Is Expreseu Legit {July} Spot The Scam & Legit Site

Is Expreseu Legit {July} Spot The Scam & Legit Site

Is Expreseu Legit {July} Spot The Scam & Legit Site -> This article brings more clarity over a fashion website that claims to provide a range of shoes, bags, and other items.

Are you interested in online shopping for fashion accessories? You are exploring more options in online websites. Is Expreseu Legit or not going in your mind. Well, then you landed a perfect place to get your all answers.

This portal is a fashion website that appears to be recently made in 2020. It mainly provides a limited variety of shoes and bags.

The website provides free shipping in the United State however, about other countries, no clarity is given. But customs and other taxes have to be paid by the consumer.

Read the entire content to know more about the website.

Is Expreseu Legit or another scamming website? 

The website has very few reviews available, and all of them appears to be falling on the negative side.

Further, the website itself has reliability issues by displaying the limited collection and accepting only PayPal payments, etc. Hence the site does not appear to be a real legit one.

Is Expreseu Legit or not is the common question of every mind that visits this website. It is even logical to raise such doubts, and those must be addressed via more information and deep dig in the website.

What is Expreseu? 

The portal displays a minimal collection of shoes and bags besides being a complete fashion website.

The site must be a reason of interest for the ladies looking for more trendy shoes. But there are very few Expreseu Reviews available online, and that raises more concerns because all of them indicate a negative side.

Nowadays, it is easy to make new websites to scam people, so a piece of complete information is mandatory. 

The portal clarifies a bit about shipping in the United State and not about others.

Specifications about Expreseu:

  • Type of Website: It is a fashion website that provides shoes and bags and other fashion accessories.
  • URL:
  • Address: John Walsh, 

      6355 Green Valley Circle, Unit 211, Culver City, CA 90230 United States

  • Phone line: (561) 599-0119
  • Email ID: 
  • Shipping cost: It has a free shipping policy but all taxes or any customs charges are to be paid by the consumer.
  • Payment mode: It accepts only through PayPal.
  • Refund and return: It provides a 14-day return policy with exchange available over a few products. Even refunds are provided for returned products.

Pros of shopping from Expreseu website:

  • The website accepts returns and even provide an exchange on certain items.
  • It also provides Free shipping in the US

Cons of shopping from Expreseu website:

  • The portal has no option for COD and only accepts PayPal.
  • The website seems to be newly designed with limited options available and indicating a risky site for shopping.
  • The portal has many negative reviews online, which makes it an unreliable site to shop.
  • The portal does not accept the return for all items and only offer exchange of sizes on restricted items.
  • During international shipping besides free delivery, there are chances the item might get stuck at customs as the website claims it has to be paid by the consumer.
  • The about us page of the website does not clarify its existence and any specific exclusive items it deals in although there are few claims about sound quality.

What does the customer say about Expreseu? 

The site appears new, so the reviews are minimal.

As per the Expreseu Reviews available online, some indicate issues like no product received and others with quality. Although the price of the products seems fine if the quality is not at par then probably the portal provides counterfeit products with quality compromise.

Further, during international shipping, there are even concerns about customs charges. Since it becomes difficult for the consumers to clear off those charges before delivery and even the product might get lost during that phase.

Final verdict

The website does not appear very lucrative due to the lack of variety in the collection. But yes whatever is there seems trendy.

But with a lack of positive reviews relying upon the site for shopping is a significant risk. There are several more concerns on the portal, making it suspicious. Hence, it is recommended to stay away from such unreliable sites.

That is the only way to prevent the risk of losing money over such suspicious sites.

0 thoughts on “Is Expreseu Legit {July} Spot The Scam & Legit Site

  1. All of the points above are spot on regarding the site in my review as well. Additionally, If you look at Expresseu site and then the REKRAUR site you will find that both are identical. Each site offers deals that are 50-70% less than all other retailers like target, Walmart…. etc. Neither site is older than 30 days or have many or any reviews. Both sites also only accept PayPal. Both company addresses are residential. One is a small home and the other an apartment.

    Remember… If it seems to good to be true it probably is. I would highly recommend steering clear of both of these sites.

  2. I was just frauded by a similar site called Viviantee. Same MO. The thing to look out for is the PayPal ONLY thing. PayPal does not protect shoppers from scams. They are absolutely NO HELP if you are a victim of an on-line scam. STAY AWAY from these low price sites with PAYPAL only pay methods!!

  3. they will sell you anything you google! Like mei was looking for an ice maker! they have the cheapest one!! hum But try to find it from there home page! NO WAY!

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