Hear Our Voice Store Reviews [Sep] Is It Safe To Buy?

Hear Our Voice Store Reviews [Sep] Is It Safe To Buy?

Hear Our Voice Store Reviews [Sep] Is It Safe To Buy? >>This is a Website Review about the eCommerce store selling high-quality merchandise at a reasonable rate.

Dear friend: if you live in the United States and somehow you visited hearourvoicestore.com, then this is the most important website review you’ve ever read.

Here’s why: hearourvoicestore.com is seemed to be the best site to buy high-quality merchandise at a reasonable low price. But do you know is this website is safe enough. Trustable enough! Secure enough! And reliable enough to buy!

If you are thinking to buy from this site, please take a few minutes to read this article. Because in the end, we believe you may change your mind. 

To answer this question – Is this Website is Real or Fake? – We go deep in this website and find out all the little distinctions and all the little specifications. And we created this Hear Our Voice Store Reviews with that little-known specifications.

These little specifications are not seen with the naked eye. So please, before buying anything from hearourvoicestore.com, go through this once!

About Hear Our Voice Store:

hearourvoicestore.com is an eCommerce website. This website is hosted to sell unique and eye-catching designs clothes. This company provide these clothes at such a reasonable price. 

This company provide different types of product categories. And within those categories, they have products available in various sizes, and colours. 

This company is in the United States. And they provide worldwide shipping if required. And they claim to provide fast shipping service than everyone else.


  • Type: Ecommerce
  • URL: hearourvoicestore.com
  • Address: 211 N Pennsylvania St. Suite 600 Indianapolis, IN 46204Email: care.aviraclothing@gmail.com
  • Contact No.: 1-833-933-1816
  • Social Media: Available
  • Delivery: about 5 to 20 days 
  • Returnable Policy: returnable within 15 days.
  • Payment: multiple options available

Pros of Hear Our Voice Store:

  • It shows prices in different currencies.
  • It sells products in a lot of different product types categories.
  • It provides “track your package” service.
  • It has a domain of 2 years, 91days age.
  • It has a domain name with HTTPS secure connection.
  • It has a lot of Hear Our Voice Store Reviews.
  • It has a domain name using the TDL connection.
  • It has a very decent website interface.
  • It is a popular website, and Alexa ranked it as #795,770 among the millions of the website.

Cons of Hear Our Voice Store;

  • This website has an anonymous address.
  • It has no information about the owner.
  • It has social media, which is not working.
  • It got 19% low trust score. 
  • It has all the content copied from another website.
  • It has no “About Page”.

Is this website is real or fake?

Now, once you go through all the technical specification, pros and cons let go into real nitty-gritty…

This website has a little distinction, which makes this highly suspicious.

This website has no social media engagement. And if any company have not any social engagement, then we can’t trust that company fully.

We found that this site has no information regarding the owner. The owner of this company uses special service to hide his identity.

This website has provided an address, but as per our research, that address is totally anonymous. And this cause makes this site suspicious.

Hear Our Voice Store Reviews:

During our research, we found several customers feedback. Some are positive, and some are negative.

And here is one of the customers who give one star to this website are saying that This site is a total scam. He ordered a sweater, and his credit card was charged. But he never got anything. he got a message, “your order is being processed”. But after one month he never got anything!

And, one of the customers who give 5 stars to this website is saying:

He has been ordering from them for a while, and never had any issue. They have very creative and witty design. And they have excellent customer support.

Final Conclusion:

In the end, the final conclusion that we come up with this website is: 

This website is not a total scam. But it is also not trustable. This website has not any social proof that makes this website totally believable.

So, from this website, if you are thinking to buy your favourite merchandise, you can! But there is no guarantee your product will be delivered. And there is no guarantee your charged money will be back.

If you find this Hear Our Voice Store Reviews article helpful, be sure to share your thoughts below.

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  1. I tried to buy some stickers from them 8/25, was charged but never received anything from them. The website doesn’t allow an email to be sent and you can’t get through on the 833# without an order number (which I never was sent). I’m disputing with my bank, but DO NOT RECOMMEND PURCHASING HERE. I’ve been charged for stuff that doesn’t look like what I ordered, but have never been so completely duped before.

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