Renovation Island Website {August} Find Out More Here

Renovation Island Website {August} Find Out More Here

Renovation Island Website {August} Find Out More Here -> Now you can watch your favourite renovation show featuring in the United States.

Watching home and garden renovations on television is soothing to the eyes. Do you also like such shows? During the pandemic 2020, the entertainers across the world are working hard to keep us engaged. Renovation Island Website is one such debut show that will air on HGTV in JUNE 2020. The United States people are very excited because there is a story behind it. 

Imagine, you are going to the Bahamas and can renovate an entire Island. How would it feel? Is this not exciting? Renovation Island covers a real-time story and reconstruction of a whole resort. Now, we only need to switch to HGTV and see the entire story.

What is Renovation Island Website?

The project is taken by Bryan Baeumler, contractor and Sarah Baeumler, designer. Besides, these two professionals are married and have four children. It is an ambitious and significant renovation project for the family. They are going together, spending time on the Bahamas, and mainly, renovating a full-fledged vacation resort. 

HGTV telecasts Fixer Upper and Masters of Flip, which are most popular among the United States watchers. These shows also cover stories of transformation from old dumps into livable dream houses. 

What Renovation Island will consist of?

In compliance with the recent interviews of the husband and wife duo, this Renovation Island project is enormous and life-turning for them. It is a renovative project in which 18 luxurious rooms, breezy resort amenities, and 22 villas facing ocean will be made. The contractor and designer have limited time to construct the entire resort while following their construction goals. 

What makes Renovation Island accessible?

There are plenty of shows that cover renovation stories. HGTV only telecasts such programs for an hour, which also implies the featuring people must fight against the clock. We now know why Renovation Island Website is a much-discussed show of 2020. The reasons are mentioned below:

  • The show was earlier features in Canada. Trust Us- It was trendy. 
  • Bryan and Sarah are coming to America to showcase their skills and talent. 
  • The program also has a massive hit before featuring it on the HGTV. 
  • The initial four episodes are the most watched on HGTV in over a decade. 
  • The whole family will shift to the Bahamas, which means they will enjoy their vacation while completing their renovation project. 
  • The challenges are exciting and real to watch in the series. 
  • You can see the tropical sunshine, natural beauty of Bahamas, and white-sand beaches while sitting at home.
  • You can go to the Bahamas and enjoy the renovated project with your family. 
  • Sarah and Bryan hold experience in doing Renovation Island of Canada. 
  • It is a massive project of 18 luxurious rooms, 22 big villas facing the ocean, and breezy resort facilities. 
  • From trash to luxury resort vacation, you will see the entire transformation without missing a thing. 


People from all over the World are showing love for the Renovation Island Website. The show was first telecasted in Canada under the Island of Bryan. It covers how the family renovated a house from dump to a luxury one. However, this time the life-partners are taking up a considerable challenge to transform an entire island and vacation resort. 

The Island of Bryan is the most-watched and loved series in Canada. Now, it is the same in the United States. The views and the duo are more than excited for the series. This time, the viewers get the opportunity to visit the resort and Bahama Island for adjudging the result. 

Final Words:

If you have watched Canadian shows, then you must know the Renovation Island Website is not new. It is a revised show of ISLAND OF BRYAN. The series is already popular in Canada. Now, the couple has taken the project to a higher level. They are taking their four kids with them. Therefore, the series will feature the family vacation, their challenges, and the entire renovative project. 

The series is set to telecast on HGTV in June 2020. It is already in talks of the United States news channel because people love the trailer. In our final words, we can say the series is a big hit until it ends. It is worth watching the family and the renovation project. 

Lend us your thoughts and excitement in our article! It will bring all of us together for this exciting journey of the Baeumler Family. 

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