Hummary Store Reviews (Oct 2020) A Legit Webstore?

Hummary Store Reviews (Oct 2020) A Legit Webstore?

Hummary Store Reviews (Oct 2020) A Legit Webstore?   >> In this article, we have discussed a website that sells modern trending products in electronics and health.

Should the customers not identify the authenticity of any site from which they want to shop? There are so many questions that keep revolving in the minds of the customers while they want to shop. They want to have the security of their orders and their payment because these days the fraudulent activities are widespread. 

Hummary Store Reviews will give us the comprehension of a particular website that claims to ship the products Worldwide. We must have the full command of knowing the difference between real and fake websites in the world. But the ordinary people I will find it very hard to see this difference. 

They may be exposed to certain fake websites that may be harmful to them. Today will give the details of a website in the best possible manner. And if the website is found to be illegitimate, we will do our best to expose it for the public to know its illegal activities. This will hopefully increase the awareness among the common masses, especially among the hard-working class. 

What is Hummary Store?

This particular store has got its official website with, and it has various products to offer to the customers. All the products that this site provides are useful in daily life as well. It is got some of the innovative products that it advertises on the very first page of the site. It asks the customers to shop from varieties of products such as the products of home improvement and beauty and health. 

It also sells the products of electronics and gadgets. On the side, it claims to give a money-back guarantee to all the customers. Hummary Store Reviews found that the site tries to compare its price of the products with that of the famous websites around the world.

 As far as the products of gadgets are concerned the site has got scratch remover, scratch sealer pen, clear vision glasses, therapeutic energy bracelet, survival permanent match striker, galaxy stars watch etc. As far as the section of electronics is concerned, various items are available in this section. There is a LED small night lamp, and mini Bluetooth selfie sticks foldable tripod, lightning splitter adaptor. 

There is also an availability of fast charging cable and retro game console. Beauty and health category have got braces for women and men, invisible posture corrector brace. Lymphatic drainage ginger oil, per concealer primer cream and various other products, are also available. As far as the category of home improvement is concerned, it is got household food snacks storage ceiling pour food clip. There is also one more product of pipe dredge deodorant. Electronic ultrasound pest Repeller is also available.

Specifications of Hummary Store:

  • Website product: beauty and health, gadgets and electronics
  • Email: Contact number: the contact number is not there on the site
  • Return policy: the site is giving thirty days to the customers to return the product.
  • Refund policy: it is also there if the customer is not satisfied with the product.
  • Exchange: customers can also exchange their products in case of any damage
  • Payment method: all the debit cards and credit cards, master cards and visa cards along with PayPal method.

Pros of Hummary Store:

  • The site is offering an excellent discount to all the customers.
  • The site has got the right quantity of products of all the categories that it mentions.
  • If anyone has any doubts, they can send the mail to the store for the solution.

Cons of Hummary Store:

  • We could not find any reviews of the website.
  • No social media presence of the site is available.
  • The mobile number is also missing on the site.

Customers’ Reviews on Hummary Store:

Hummary Store Reviews searched through the internet but failed to find any reviews by any of the customers. That means it is very straight forward that the site has not been reviewed.

Is Hummary Store Legit?

This article did not find anything concrete as evidence that may categorise this particular website as authentic. Therefore, Hummary Store Reviews will give a clear-cut answer that the site is not at all original.

Final Verdict:

In conclusion, we can only say that the details mentioned on the site have high chances of being inaccurate. Various reasons we can put forward, such as the absence of the contact number along with the reviews on any platforms. To be very precise we have reached to a point to give it a final say and declare that this site is fake.

You are requested to give your comments on this article.

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      1. I ordered the same thing over 2 months ago. I received the shipment today. Guess what, instead of game console, they sent iron crome size 5 ring!!! I checked before i made payment, but nothing about hummary, now it’s fucking everywhere. Their website only 4 months old. I think that’s why i got nothing bad 2 months ago.

        1. I ordered the J-Type game console on October 3rd 2020 and received an
          e-mail that it shipped on October 23rd 2020. I have tried to e-mail them twice now and with no response . I also received I metal ring in the mail but didn’t know that it was from them. So i am out of $20 now I guess. I am turning them into The Better Business Bureau in USA after reading all these comments.

  2. Got a generic response after requesting tracking number. Reply said shipping can take 3-6 weeks. I guess we still play the waiting game, but at least I got a response.
    Placed order on 10/10/20. Retro gaming console.

    1. Anyone actueally recieved anything im still waitimg retro console also 2 of them lol but 8 weeks now
      p.s they upped shipping to 6 – 8 weeks ?

      1. i ordered x3 consoles $44 and also received x3 metal size 5 rings, absolute scam, paid through paypal so raised a complaint so should get refund as it was pay on delivery

    2. Exactly the same thing happened here. I’m usually somewhat good at spotting deals that are too good to be true, but I screwed up this time. I’m out 20 bucks and all I have to show for it is a lousy little metal ring thingy. These Chinese scam sites are pure vermin. Report them to Shopify (they’re using their shop) and get them kicked out – I suppose that’s all we can do.

  3. I ordered the RC plane on 08/28/2020. Received a confirmation as well as TWO text messages stating the product had been shipped on two separate dates with two different tracking numbers. Both numbers led to unknown tracking details. Upon contacting them I also got the same automated response stating the item was still processing and it was taking longer times… yadda yadda… I just want my money back at this point. Place is a scam.

  4. I ordered a retro game console on September 30, paid with Paypal. I waited for a month and nothing came. Yesterday I opened a dispute with Paypal for a Refund. I got my money back today. So if you have waited and no product then you can request a refund. The fact that they refunded me, maybe they are not scamming but have very bad business and logistics.

  5. i ordered the retro console on oct 2nd and havent gotten anything. They dont return emails and if they do its the same automated response. TOTAL SCAM

  6. its a scam site. i ordered gaming console along with few more items. ORDER #Y19024 they don’t respond to my mails, its more than 3 months, i order them for my son B’day.

  7. hola tambien compre la consola retro y me llego un anillo y el valor es de 0.2 USD. una total burla. Aunque siendo sincero al comprarlo tenia ese miedo que fuera verdad que terminaria estafado.

  8. attention ce sont ds escrocs et voleurs vous vous etes faient avoir tout comme moi une plainte a ete deposé sur un site specialisé vous devriez faire de meme

  9. pourquoi ne pas mettre mon message comme quoi vous etes des escrocs et des voleurs la verité blesse bandes d’escrocs mais ne vous inquitez pas je trouverais un autre moyen de vous faire de la publicité de mensonges et d’escrocs que vous etes

  10. Wow i have been waiting for my retro console for 2 months…my daughter handed me a package today withca ring size 5 that came in the mail.i just realized that ringnwas supposednto be my retro after reading your comment…

  11. Pretty much the same here. Figured an advert that was allowed on Facebook would be Legit. Ordered a retro gaming console 3 months ago. Yesterday tracking said it was with the UK Post despite the tracking number for a Royal Mail being unrecognised and it having been between HK and Dubai for the past 2 months. Have no doubt at this point I’ve been scammed. I blame Facebook for allowing obvious con merchants space to advertise.

    1. I placed order for console three months ago too. Yesterday I received a tiny silver ring. Shame on Facebook to allow these scammers to operate on their platform.

      1. I ordered the game console through an ad on Facebook on October 5th as well. The tracking number they gave me in the confirmation email was attached to nothing also. Zero response to multiple emails. I received a size 5 ring a couple weeks ago. I had no idea who or where it came from as the shipping label was all in Chinese. Based on these other comments I surmise that it’s from this company. What a crock of shit. I’m out $20 and have a completely useless ugly ring. I’m beyond pissed. This is the second fake company I’ve been scammed by. Prime Projector is another one.

  12. Placed an order for retro gaming console on 24/09/2020, took weeks to get an email
    Saying the item had been dispatched, contacted them many times asking for update, only to receive the same generic email, tried using the tracking number provided, that hasn’t been updated since October when it said it was in Hong Kong, received a piece of junk metal bracelet around November! I did raise a dispute with PayPal for goods not received, but the seller closed the dispute saying it had been dispatched!! :@

    Will definitely be giving PayPal a call to get my money back now I’ve found this website!

  13. I paid the retro games 10.10.2020 I have not the goods till now. Customer service “answer” only via automatic email without answer. I reguested a refund no answer unsuccess!!! Don’t buing anything from this shop!!!

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