Is Miley Shoes Website Legit? [Sep 2020] Checkout Here

Is Miley Shoes Website Legit? [Sep 2020] Checkout Here

Is Miley Shoes Website Legit? [Sep 2020] Checkout Here! >>Is an aesthetically appealing E-commerce website selling shoes legitimate? Read on, to find out more.

With a picturesque site and an aesthetic appeal to every millennial and Gen-Z girl, Miley shoes seems a pretty legitimate site. With really great discount rates on all kinds of shoes and discount offers for every occasion, Miley shoes website gives a pretty unbelievable deal. 

Miley Shoes is an E-commerce website situated in the United States that has different kinds of shoes and all kinds of discounts. With a visually pleasing website and terrific deals, Miley Shoes website seems-to-good to be true.

If you are thinking of purchasing from this website, remember to check out our reviews where we use all the verified resources and secure platforms at our disposal to give the most genuine reviews as possible, equipping you to make an informed choice. 

Read our latest Miley Shoes website reviews to find out if you are getting your money’s worth.

So, is Miley Shoes Website Legit or not? All your questions are answered below.

Is Miley Shoes a legitimate website?

A lot of in-depth and meticulous research when done using many verified and fool-proof resources and tools at our disposal to find out whether the site is legitimate or not. The outcome had some mixed results. The results are as follows:

An alarmingly low trust score was calculated by numerous sources giving us doubts about the validity of the website A low trust score means the website or link is very suspicious and only experienced people should go ahead and use the site. A few sources found the website to be safe, but it was launched pretty recently, making us unsure about the safety.

Miley shoes was ranked 492,322 by Alexa. This score does not guarantee safety; hence one should think twice before making any payment.

To answer the question Is Miley shoes website legit or not? It seems to be so, but the low trust-worthiness score appears to indicate otherwise

About Miley Shoes website

Miley Shoes is an E-commerce website of the United States which deals with selling shoes. They carry with them a variety of shoes like the wedges, sneakers, sandals, flats and loafers at discounted rates, or so they promise. High discount rates and spoilt for choice is what attracts a potential customer to this website. But is Miley Shoes website legit? Does the website own up to its discounted rates? Read below to find out.


  • Website Type: Ecommerce site
  • URL:
  • E-mail-Id:
  • Contact Number: not available
  • Address: Unit A1 of Unit A 11/F Success Comm BLDG 245-251 Hennesy RD, HK

Meledo Company Limited

107111 Fleet-street, London, Greater London, United Kingdom, EC4A 2AB

  • Delivery Time: 15-20 business days
  • Tracking facility: available
  • Return facility: available
  • Refund policy: available
  • Payment Mode: using online portals
  • Social media handles: present


  • A lot of discounts are available
  • With a lot of options to choose from, one feels spoilt for choice
  • Lots of payment options are available.’
  • It has the facility to track your order.
  • It has a refund and returns policy.


  • No contact number on the website
  • The website seems comparatively new
  • It has a meagre trust score
  • The reviews available on the website appears suspicious
  • Almost all content on the website is plagiarized.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews form an integral part of surveying and verification of the legitimacy of the website

The customer reviews on the website seemed to sing praises for the site and seemed to love their products. All the customers have mostly given a five-star rating to the products.

On further online investigation and social media assessment, we found, that this wasn’t the case. Miley shoes had a lot of unsatisfied customers. One customer says that the pair of shoes she had ordered haven’t been delivered to date, while another warns us by saying “The website is a scam! The shoes I had ordered in May haven’t been delivered yet. There is no email from customer service or response on social media.”

When asked is Miley Shoes website Legit? to a previous customer, the answer is, no.

Final Remarks

Though the website may seem pretty and easy on the pocket, a lot of analysis of the question, is Miley Shoes website legit?  Revealed the answer to be no. If anyone still wishes to buy from this website, then please do at your own risk.

Feel free to share your Miley Shoes website reviews in the comment section below.

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  1. I ordered shoes on 10/22/20 and did not receive them until 12/14/20, 7 weeks later… I paid $41.95 for these super cute shoes I kept seeing on Instagram and was sorely disappointed when I opened my long awaited package. The heel and platform of the shoe appeared to be wooden on the website’s picture, it was actually foam wrapped in cheap plastic vinyl with a wooden design that was already unpeeling. The fabric of the shoes are interlined with tissue paper that makes a loud crunching sound and the “adjustable ankle strap” is really cheap as well. It makes a very loud jingle when you walk and the strap isn’t secured to the shoe at all, so when you tighten the strap there’s a large unflattering bulge in the fabric of the shoe wrapped around your ankle. When I contacted the company they had the audacity to asked me if I could regift these otherwise I would be stuck with a $15-$20 shipping fee to return them upon which I would only receive a 25% discount because they didn’t want to lose money. Really?!? When I asked where I could review my experience, I was ignored. This company is absolute GARBAGE. If I could give zero stars I would. Do yourself a favor -save your time, money, and energy and do not buy anything from this company.

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