.

Are you looking for some work from hoe opportunities?

Here is a website providing online work from home opportunities that anyone can apply. 

While we are searching for online jobs, there is a great chance to be scammed. From this Typingebooks Com Review, readers will get awareness before making any decision.

Before going deep, we must know about the website-

What is Typingebooks Com?

It is an India based e-commerce website that claims to provide online jobs to the people who can work from their home. They are providing training with the latest technology for data entry ground. They have mentioned on the web page their training team provides proper guidance to the trainee with the latest and advanced technology. They will provide a user-friendly, easy to distribute, and widely accepted format.

Through Typingebooks Com Review, let’s check out how it works-

You can visit the website by going through https://typingebooks.com/ URL, where visitors will get a menu option at the top of the page. A tab ‘How it works?’ is available; by clicking it, a page will come from where people get a brief idea about it.

Ok! Let’s make it simple; we are going to discuss their registration process-

Step1- Do you want to start your work? Then first, people need to register on their website. There is a ‘Sign Up’ tab where people need to fill all the details and register.

Step 2- After registration is done, need to log in further on their website. Just beside the ‘Sign Up’ tab, people will see the ‘Sign In’ tab, where they can log in on that website.

Step 3- After a successful login, you need to visit a ‘Pending Task’ option, and then you start your work.

Step 4- They offer a daily payout system, which means you will be paid on a daily basis based on your work. You can work as much as you want to and earn more money.

What makes Typingebooks Com unique?

Readers might be curious why they will choose this website; in our Typingebooks Com Review, readers will get an idea. On their web page, it is memtioned about their dedicated service, excellent knowledge, and resources assure accuracy in work and timely implementation. While converting the e-book, the headlines & paragraph-level will be planned according to you only.

They further said that they believe in teamwork. The website claims that experts will give people possibly excellent data entry services. They have 2years+ of experience; in the meantime, they gained more than 650 satisfied members and 14+ project partners.

Customer’s reviews about Typingebooks Com:

A website provides online work from home job opportunities among the people in India. According to its website, basic internet literacy is sufficient to become eligible for the job. Anyone, i.e., a student, a housewife, can apply for this job by spending minimum registration fees.

There is Typingebooks Com Review from the appliers, where they provided negative remarks about it. One applier said- they paid the registration fees; however, no reply has come yet; another person said- they didn’t approve the work, and no payment has been initiated.


Though this website claims to provide job opportunities, after going through the unsatisfactory Typingebooks Com Review, we need to acknowledge our readers about this website. It seems to have low trustworthiness.

If you have some experiences kindly mention here.

0 thoughts on “Typingebooks Com Review {Jan 2021} Work From Home, Is Scam?

  1. Hi I have completed my payment with the QR Code with the following your license Key is : 9514 1446 6646 6877
    and even money is not credited back to my account…How can i get back my money back

  2. Hello I. Have paid amount 399 rs of typingebooks ,,with the QR code But didn’t respond in the mail,,and even those not refulnd also my Mony ,,Need Help it’s a Fake Job,,,I loss my Amt 399

  3. Hi I. Have paid amount 399 rs of typingebooks .with the QR code But didn’t respond in the mail,,and even those not refulnd also my Mony .Need Help

  4. paid the registration fees but account is not activated.Moreover there is no response to email even after 24 hours. Maybe its a scam or just a poorly managed site

  5. I have paid the sum of Rs.299 (two hundreds ninth nine) only on 5th Jan 2021 but the typing software license key has not been given and and forget password link not arriving in my email.

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