Is Thusvip Com Legit {July} Spot The Scam & Legit Site

Is Thusvip Com Legit {July} Spot The Scam & Legit Site

Is Thusvip Com Legit {July} Spot The Scam & Legit Site -> This article is about home and bathroom cleaning products of daily use.  

Do you want to access this site for online shopping? Then read this article and make sure Thusvip Com Legit or scam website. The online era is essential in the present circumstance, and everyone visits the online shop for their routine products. We have to check this site by reading this article because prima facie is legit, but it has several loopholes and is explained to alert online shoppers.

This website is an online shop facilitating various ranges of products and belongs to the United States. The website has displayed products like All-Purpose Cleaners, Bathroom Cleaners, Cleaning Wipes, Disinfectant Spray, and Laundry Sanitizer with shopping free on specific amounts of purchase

But we have some doubt to read the introduction through the “About us.” We have identified a contradiction between WebPages and business introduction. It would be best to read Thusvip Com Legit reviews to understand the legitimacy of this site. 

Is Thusvip Com Legit?

As per the online research and visit on another relevant website to check Thusvip Com Legit but found suspicious websites because the age of this website is only two months, usually, the website domain registration less than six months does not consider the safe and secure site for the online buyers. It may be possible that your money & personal data both are at risk. 

The trust rating of this website is below the average, and the site seems to be suspicious. We will suggest on the legitimacy points of view avoid online shopping from this website. Before placing the online order, we have to check online feedback and existence on the social media platform. The same are not found during the research and reviews of this site. 

Therefore, only good images and products are not enough to decide the legitimacy of this website. The data and images mentioned on the WebPages are ambiguous as per the verification of the Legit Site category. We cannot keep this site under the category of the legit site. Be alert and save your money.

What is Thusvip Com Legit?

Thusvip Com Legit is a two months old website and valid for one year, but another technical fault is detected about this site. The website has introduced to the high quality of leather goods in the About Us button, but it is actually not. The website information is detected contradictions in every point of WebPages. Even we could not access its Social Media buttons as it is mentioned well on the WebPages of this site.

The products are useful for everyday life and displayed nicely to attract online buyers but think to save your money and ignore visiting this website. We do not recommend this site, Legit. It is the same as another newly built-up site is noticed scam website because no significant trust scores and no online customer feedback has been found. So, Thusvip Com Legit is not a Legit Website.

Specification of Thusvip Com Legit:

  • Type of Website: Home and Bathroom Cleaner Items
  • Shipping Facility: Applicable
  • Delivery Facility: Applicable
  • Company Address: N/A
  • Company Contact Number: N/A
  • Company Email:  
  • Mode of Payment: PayPal 

Pro of Thusvip Com Legit

  • The products are of everyday use.
  • The products are available in various ranges.
  • The introduction of the sales team is mentioned nicely.
  • The Sales offers are available.

Cons of Thusvip Com Legit

  • It is less than six months old
  • No customer’s feedback
  • Only one mode of payment
  • The services are not appropriately described.
  • WOT Score is below the average.

What are the customers saying about Thusvip Com Legit?          

This is a significant part of any website, but it is complicated to explain it because no customer reviews and feedback are available due to recently created websites. 

Final Comments

As per the complete verification of this website, we cannot consider this site Legit because of several loopholes, and fewer business facilities are found at the end of reviews. 

The Images of products are copied from other sites, and it is not folloeing business ethics. The website is introduced itself with contradictory information.

The website creator tries to motivate the online buyers by product images, sales offers, and best services of the sales team, but every promise is found bogus when it is not available online search. The website is not real and hid to the owner’s name, company address, and contact number. The way is to reach this online shop only through email registration. Therefore we could not found a definite reason to recommend this site legit.

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  1. I ordered from them on July 9th. I never received a confirmation email of my purchases. When I go back to the site,it is no longer selling cleaning supplies. It is now a website of shoes and accessories. I paid through paypal so hopefully I can get my money back.

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