Findenola Com (Sep 2020) An Interesting Story, Must Watch

Findenola Com (Sep 2020) An Interesting Story, Must Watch

Findenola Com (Sep 2020) An Interesting Story, Must Watch >> This article will talk about a recently launched movie on Netflix and a game that is a blend of mystery and feminism.

Are you someone who enjoys mystery movies? Do solving mysteries intrigue you? Then we have found something online that you are going to love. A film that also lets you do your own detective work. Findenola Com is a new movie launched on Netflix that has a mysterious bent to it. Our review will tell you all about the film and the game associated with it.

The movie has been released in the United States, and if the genre interests you, you should watch it. Let’s dive into the movie reviews and other details that might interest you.

All about Find Enola

The movie revolves around the protagonist, Enola Holmes disappeared mother. The movie is a blend of mystery and feminism. The character of Enola is played by Millie Bobby Brown, who is a young, vibrant performer. The movie is based on a novel written by Nancy Springer called “The Case of the Missing.”

When you head to Findenola Comyou will find a movie synopsis, a mystery game that you can opt to play, and the official trailer. The movie is about the young girl Enola who runs away to find her mother and the mysterious events she encounters throughout her journey.

There is also a game version to it. You can directly play on the website, and there is a downloadable pdf also available. 

This lets you play the entire game within your house. The game is free of cost and comes as a pdf that is readily available for download. The pdf consists of a map, some clues, and a copy of the London gazette. All you need is six people, and you can play the game wherever.

If you are in the United States, you can watch the movie on Netflix.

What are viewers saying?

The movie has been rated above average on IMDB. Most of the viewers seemed to have enjoyed the fun movie and have given it a high rating. Some people did find it boring, but all in all, the film seems to be doing quite well. You can find the details on Findenola Com. 

We also found many other reviews written online about the movie that compare it to Sherlock Holmes and have rated the movie a complete disaster in comparison. People seemed to have liked the performance of Enola more than the theme of the film itself.

Final Views

If you like movies that have a mysterious bent to it, you should watch this movie. The reviews also suggest that most people liked the movie. The movie has given the Sherlock Holmes theme a feminine twist. Findenola Com will fill you in with information if you need it. Kids who are 8 and above can watch the movie.

Dear readers, if you have watched the movie, please share your experience in the comment section below. We’d love to hear from you.

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