Is Avira Clothing Store Legit? [Sep] All Worth Review!

Is Avira Clothing Store Legit? [Sep] All Worth Review!

Is Avira Clothing Store Legit? [Sep] All Worth Review! >>This short article is a review of an eCommerce store that is selling women’s clothes and footwear.

This Short Avira Clothing Store Reviews promises to be the most profitable and pleasurable article you’ve ever read… 

Maybe you live in India or somewhere else. And somehow you visit this website, and now you are scrolling and checking every product. And then you liked one of them, and now you decided to buy it. 

But there is a problem! You don’t know anything about this website. You never heard anything about this from anyone. And you don’t know this is safe to buy or not. 

However, we understand your problem! And we are here to solve it. In a few minutes, you are going to discover the answers you are looking for. 

You see, we do the in-depth research on this website specifically, to find the answer to this question- Is Avira Clothing Store Legit?

So take a few time to go through the Review. And then decide whether you buy from it or not.

About: is an online E-commerce Store. This Store is hosted to sell fashion products – including Kurti, Nightwear, T-shirts, Footwear and much more. This Store sells such products exclusively for women.

This Store is hosted to sell these products within India. And for International cutomers, they charge specific shipping price.


  • Type: Ecommerce
  • URL:
  • Address: Not Mentioned.
  • Email:
  • Contact No.: Not Mentioned
  • Social Media: Available
  • Delivery Time: Within five days
  • Returnable Policy: can be returnable within 20 days.
  • Payment: Credit card/ Debit card

Pros of buying:

  • It provides Email as customer service.
  • It has HTTPS Secure Connection.
  • It offers worldwide shipping and free shipping Within India.
  • Its domain name is using TLD.
  • It has 20 days of the returnable Policy.
  • It has a 60% average trust score.
  • It has easy to navigate and beautiful website Interface.

Cons of buying:

  • It has no information about the company.
  • Its using domain name which is 15 days old only.
  • It has an Alexa rank #0, among the millions of the website.
  • It has 88% plagiarized content.
  • It has no customers reviews.

Is Avira Clothing Store Legit?

Ok! now once you have gone through all the technical details above, it’s time to knowIs Avira Clothing Store Legit? 

So, as per our research, we have found various things about this website that maybe you did not notice.

We found that this website is using 88% plagiarized content. It means, all the content that you see on the website are copied from another website.

And, even the images you see on the website are also copied from other websites. 

This website is registered with a domain name which is 15 days old only, which makes this highly suspicious.

And as per our research, we found, this website has got #0 Alexa rank, among millions of websites.

Although this website has all the social media links, but are they working? Nope! When you click on the Facebook icon, you forward to the Shopify official Facebook page.

This company is using as Email customer care. And That Email is the only way you contact this company. And if that is not working, then you are in big trouble.

Avira Clothing Store Reviews:

Now to answer this question – Is Avira Clothing Store Legit? – we go deep in our research. And we decided to find what customers are saying about this website or its products.

So we went through the website and checked the products review. But what we found is nothing. There is not even a single review we found on the website.

We use social media, which this company is provided. But we found nothing there. 

We headed to the Quora to check what people are saying about this website, and guess what? No review!

So, as we found nothing, it does not take time for us to come to our final conclusion…

Final conclusion:

This website, Avira Clothing Store, is a complete failure. It has no track record. No brand authority. No social presence. No authentic customer service. No original customer reviews. And no original website content.

So, please don’t think about to buy from this website. You can look for another website to purchase your favourite products.

If you found this article helpful and you got the answer to your question – Is Avira Clothing Store Legit?  then please comment below. We love to hear from you!

0 thoughts on “Is Avira Clothing Store Legit? [Sep] All Worth Review!

  1. Thank you so much. I was about to make a payment there . Then i though of googling about it and now here i got the review. Iw as so sure of this

  2. I got cheated. I bought for 800 rs and i didnt get any products . if i saw this article before i could have saved my money . please let me know if there is anyway to get my money back somehow.

  3. I bought it from this website and it is a complete fraud. I spent 1500/- which is a waste now. Been 10 days and the order has not been delivered.

  4. I purchased from this website . And they send me a mail saying ” we will send your tracking ID when it’s ready”. It’s been 5 day since and I have not received any mail. I even mailed them in the mail they provided but no reply . I purchased from here before I checked this review . And I think its totally a scam . My money is just gone I think. What do I do next? Do you have any suggestions? Please reply if you have.

  5. Thank you for this article. But unfortunately before you even posted this article, I have placed an order on this website and also made the payment. Will you please help me with this? Should I complain to the cyber department??

  6. Thanks a lot …it’s such a fake website…i bought on this site but my product not deliver and money also not back…bakwas website

  7. Hello! I have found this website on Instagram. I found nice products and ordered them and paid online. It said that I’d get a confirmation message from them, which I didn’t and I have waited for them and I constantly sent them mails for which I haven’t received any response too. I want to know if there’s any way to get my money back? Please I need help!

  8. Hiiii
    Plzz let me know now what to do
    I want my money back
    I pay 600 INR
    Plzz suggest something to ban this website nd also i need my money back?????

  9. I just ordered today and the website was under the name Almera clothing. I payed 299 inr. No tracking link or expected daye of delivery. I emailed them but I don’t think I’ll get a response. This website now seems so fake.

  10. I was going to order few products from this website but i was not sure about the delivery and quality of product so i placed INR 200 worth order.
    it’s been a month now, i have no idea what happened to my order. I mailed them as well but no response. i’m glad i didn’t waste more money om this.
    it’s a fake website for sure. I’ll be thankful of anybody tell me how do i take action against this website.
    i might go on file an FIR against the website in cyber crime.

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