Is Shoponix Legit {August 2020} – Read The Reviews!

Is Shoponix Legit {August 2020} – Read The Reviews!

Is Shoponix Legit {August 2020} – Read The Reviews! >> The article will review a website that offers computing and mobile devices and get to know whether it is legit or not.

Shoponix Reviews: Are you looking for some affordable gadgets and games? Do you want to crack some deals at low amount? Then, you have landed on the right corner of the internet, where we have such a website that is offering a wide range of smartphones, computing devices, games, and so on.

Online shopping websites are emerging day by day, and people love to get products through these platforms due to the Worldwide Availability and delivery at home. The reviewing website is based on the United Kingdom and considers the budget of the buyers in mind. 

On the other side, these platforms are not right in all terms, as some of them are scams and not deliver products as ordered by the customers. In the light of such reasons, it is essential to have a look at the crucial question, that is, Is Shoponix Legit

Let us have a look at the in-depth review of Shoponix below. 

Is Shoponix Legit?

The site runs from the last year, and it is remarkable in terms of affordability and product range. But it has some downsides such as lack of contact number, and customer reviews are dissatisfactory. 

So, we would recommend exploring such a site by own before placing any orders. But the site is running from the last year, so we can’t declare it as a scam.  Therefore, it solves – Is Shoponix Legit?

What is

In simple words, it is an online store that offers a wide range of technological devices at an affordable price. All of them are of premium quality and costs a dime a dozen. 

Let us know about the shopping platform through Shoponix Reviews

What has specified on 

  • The site’s URL is
  • A broad range of computing devices, smartphones, and gaming gadgets are available.
  • The website has an email address that is
  • The site has a physical address that is Unit 12, Eton Business Park, Eton Hill Road, Manchester, M26 2ZS. 
  • The registration number for this company is 12097233.
  • The VAT number is Gb 332667692.
  • Presence of HTTPS Protocol and SSL Integration to safeguard customer’s detail.
  • The Newsletter section is available on the website. 
  • It has social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram.  
  • Free delivery is available within the United Kingdom.

What will be the advantages of purchasing products from

  • Pricing policies are low and never leave a dent on anyone’s budget. 
  • The site is easy to use as well as access. 
  • A wide range of products are available to pick up one of your choices. 
  • The website is secured, and all payment transactions are safe too.

What negative aspects are there on

  • Shoponix Reviews from customers are not satisfactory. 
  • No contact number is available. 
  • Product prices are too low. 

What do shoppers opine about the

We have found some Shoponix Reviews about the site on their social media handles, and it indicates that people are a bit confused about whether or not to place an order. The first thing is the low price that is hard to believe and the reviews from the customer that they did not get their product. 

Potential buyers are still placing an order but did not receive order confirmation, but the money has deducted. So, the reviews are flooded with complexities, and the buyers need to think twice before placing an order.  

Final Thought

After going through the website while doing Shoponix Reviews, we noticed that the site runs smoothly and runs from last year. Although it provides factory seals and brand-new devices at a meager price, the unbelievable price tags seem pretty suspicious. 

The shopping site has some reviews on social media handles, and it indicates that the site is not right in terms of placing product orders as buyers receive no confirmation about the order on their email ID. Moreover, they deduct the amount from the PayPal account but do not provide any transaction info. 

So, these are some points that come up with the negative side of the site. As the site is not a scam but it is always advisable to explore the site first and then place an order.  

Kindly mention all the doubts about this shopping platform below. If there is any doubt related to this website or products, then share the same below.

We are happy to help you.

0 thoughts on “Is Shoponix Legit {August 2020} – Read The Reviews!

  1. I would not recommend shopping from shoponix,cant get in contact with them,
    They take your money and you dont receive your goods
    I put in a dispute with PayPal to try and get my money back i am not happy.
    Do not order from this company.

  2. So is shoponix a scam ? I’m still waiting for my TV to arrive the royal mail tracking still says item dispatched to royal mail for 3 days now.

  3. not to buy anything from them are thieves and fraudsters he sees to scam more than 70 people on ebay of which me he does not send the packages and takes the money attention FRAUD

  4. Worth noting that the company has been outed as a huge scam. Hundreds of people are paid for items that never even existed, left having to raise credit card and PayPal disputes as the company has deleted social media accounts, listed an unanswered phone number, and email address which is full so any emails bounce.
    Royal Mail tracking number is sent via email but there is no parcel attached to the number, so it stays on “we’re expecting your parcel!” On the royal mail website, for days on end.

  5. The company is a complete scam. Paid over £300 and fast track delivery for a console for my sons birthday. Despite getting a dispatch number royal mail never received any parcel. All emails and calls to shoponix get returned unanswered. Devistated as it left my son with nothing to open on his birthday. Trying to get a refund through paypal now.

  6. I ordered a TV on fast delivery. Royal mail have a tracking number but the item has never reached them. I have opened a resolution through PayPal. Shoponix do not reply when you fill in the ask a question section. Trustpilot reviews are all having the same problem.

  7. I went to the unit today as I only live around the corner .. empty ! Spoke to a couple of lads on same estate and they said shifty looking Asians smoking weed in the cars usually with some shady looking woman we’ve all been had . Any consolation I’ll be down regular day and evening.. I’ve got something I need to give someone !!

  8. I ordered 2 Nintendo switch lite. They haven’t arrived post office don’t have them, 340 pounds I’ve paid, you don’t answer emails or messages, abd don’t pick up the phone, I want a refund or to no when they will be delivered please

  9. Order a tv and was given a tracking number for royal mail i received the tracking number on the 5th of august still no update, cant get any response from them and still no tv , had to go to paypal to ty and get my money back, i would not buy from shoponix again. BEAWARE !!!! AVOID !!!

  10. Do not touch with a barge pole……had to request a refund via PayPal (who were excellent!).

    No contact whatsoever from SHOPONIX!. Purchased item, provided tracking information for Royal Mail which gave the purchase validity.

    Turns out SHOPONIX never delivered item to Royal Mail for dispatch to me, buying them time to bank my money from PayPal!

    Do not buy from these fraudsters!

  11. Just in case anyone is in any doubt: IS A SCAM.

    Check all the negative reviews on and articles on

  12. Hi I bought a mobilephone from u on, royalmail told me today that u have received my white padded Envelope, but I forgot to write my name on it so plz give me my Refund bak and text me bak on my mobile 07790630488, I tried to contact u on but my messages don’t through to u ?

  13. I have been waiting for a dyson small ball Vacuum to b delivered for 2weeks. I am informed that it was on its way to the post office. And it has not moved any further.. I have had no response from any one I am beginning to feel very suspicious. My item was about £144.00…l am 81 years old and save up to get this item ?

  14. Do not order from Shoponix, Do Not! Do Not! I can’t stress this much. I recently made an order on their website for a Nintendo switch £229.99. this looked quite peculiar because the prices of nintendo switch have gone up this season especially during quarantine where majority of orders online were that of video games, but i still decided to give it a go. so i made an order and it said it’ll arrive within 5-7 working day so I started counting days. 7 days passed and there was no update on the item. i received a Royal Mail tracking order and when I went to search for it in the Royal Mail website it didn’t bring up a response. So I decided to send message to the company via there email and also on the ‘Contact Us’ section of their site, but none of them replied and it’s been over a month nearly. On there site there are 2 methods of making payments, by bank transfer and paypal. This already sounds weird because no legit online shopping site will have bank transfer or paypal as a form of payment unless you know, it’s a scam. I chose paypal however, I didn’t know the buyer protection existed at the time on Paypal. I chose paypal over bank transfer because i was waiting on an activation of my online banking and couldn’t access it either. thank God for that because i would have used that instead and not be protected at all. So I started panicking after 9 days of no update of the product from royal mail or the company. I was able to contact paypal and they looked into this issue. early this morning i received my refund of £229.99 . I gotta say, I dodged a bullet on that one.

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