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Milmelo com Reviews [Aug] Is It A Legit Website Or Not?

Milmelo com Reviews 2020

Milmelo com Reviews [Aug] Is It A Legit Website Or Not? >> Love gardening, and want your lawn to look immaculate, read the reviews here.

Is your neighbor the average chatty Kathy or peeping tom? and you want to conceal your lawn from them? Then you will surely love the privacy fence available on the Milmelo com.

Not only do the privacy fence help cover your yard from passers-by or over-friendly neighbor’s, but they also add a rustic design element. These are available in different materials, styles, and more, one can be purchased that suits your needs best.

If you are on a tight budget and want to purchase fences, then you must read this Milmelo com Reviews. The review is of a website currently selling all of its merchandise out of the United States.

The review will also engage in the much-asked question regarding this website: ‘Is Milmelo com Legit?’

What is Milmelo com?

The Milmelo com is an online retailer of products that are perfect for your lawn/yard/balcony and a pair of joggers. The range of products is limited to a biodegradable grass seed mat, solar light, hanging basket, expandable faux fence, and a fleece jogger for men.

The five products tell you that the website was created very recently! On opening the site, you will notice that there are four products on the home page. Each product is complete with a description that will aid a customer in understanding the product better.

Although the product categories are divided into garden and sport, both groups contain the jogger. It will strike as something odd! Which makes the ‘Is Milmelo com Legit?’ question, one worth asking because the website seems to have been created with malicious intent.

Specifications of Milmelo com

  • Products- garden and balcony products along with joggers for men
  • Website-
  • Email-
  • Phone number- not provided
  • Shipping/processing time- 3-5 business days
  • Delivery time- 15-20 business days, 30 days if you live in Brazil/Russia
  • Shipping fee-$6.99 across the globe
  • Return- must be made within 14 days from date of delivery
  • Exchange- not mentioned
  • Refunds- information provided after inspection of the return
  • Online Payment- must be made by PayPal

Pros of the Milmelo com

  • The website provides delivery across the globe
  • The site has a justifiable SSL certificate
  • The products have a clear description
  • The website offers quick refunds after inspection of the returns
  • All the products are cost-effective
  • Customers can make secure online payments

Cons of the Milmelo com

  • The email id used is a generic one
  • The website only shows a total of five products
  • It has a 2-month-old creation date
  • The website does not generate much traffic
  • There is only one mode of online payment available
  • There are no reviews of the site currently available

Is Milmelo com Legit?

To begin with, the website was created in May of 2020, which means the site has been up and functioning for about three months now. Furthermore, the website does not use a company email id but a generic Hotmail email id. The contact information on this website is incomplete, which is not a good sign.

But the website shows the presence of a valid SSL/HTTPS connection along with a padlock! These are mandatory for ensuring the customer’s details; the credit card/bank information is not being misused. It means the website could be legit, but at the moment has no customer ratings or reviews to offer.

What are the customer’s reviews of the Milmelo com?

The Milmelo com Reviews tell you that there are currently no customer comments available on this website. Since there is a complete absence of social media, it further creates difficulty in trying to locate customer reviews.

It could be because, currently, the website is not generating enough traffic. These all can be chalked off for the site, having been created less than four months ago. The website is based in the United States and may eventually gain the success it has set out to achieve.

But it may be difficult to ignore that the website only shows a total of five products. It also does not provide clear contact information, making it difficult for customers to reach out to them in case of refunds or returns.

Final Verdict-

To conclude, the website is very young and may still be under the works as it does not generate a lot of traffic. It could also be because the site lacks any credible information that a customer searches.

To ensure your safety, we do not recommend purchasing from this website and waiting for customer reviews to pop up.


  1. I placed an order for one of their fence is it expands and I’m still waiting. It’s been several weeks and they do respond by email saying it’s been shipped and have patience. But I’m getting a little leery now. I’m wondering if I will be able to get my money back doesn’t arrive soon.

  2. I think it may be a confidence trick. Their advert says shipment within 2 hours of payment, but I paid weeks ago, and now cannot get a response from their given e-mail address

    1. I have just received mine after 2months of waiting and it’s a complete load of rubbish of which I paid £64 .nothing like what I should have had.

  3. My ordered and paid for order of one Faux Fence Panel has not been delivered and none of my many e-mails to the company have been answered so my strong advice is DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM

  4. It’s a scam. Paid and then nothing. Seeing if PayPal will give me my money back, they should do some checks on companies they let customers buy from. I thought PayPal did.

  5. I received product but it’s not at all what I ordered. Complete ripoff. The dollar store sells better stuff. I hope I can get my money back through PayPal.

  6. I’m still waiting for a rug I ordered. It’s the first time I’ve bought online and will now be the last!!! Never again. I’m afraid in case they can take more money off my card. TOTAL SCAM

  7. I believe it it a scam. Purchased and paid for by credit card 8/19/2020. Still no fence x2 all most month later. Contacting my credit card service.!

  8. I received the ordered privacy fence panel after waiting almost two month. It is nothing like their various picture I ordered from. The pictures show a panel which at least extends to 1 meter in high and length wise to way over one meter. The thing which I received is less then a quarter in size, and of very poor quality and totally useless. PLEASE DO NOT BUY FROM THEM.

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