Kukoi Shop Reviews (Sep) Is It Legit or Another Scam?

Kukoi Shop Reviews 2020

Kukoi Shop Reviews (Sep) Is It Legit or Another Scam? >>An E-commerce website that markets “uniqueness”? Read more to find out its reviews.

Every individual on the face of this earth is different, unique. This is the entire marketing strategy that Kukoi shop uses to attract customers. In today’s age and the world, people’s hobbies are also changing with evolving technology and trends.

 Kukoi shop sells “uniqueness,” or so it claims. Does Kukoi shop stand up to its promise? Read these Kukoi shop reviews to find out.

Kukoi shop is an E-commerce website from the United States, selling masks, puzzles, and toys of all kinds. With a website selling “uniqueness” and seemingly good discounts and offers, Kukoi can seem a little shady at first.

If you are thinking of buying from this website, remember to check out the reviews and make a wise and informed choice. Please read below to see our review of Kukoi shop.

About Kukoi Shop

Kukoi shop is a one-of-a-kind shop from the United States. From custom-making and delivering all the customers’ needs, the Kukoi shop is a one-stop-shop for all your unique needs. They custom make masks, puzzles, etc. 

They custom design and deliver any kinds of hobby related or another product you demand. Kukoi shop offers to all its customers in the United States and internationally. 

But is this “shop” legitimate? Read Kukoi Shop reviews to find out.


  • Website Type: Ecommerce site
  • URL:
  • E-mail-Id: not available
  • Address: Vankin Company Limited
  • 4/4a Bloomsbury Square, London, Greater London, WC1A 2RP (this is not the returning address)
  •  Company number: 12186192
  • TEL: 442032899821
  • Delivery Time: 10-20 days
  • Tracking facility: not available
  • Return facility: available
  • Refund policy: available
  • Payment Mode: using online portals
  • Social media handles: not present. 


  • Plenty of discounts available
  • Kukoi shop has a variety of items and services to choose from
  • Kukoi shop gets custom made items
  • Lots of online payment portals are available
  • It has the offer of international delivery
  • It has a refund and returns policy


  • The website seems a little shady
  • An alarming trust score
  • The domain age is less than six months 
  • The website has not been given email id.
  • The Tracking facility is not there.
  • The website does not have a package tracking option.
  • The website does not have any social media presence or handles mentioned there.

To find out if Kukoi shop is a legit store or not, read our Kukoi shop reviews

Is the kukoi shop a legitimate website?

 A lot of meticulous research and inspection is done using verified sources to determine whether or not you should be using the website as mentioned above. The outcome of our study is as mentioned below. 

Kukoi shop at first glance looks like a shady website. The domain was created less than six months ago. Even some of its regular customers might not be able to tell us if the website reviews are genuine or not.

An alarmingly low trust score calculated by several sources made us question the legitimacy of the website. A bad trust score is an indicator that the website should be used by experienced users only.

The website has an Alexa rank of 2,304,788 out of 5,00,000. Though the Alexa rank is low, it is not indicative of a website that should be trusted.

Kukoi shop reviews conclude that the website seems like a potential scam, so one should be super careful before making a financial transaction. 

Customer reviews

Customer reviews are one of the significant indicators of a website being a potential threat. Customer reviews are at the crux of the E-commerce business, and the website should stand true to this test.

There aren’t any customer reviews available on the website, so we researched through various portals to find good customer reviews and feedback.

The customer feedbacks weren’t satisfactory at all. Most of the reviews were bland, telling about the product’s inferior quality, late delivery, and misplaced orders. Others warned the readers that the website is a potential scam, and the customers would lose their money.

When asked to tell us the Kukoi Shop reviews, most customers said it is a scam and a potential threat.

Final Verdict

A shop that caters to all kinds of customized needs to any sports, hobbies, passions, etc. seems like a utopian dream. A shop that sells “uniqueness” also seems a bit out of reach.

Kukoi Shop reviews the final verdict that Kukoi Shop website is a scam and a threat and not worth your money.

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  1. You nailed it. I took a chance on Kukoi and it is a scam. The merchandise was garbage and took forever. I would not recommend this site. Waste of money. I wish I had seen your site before I decided to buy from Kukoi.

  2. After dealing with this shop, I would never recommend. Advertised item is absolutely nothing like received item. They don’t respond to complaints. They refuse to refund $$ even though they claim to honour full refund if not satisfied. Customer service is 0 out of 10. They simply fob you off once they receive payment… and their response, ” we sorry you not happy, please apologie accept. We sorry for inconvenience, thank you”

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