Tornado Freeze Portable Air Conditioner Reviews [July] Safe to buy?

Tornado Freeze Portable Air Conditioner Reviews [July] Safe to buy?

Tornado Freeze Portable Air Conditioner Reviews [July] Safe to buy? -> If you are searching for a portable air conditioner, then you must read this review. 

Are you sick of the heat and humidity the summers have been creating? Then Tornado Freeze Portable Air Conditioner will come to your aid. 

The market is flooded with portable air conditioners and rightfully so because the summers are unbearably hot. On numerous occasions, all of us have told ourselves, “I wish I could carry an air conditioner with me’ on a hot summer day! Haven’t you? 

Tornado Freeze Air Conditioner

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Tornado Freeze Portable Air Conditioner Reviews will be telling about one such new portable air conditioner that could help you stay cool and calm this summer. The air conditioner is manufactured out of the United States and offers worldwide delivery. 

Is Tornado Freeze Portable Air Conditioner worth your money? You will find that out as you read further into this review, so ensure you read it carefully. 

What is the Tornado Freeze Portable Air Conditioner?

Tornado Freeze Portable Air Conditioner is a portable air conditioner that looks a lot like a small television set. They mention that global merchants are used to ensuring the product reaches the customer on time. 

Talking about the tornado freeze, the brand on the official site mentions it can transform rooms into cool and breezy from stuffy and hot. Since it is portable, you can carry it around with you, and there is no need to plug it into wall sockets to get it started. 

The site creation date will tell you that it has been in the market for quite some time. However, it lacks an about us section, which gives no information regarding its makers.

What is unique about Tornado Freeze Portable Air Conditioner?

This Tornado Freeze Portable Air Conditioner Reviews will tell you that the portable air conditioner is easy to use. All the user has to do is set it up, fill it up with water, and voila you will be able to enjoy a comfortable and relaxed room on a mid-summer evening.

Tornado Freeze Air Conditioner Reviews

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It can fit anywhere because of its ultra-compact design; the further design makes it easy to move around. The device is quiet and will not be creating the annoying noise usually associated with Air conditioning units. 

The brand claims it to be eco-friendly and helps save up the excessive amounts usually spent on the monthly electricity bills. Apart from all these factors, the tornado air conditioner also acts as an air purifier. These factors certainly make this portable air conditioner an appealing buy. 

Specifications of Tornado Freeze Portable Air Conditioner

  • Product- portable air conditioning unit 
  • Website-
  • Email-
  • Phone number- 49-627-2387
  • Shipping/processing time- not mentioned 
  • Delivery time- 8-15 days 
  • Shipping fee- not mentioned 
  • Return- 30-day return policy followed 
  • Exchange- not provided 
  • Refunds- allowed with 15% restocking fee cut out 
  • Online payment- Amex, Master or Visa card, Venmo, Discover, Diners Club, and PayPal, etc 

Pros of buying Tornado Freeze Portable Air Conditioner

  • They provide customers with tracking links after purchase is made 
  • Company information offers a United States-based address 
  • The product details are complete with its dimensions 
  • Contact details are complete with a phone number and email id 
  • Multiple online payment options are provided 
  • Site is secure with a valid SSL certificate 

Tornado Freeze Air Conditioner Review

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Cons of buying Tornado Freeze Portable Air Conditioner

  • The official site misses out on about us section 
  • Only online purchases can be made 
  • Customer charged with restocking fee on making returns 
  • It is priced at $280 and is not affordable 
  • There is no auto shut off feature present on the air conditioner 
  • Its contemporaries in the market are more affordable 

Customer reviews of the Tornado Freeze Portable Air Conditioner

The customer reviews of the Tornado Freeze Portable Air Conditioner present on the site talk about loving it. They also mention that they use the device daily during this summer season and that adding essential oils could make your experience very therapeutic. 

Another reviewer adds that adding ice to the air conditioner worked wonders for them, especially when it gets sweltering. The device will keep you fresh throughout the day. We must add that the site has a June 2019 creation date. This information means it has been in the market for quite some time. 

Tornado Freeze Air Conditioner  where to buy

Final Verdict- 

To conclude, the product and its website seem to be safe to make purchases from. It is lightweight and compact so carry it where ever you go!  

Thus, we give it a thumbs up, make your summers bearable using the tornado Freeze portable air conditioner. 

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  1. I was trying to purchased a unit of tornado freeze so I called the phone number that is on the web and some guy answer finally after a while of waiting and when I asked him about the physical address or contact information he did not know what to say and he hang up on me and did not provide me with the information I requested I gave him several opportunities to give me the information I asked for and he will go around bushes again and again and after all God he hang up so I guess this is not a legit business there is no way to contact anyone and there is no way to get any information from you guys so if you guys are legit and have a way to provide verifiable information call me at 407 308 47 60 and we will do business

  2. The customer service is terrible. They promised a 3 day delivery and almost 2 months later it arrived. This after many weeks of lies from them. It does NOTHING it promises. Unless you have your hand right up against the unit, you don’t feel any cooling. It CERTAINLY doesn’t cool a room or bring any relief. A fan is much more effective.

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