Is Cleanyos Com Legit {July} Read The Detail Of Scam Site

Is Cleanyos Com Legit {July} Read The Detail Of Scam Site

Is Cleanyos Com Legit {July} Read The Detail Of Scam Site -> An in-depth analysis on a website selling household and cleaning items.

With so many hoax websites in the market, online shopping is becoming a great concern nowadays. So before purchasing from Cleanyos Com, let’s find out Cleanyos Com Reviews.

On searching the details for the site, it was found that the site is just a new member of the e-commerce world, so its legitimacy comes in the minds of our readers. So let’s start Cleanyos auditing and check out it Is Cleanyos Legit?

The virtual store targets customers with the best deal, so if you are gapping for a sanitizer or disinfectant cleaner, Visit Cleanyos – the last resort. The site serves users with ample of cleaners, as different people have different choices. So grab the best-suited cleaning agent for your home.

Cleanyos com is an ecommerce portal dealing from the United States. This site is dealing with the home cleaning range of the Lysol brand.  Paypal is the only option for doing payments and  no other facility available as of now.

To find out Cleanyos Com Reviews, please go through the full article.

What is Cleanyos Com?

Cleanyos com an online portal selling all-purpose cleaning product ranges of Lysol brand.  They are dealing with items like bathroom cleaners, wipes, disinfectant spray, and laundry sanitizer, and the website has concentrated in cleaning items during this pandemic period. 

As they are dealing with the brand like Lysol, the merchandise range looks upright, and the prices are incredible, in fact, very logical for the offered stuff. Flash sales are offered, which makes the deal more striking.

The products are crafted to accomplish the cleaning needs of the users—pandemic calls for maintaining hygiene in your surroundings and what can be a better resource then Lysol.

But safety is the concern as the site is too new, should purchasing anything from this website be safe? Is Cleanyos  Legit? Or it is a fiddle like other websites.

Various points can be cross-checked to know its dependability.

Specifications of Cleanyos Com

  • Name: Cleanyos
  • Nature of Company: An ecommerce site deal with all-purpose cleaning products ranges
  • Web address:
  • Process Time: Not available
  • Country: United States.
  • Time for Shipping: Not available.
  • Shipping Price: $30 for purchases below $60, and free above $60
  • Cancellation: Not available.
  • Return Policy: 14-days return policy.
  • Refunds Policy: Information not available. 
  • Email Address:
  • Postal Address: 2180 Barlow Rd, Hudson, OH 44236
  • Payment Mode: Paypal

Pros of Cleanyos

  • Branded products.
  • Items can be returned.
  • Realistic price range.
  • Payment by Paypal
  • Has the potential to kill germs and viruses

Cons of Cleanyos

  • The website is too new.
  • It seems fake feedback.
  • Absent of visibility in social media.
  • No COD.
  • PayPal only payment mode.

Is Clean Yos Website Legit?

The first and foremost thing that we found in our analysis is that website is a new entrant in the virtual market. It’s too late to comment on as it’s known that any website less than four-six months is suspicious and can be a hoax. 

On the website, we have not found about us page, which keeps us in the dark regarding the company and the seller. However, the products that are flaunted in the site are branded. Still, the company’s information is missing, which makes the website bit questionable and vulnerable for online shopping.

Under the name of the brand, the company is trapping customers. What was fishy on the website is – No social media presence and had a fake logo. The massive discounts that it offers are just baited to catch the user’s attention. 

The site smartly attempts to loot users by extracting their credit card details. It shows it is a smart game to be fooled the users. So the answer for Is Clean Yos Website Legit is a big “No”. It is a potential scam.

Customers Feedback on Cleanyos

As per the investigation, most shoppers have filed a complaint against the website and its owner. The users say the poor quality cleaning stuff has no comparison with the Lysol brand.

The users showcase its looting journey; they spoke about the website’s official page and the customer reviews. The talk of the town is the words of users present on the Cleanyos website are fake and spurious.

The user’s get along with the site just because of its tempting offers, that is unrealistic. What customer’s found is “no about us section”, which raises a voice of a scam.

The majority analyzes and clarifies their doubt by understanding Cleanyos Com Reviews. The users are now smart enough to deal with the problem and have started telling other shoppers about the scam websites

The customers are keeping track of the site and claiming to get their refund amount.

Final Comments

As the platform is a new market player dealing with all-purpose cleaning product ranges of Lysol brand from the United States. As products are excellent, the same has good popularity in the market we believe using the brand name it could be a hoax, as reviews that are shared on the page is from old dates. 

Also, there is no way to find that anyone has ordered any Item from the website. Hence we found the site questionable. Furthermore, although there is a social media link accessible, there is no single review from any social media podium.

Bearing in mind the above surveillance, it seems like the company is not authentic. It shows gaps as to how a customer can give Cleanyos Com Reviews when the website was not in existence. 

It provides a feeling of a scam site. As shared in our many studies, the older the website, its legitimacy is greater. With a two-day presence and backdated feedback, it seems it’s too early to believe in it. 

Guys! Share your shopping experience with us and comment in the comment section as your comments can be an eye-opener for many customers.

0 thoughts on “Is Cleanyos Com Legit {July} Read The Detail Of Scam Site

  1. This is totally a scam. They took the money out of my account, paypal, sent me a bogus tracking number. I have reported this to Paypal, my bank and the scam report site. Beware of this person
    George Pardo

  2. This site is a scam I wish there was more information available before making purchase. It redirects you to PayPal if that is your selection for payment and instead of a company it sends to a personal accounts, never the same person. The phone number and business address do not belong to James Koh.
    I immediately contacted PayPal and my bank within minutes of making my transaction to stop pay on payment and dispute. PayPal advised site stated item already shipped. I received a confirmation by logging back on to the site which stated that the item was delivered within an two time span from ordering.
    Grateful my bank stopped payment as the charge was still pending.

  3. Placed an order on 07-10, received tracking number for my shipment but when checked it showed delivery of items 4 days prior to me even ordering. Also the amount debited from my checking account was more than my agreed purchase amount.

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