Is Home Title Lock a Scam (Sep 2020) Know More!

Is Home Title Lock a Scam (Sep 2020) Know More!

Is Home Title Lock a Scam (Sep 2020) Know More! >> We will talk about a home title cybercrime and tell you if you should avail of a service to monitor your home title.

Do you know that there is an online fraud that targets the equity and ownership of your home? As hard and unbelievable as it sounds, it is happening. Today, we will educate you about this crime and how you can protect yourself. We are going to talk about Home Title Lock that claims to protect you against this cybercrime. Our detailed review will also answer – Is Home Title Lock a Scam?      

Many people in the United States claimed to have fallen victim to this fraud.

What Is Home Title Lock?

As you are well aware that all data is now stored online, and this goes for your home ownership details as well. A cybercrime that has been on the rise in the United States for some time directly targets your homeownership. Hackers can forge documents and transfer your house legally to their name. They can then take loans in your name, which ultimately you might have to clear.

If you head to the official website of Home Title, you will get the details regarding the fraud and how you can protect yourself. They claim to:

  • Provide you 24/7 monitoring of your title. If there are any new documents uploaded, they claim to alert you instantly.
  • In case a fraud happens, they will guide you through the entire process.
  • Offer you a free report of your title history that lets you see your entire history.
  • You can get in touch with them over call on the number mentioned on their website.

To answer – Is Home Title Lock a Scam? We do not have a definitive answer to that. According to them, as opposed to the title lock insurance, which lasts only till the day you close the deal to your house, the title lock provides you protection for future alerts.

What are customers saying?

Home Title lock has established a presence on the Internet. As far as customer reviews go, we found many comments from people showing diverse opinions on this fraud. A few agreed while others did not believe in this fraud and claim that the Home title is not a scam.

We also found mixed opinions on the various reviewing sites. While some claimed that as Home Title provides monitoring, it is better than insurance, whereas others were in complete disagreement with Home title lock. One person even said that after he signed up, he never heard back from them.

So, Is Home Title Lock a Scam? Due to the lack of information and a mixed set of opinions from users, we cannot conclude if this is legit.

Final Views

With the number of scams going on in recent times, we advise you to be careful if you sign up for the title lock subscription. Please make sure you double-check with someone who has already availed their services regarding Is Home Title Lock a Scam?

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